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An image demonstrating a long jump takeoff position with arms

An image demonstrating a long jump takeoff position with arms


An image demonstrating a long jump take-off position with arms extended above the head

Carl Lewis of the USA accelerates down the runway of the long jump during the 1984

Long jump - Teaching the take-off 1/2 (Take-off mechanics)


Progression of jumper using hang technique.

The Landing

Long Jump technique

Long jump techniques

Image titled Long Jump Step 13

Emma Knight competes in the Women's long jump during the Brisbane Track Classic

Image titled Long Jump Step 6

Calculated official distance as a function of take-off angle. The official distance is

Image titled Long Jump Step 11

Image titled Long Jump Step 9

Image titled Long Jump Step 5

long jump athletics

The athlete's flight distance is often affected by the same variables known to influence other forms of projectile motion, such as velocity, takeoff angle, ...

An example of the uniformly accelerated motion demonstrated by a projectile such as a long jumper.

Image titled Long Jump Step 10

The Long Jump – Physical Backgrounds of the Long Jump for Coaches and Athletes [ARTICLE]

Takeoff. Darren Ritchie of Scotland competes during the men's Long Jump final

Long jump take off, setting it up, penultimate

Ivan Pedroso of Cuba in action during the Long Jump event

Discover Proper Takeoff Technique for the High Jump! - Track 2015 #46

long jump picture

How to Improve your Long Jump Technique

Mitchell Watt Long Jump

... landing position. The Stride Jump

Assistant Coach Chris Bostwick's article on the long jump was the featured in the November 2008

Key Steps to Increasing the Distance of Your Long Jump

Practice long jump take-off mechanics: Have students line up on the grass infield facing the instructor or demonstrator. Demonstrate the free leg drive at ...

Dwight Phillips of the USA in action on his way to winning gold in the mens

Increase in jump distance with increasing run-up speed for an experienced male long jumper

Image titled Long Jump Step 2

Long jump pit with hoops designating take-off area.

Long jump pit divided by pool noodles

Average collision angles determined through the energy absorption phase of ground contact during maximum-speed sprinting and the long jump take-off step.

Diagram of a long jump showing contributions to the official distance.

Increase in take-off speed with run-up speed. Also shown is the


Variability of footfall placement throughout the last 11 support phases of the approach run under two

Takeoff - Double Arm. This high jumper ...

Bob Beamon (U.S.) breaking the world record in the long jump at 8.90 metres

Trajectory determination for EXP and BEG at the several distance. A. Take-off

Long/Triple Jump Take-Off Systems

Slight decrease in touchdown leg angle with run-up speed. Also shown is the

Image titled High Jump (Track and Field) Step 7

Download figure ...

This technique is often considered the most simple because it is close to how most people would jump naturally.

How to Teach a Long Jump Run-Up in 7 Easy Steps | Coaching Young Athletes

Peak analysis of the ground reaction force during the standing long jump impulse of one representative

Long Jump technique

In order to maximize final distance, the angular momentum during flight should be almost equal to the body weight torque during landing (Bouchouras, 2009).

Focusing on Arm Movement to Increase Your High Jump!

Standing long jump outcome measures (mean 6 SEM) with different foci of attention.

What Is the Best High Jump Takeoff Technique?


Image titled High Jump (Track and Field) Step 4

Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria

General standing long jump (SLJ) characteristics. The percentages represent maximal (100%

Image titled High Jump (Track and Field) Step 14

Landing, take-off and flight phase of the fourth jump of the five-

long jump from front and side

High Jump Form Slow Motion

Long jump style: (a) Hang style, (b) Stride jump,

American Amy Acuff tucks her chin toward her chest and moves her arms to her sides during the 2004 Olympics. She'll complete the jump by straightening out ...

Image titled High Jump Using the Fosbury Flop Step 2

Optimization performance of physical fitness in the long jump.

Curriculum Guide for the Long Jump and Triple Jump

Standing Broad Jump

... had better landing efficiency because of their greater degree of angular momentum (2009), which highlights the importance of this variable in long jump ...

Image titled High Jump Using the Fosbury Flop Step 1

Footfall variability across trials for male and female F12 class long jumpers' approach ...

Support and flight phases of the three last strides of the long jump in relation to

A demonstration of ground reaction force.

The relationship between velocity (m/s) and Take-off angle effected to

The Story Behind Bob Beamon's Miracle Jump And The Only Photo That Mattered

Leg, trunk, and arm function in jumping. (A) Flexion of the

A greek jumper just before landing, drawn on a pitcher (London, British Museum

5 Drills for Coaching Beginning High Jumpers

Image titled High Jump (Track and Field) Step 5

Download figure ...

Hitch Kick. Stride Jump

Bronze statue of a long jumper preparing for take-off (Rome, Villa Giulia

Biomechanics of the long jump.

Relative (%) contribution of the flight height (h flight ) and the height

Plant & Take Off

Influence of halteres on jumping mechanics and jump distance. Acceleration forward and upward of the

Spanish jumper Ruth Beitia approaching the bar from an angle

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Every dazzling jump on the ice—like Yuzuru Hanyu's quadruple Lutz at the 2017 Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Moscow, Russia—requires a mastery of balance, ...

Data flow of the long jump action recognition system.