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14th15th century necklace Kunstwerk TreibarbeitGold Schmuck

14th15th century necklace Kunstwerk TreibarbeitGold Schmuck


14th-15th century necklace: Kunstwerk: Treibarbeit-Gold ; Schmuck ; Halskette Dokumentation

Joyas del tesoro de Fishpool (antea 1464).

Byzantine_necklace.jpg (1156×2739) Necklace with cross; gold/pearls/

The Talisman of Charlemagne 9th Century. Treasures of the Tau Palace, Reims

Byzantine circular gold pendant, circa 7th century AD Byzantine Gold, Byzantine Jewelry, Renaissance

Beads from a Rosary Italy, early 16th century Date: early 1500s Medium: gilt copper with champlevé enamel Dimensions: Average - h:24.50 cm (h:9 5/8 inches)

14th-15th century necklace: Kunstwerk: Treibarbeit-Gold ; Schmuck ; Halskette Dokumentation: 1350 ; 145… | Fine Jewellery 5th -14th Century | Medieval ...

(Byzantine) Gold necklace with pendant.

century Roman Gold Earring with pearls, garnets, and colored glass

14th or 15th century Medieval Gothic reliquary pendant.. €499.00, via Etsy.

Collar of the Order of the Golden Fleece, Burgundy / Netherlands, 15th century.


Gold ring with garnet cabochon, 14th C. AD . A delicate finger ring with

Medieval Gold Finger Ring with Sapphire 14th-15th century AD . A finger ring with

Ring from the first half of the 14th century. Engraved and made from mint gold

Medieval Gold Cabochon Garnet Ring 14th century AD . A heavy gold finger ring with plain

Twelve Medallions Mounted as a Necklace | Page 2 | Cleveland Museum of Art. France, Paris, late 14th-early 15th century enameled gold, precious stones, ...

Ring Place of origin: Europe (west, made) Date: (made). Pamela Saunders · 14th-century Jewelry


a gold ||| european sculpture & works of art

German: Essen crown - The small crown is the oldest surviving crown of lilies in Europe. The gold band with 4 lilies is decorated with filigree patterns of ...

Signet-ring of the Black Prince Gold (originally enameled) and ruby, late century. Found in Montpensier (Auvergne, France), 1866

Ostrogothic polyhedral beads, part of a woman's necklace, gold with garnets over pitch,

Medieval Jewelry, Ring Finger, Jewels

15th century medieval ring Antique Necklace, Antique Rings, Antique Gold, Vintage Rings,

MEDIEVAL GOLD AND EMERALD FINGER RING Circa century AD. A gold finger ring comprising a D-section hoop with expanding shoulders; the bezel a dished claw ...

-Byzantine Pendant, Representation of Christ Pantocrator.

Necklace belonging to Michelle de Valois, wife of Philippe the Good Silver with gold inlay, enamel century Old Arsenal Museum, Solothurn

England 14th/15th century Gold ring, oval bezel set with a balas ruby of

Date: 3rd Century. Culture: Eastern Germanic. Medium: Gold.

Medieval 'Angel & Lion' Brooch, 12/13th Century

A gold ring post medieval possibly early 15th century. Renaissance Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry,

Pair of earrings; gold; each consisting of a large hook with pendant stem, set with an emerald in conical socket and two pearls either side of a gold bead ...

left by Franceska, right the original

Wahrscheinlich handelt es sich um die Krone der Tochter Heinrichs IV.von England, Ehefrau von Kurfürst Ludwig III.von der Pfalz.It is made of gold with ...

Wide 5.16 25a d 1995 fire elementer emaljeret forgyldt bronze fra seletoej

Gold Ring ca.1350. Medieval jewellery. Until the late 14th century, gems were usually polished rather than cut. The jewelry worn in medieval Europe ...

Circa 1400 Finger-ring; gold, sapphire. The ribbed octagonal hoop terminating in

Medieval gold ring. Plain gold band inscribed with the words 'AVE MARIA GRACIA PLENA


Byzantine, Reversible ring engraved with a lion and a bear, 6-7th century

century English posy ring inscribed 'I like my choyce'

Found probably in 1753 at Llysfaen near Colwyn Bay, Wales. Ex Waterton Collection Historical significance: It has been suggested that the ori…

Metal Detector find from the Netherlands. Gold ring, some enameling left. Outer band engraved with scrolls between birds. On the scrolls: +BIEN VIE VA .


Secolul 16, William Shakespeare, British Museum, Bijuterii, Mandalas, Schmuck


a photo of a large round gold pendant encrsuted with stones together with three smaller gold

Early 15th century gold and enamel iconographic ring, English Renaissance Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry,

A 13th/14th century ring

Late 14th century/ first half 15th century. Gold ring, the circular hoop terminating

Love-ring; gold; engraved; once enamelled; broad hoop decorated with three

Jewellery, Hungary, 15

Antique Rings Canberra Sterling Silver Antique Looking Rings

1000-1200 Byzantine Empire, probably Constantinople V MUSEUM Medieval Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry,

14th Century gold ring with five pearls, found in the castle Chalcis on the Greek

Gold Finger Rings, Gold Rings, Ancient Jewelry, Renaissance Jewelry

Hanger and Necessaire in the shape of a dolphin, Germany, ca. 1600,

Medieval - mid-13th century. Ivory or bone.

C 1350 gold brooch Renaissance Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry, Ethnic Jewelry,

Basket Earring | Byzantine | The Met

Gold bracelet of eight links 12th century Gold H: 19.7 W: 3.0 cm Iran

1400 (made) Artist/Maker: Unknown (production) Materials and Techniques: Gold Dimensions Height: cm, Width: 3 cm. evajohanna studios · 15th century jewelry

Medieval gold ring, ca 1450 English. The narrow gold band has some of the

Love-ring with play on grammar, made in France or England in the 15th century

A medieval silver gilt ring The rectangular fluted bezel with central ridge engraved with a zig zag pattern, the square section flanking panels engraved ...


Pendant by Hans Holbein - W-07 | Raymond's Quiet Press Renaissance Jewelry, Renaissance

Byzantine Gold Ring, 6th -8th Century AD With cabochons of garnet, emerald,

RENAISSANCE JEWELRY 15TH CENTURY Bride and bridegroom. Engagement brooch of Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy. Enamel and pearls (1476) from Burgundy ...

Ring Shapes, Medieval Jewelry, Black Enamel, Ring Finger, Wrap Around, Garter

12th century

Penny Stock Journal: The Środa Treasure

A man turning dirt in his backyard stumbled onto buried treasure — hundreds of pieces of centuries-old jewelry and other precious objects th.

Northern France or England, 14th-15th century ring Medieval Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry,

Middle Ages: 12th - 17th C | Raymond's Quiet Press

14th-15th Century European Jewelry Renaissance Fashion, Renaissance Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, Ancient

Brooch from the Fishpool Hoard Possibly the Southern Netherlands, about 1450 Gold and enamel

Black Letter Posy Ring Date: 15th century Culture: British Medium: Gold Dimensions:

15th - 16th century Renaissance Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry,



Kunsthistorisches Museum - Vienna

Kunsthistorisches Museum - Vienna

17th century rosary, bloodstone and gold, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Spiritual Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry

LATE ROMAN GEMSTONE RING Roman Empire, 3rd-4th century gold and red, green, and blue glass

A History of Jewellery

Ukrainian goldsmiths – centuries, Museum of historical treasures of Ukraine, jewelry art, Kiev

Neck ring with plug clasp from the Vandalic Treasure of Osztrópataka displayed at the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Gold poesy ring c.1450 - Norman French inscription - "Hold fast, hold

Treasures of the Black Death - The Wallace Collection, London

Cypriot Jewelry: Gold and cloisomme bracelet

France, 8th century. gold and carnelian. Oval bezel set

Possibly Antonio Pollaiuolo | Saint John the Baptist | Italian, Florence | The Met

century gold iconographic ring, English (Fictional piece of jewelry, in the book series 'The House of Thoth', written by LA Edwards)

Crystal sceptre presented by Henry V to Guildhall 3 Royal Tiaras, Royal Crowns, Tiaras

Fede ring


English, late 15th century. | LOVE OR MARRIAGE RING - partially enamelled gold,