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AS14649120 Project Apollo Space Program t Apollo

AS14649120 Project Apollo Space Program t Apollo


Insignia for the Apollo Program: a disk circumscribed by a band displaying the words Apollo

I Can't Get Enough of NASA's New Project Apollo Archive Additions


Apollo 11 mission patch. Credits: NASA. "


I looked through all 14,227 photos from the Apollo Missions. Here's what I found.

Moon landing NASA tapes Apollo space mission

Text & Audio by Jeffrey Kluger—Author of Apollo 13 & Apollo 8 All Photos Apollo VII—XVII/NASA

Apollo 1

apollo 11

Saturn V rocket lifts off from Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969

On July 20, 1969, NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk

The first manned moon mission, as seen in forgotten photos. Project Apollo/ NASA

A black sky with a grey, cratered lunar horizon. A small blue Earth with · Earthrise taken from Apollo ...

The Flight of Apollo 7 1968 NASA JSC-498; First Manned Project Apollo Spaceflight

NASA Program Shirt Project Apollo Mission Patch TShirt

NASA Program Shirt Project Apollo Mission Patch Tee

Dreaming a Different Apollo. NASA

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Overview

Project Apollo · I don't want you to be sad. Is reality making you sad?

The first manned Apollo mission, Apollo 1, ended in tragedy in 1967. All three crew members died in a fire inside their capsule during a pre-launch test on ...

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP): "US-Soviet Joint Space Mission" 1975 NASA

Veteran astronaut Virgil Grissom, first American spacewalker Ed White and rookie Roger Chaffee, stand for a photograph in Cape Kennedy, Fla. (NASA via AP)

A representation of the Moon, with a cluster of green triangles indicating the Apollo landing

The prime crew for the second planned Apollo manned flight prepares for mission simulator tests at the North American Aviation plant prior to the Apollo 1 ...

Restore Historic Mission Control project video thumbnail

Apollo 17

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

Project Apollo: Shooting for the Moon

Space exploration

Apollo 11 CSM and LM in lunar orbit

List of Apollo astronauts

Above- Star Tribune Fri Aug 10 1962

Major US Government Expenditures vs. Apollo Program

Astronaut David Scott exits the Apollo module as it orbits Earth for a spacewalk during the 1969 mission. (NASA / Project Apollo Archive)

Trans-Lunar Coast – Magazine 36/N. 21513729038_ac419dda8d_k. 21514531299_55261dc083_k. 21689889722_568862fd80_o. 21675268156_45535d7a87_k

Models of Project Apollo components at a press conference

The Search for 'Snoopy': Astronomers & Students Hunt for NASA's Lost Apollo 10 Module

Project Apollo: The Early Years, 1961-1967 (America in Space Series)

This graph shows the amount spent by the United States on piloted spaceflight from 1959 to 2015. It shows the importance of the Apollo program ($100 billion ...

Apollo 11 Moon Landing - The Untold Story of NASA's Apollo 11 Moon Mission

Project Apollo Reentry Simulation ~ 1965 NASA; How Atmospheric Re-entry Was Simulated in the 1960s - YouTube

'Apollo 18' Offers Conspiracy Theory

Apollo 1 Astronauts

The crew of the first manned Apollo space mission inside the White Room. From left

For example ...

Apollo program[edit]

Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell

Ken Mattingly Explains How the Apollo 13 Movie Differed From Real Life - Universe Today


NASA illustration comparing boosters and spacecraft from Apollo (biggest), Gemini and Mercury (smallest).

How NASA Broadcast Neil Armstrong Live from the Moon

Apollo 16: "Nothing So Hidden" 1972 NASA; 5th Moon Landing; John Young, Charlie Duke, Ken Mattingly

Apollo 16's LM from the reach. The Aft Equipment Bay is prominent. Just above

The Apollo spacecraft approaches the Soyuz for docking in orbit, in the artist's conception

three astronauts in flight suits standing on stairs leading to helicopter. The Apollo ...

blue marble Apollo 17 photo

Pressure Suit, A7-L, Armstrong, Apollo 11, Flown

Apollo 11: Astronaut Edwin Aldrin Descends Steps of Lunar Module

A schematic showing three different flight modes for Apollo lunar missions. Image credit: NASA

Mission insignia[edit]. Apollo 17 space-flown ...

Hamilton in 1969, standing next to listings of the software she and her MIT team produced for the Apollo project.

It went to the MIT Instrumentation Lab, which was charged with designing a navigation and guidance system for all the Apollo spacecraft.

Portrait of the Apollo 1 prime crew for first manned Apollo space flight. From left