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10thcentury Anglo Saxon potion kills MRSA superbug MIL

10thcentury Anglo Saxon potion kills MRSA superbug MIL


10th-century Anglo Saxon potion kills MRSA superbug

The thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon recipe that kills MRSA

Bald's Leechbook

A recipe for the potion to kill antibiotic-resisant superbugs, originally an eye salve, was found in Bald's Leechbok, a 10th-century textbook of Anglo -Saxon ...

A one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections has been found to kill the modern-day superbug MRSA in an unusual research collaboration at ...

The garlic-based 'potion', listed in a thousand-year-old


Pentafillos (Cinquefoil) and Columbaris (Vervain) from Pseudo-Apuleius Herbal, 11th century, Bodleian MS Ashmole 1431, fol. 6r. The Old English Herbarium ...

Potential cure for MRSA found in ancient Anglo-Saxon manuscript, Bald's Leechbook

Could cow bile and garlic be the answer to MRSA

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Thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon Potion Kills Superbug

"The Dream of the Rood" Beowulf, Anglo Saxon, Old English, Dark

Scientists rediscover 1000 year old medieval potion that can kill hospital superbugs like MRSA dead

MRSA is an antibiotic resistant so-called 'super-bug', which can cause deadly infections. The researchers found that none of the individual ingredients from ...

A recipe for an eye salve found in the British Library in a 10th-century book of Anglo-Saxon medical advice may hold the natural solution to which ...

Anglo Saxon eye salve 'can kill MRSA superbug'

Researchers Use Medieval Remedy to Kill Modern Superbug

Medieval potion made with garlic kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria ...

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Potion made out of onions, garlic, wine and bile 'can kill superbugs'

One Thousand Year Old Salve Recipe Kills MRSA Superbug. An ancient Anglo-Saxon potion ...

CNN news report on Anglo-Saxon potion (more on this remedy here)

Guda or Guta - German 12th century nun and illuminator http://www.

Path to the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism for Beginners by Swain Wodening http:

Scientists are Brewing Medieval Potions to Fight Hospital Superbugs

Claricia Flourished 12th century, Bavaria, Germany Claricia, a nun living in a Bavarian

Illuminating Ingenuity – making illuminations. Anglo Saxon ...

Radegund 520–587 was a 6th-century Thuringian princess and Frankish queen, who

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The illuminated pages of the 6th century Gospel of Abba Garima Church Icon, Book Of

•Visigothic Minuscule This script has developed in Spain. Like Rhaetian Minuscule, this script. The Script · Anglo Saxon ...

Carolingian reforms in the scriptorium (8th and 9th centuries) The literary and ecclesiastical reforms

Used Originally: Treat Eye Infections in the 10th-century. The Potion Kills Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbug' MRSA Has Shown the Potential to Eradicate the ...

What if I told you there's an ancient folk remedy for the deadly MRSA superbug? You might think I'm crazy. But a team of researchers recently discovered ...

The AncientBiotics Project

Baudonivia Flourished circa 600, Poitiers, France Baudonivia was a nun and scholar at the. Anglo Saxon ...

Illuminations were popular throughout the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance. This Gospel Book illumination

Taking into account that a diluted remedy may have less significant results, they diluted it until it was unable to outright kill the Staphylococcus aureus ...

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Saint John on Patmos (Getty Museum)

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Christ Enthroned, from the Godescalc Gospels- 781-83-- tempera on vellum. Anglo Saxon ...

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Dhuoda was the author of the Liber Manualis, a handbook written for her son. Anglo Saxon ...

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Guillaume de Machaut, a leading French composer and poet of the century, was born in Rheims, were he spent the greater part of his life, after earlier e.

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AncientBiotics – a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs?


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British Museum - The Hexham Plaque - (Anglo-Saxon religious icon) Anglo- Saxon, century AD From Hexham, Nothumberland, England A northern icon

Early Clothing in Costume History - Saxon, Frankish and Anglo Saxon Costume 500-1000AD

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... the University of Nottingham, UK; a potion from an old English medical compendia from the 10th century entitled Bald's Leechbook may be a cure for MRSA.


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