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At the time of the gunfight Austin Ira Aten above is one of the

At the time of the gunfight Austin Ira Aten above is one of the


At the time of the gunfight, Austin Ira Aten (above) is one of the Texas Rangers helping Baird roundup murder suspects in the Texas Hill Country.

At the time of the gunfight, Austin Ira Aten (above) is one of the Texas Rangers helping Baird roundup murder suspects in the Texas Hill Country.

Ira Aten This cabinet card was taken around the time Ira Aten gained notoriety for planting

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Texas Ranger, Frank Smith -- Company D Frontier Battalion.1888

Texas Ranger Ira Aten in He was involved in several gunfights, and he also appears to favor wearing the knife in front of his pistol and reportedly used a ...

Jules Baker, Texas ranger, quite a looker too

At a mere 50 years old the Texas Rangers Museum and Hall of Fame is the oldest law enforcement heritage center in the United States.

American history

Dallas Stoudenmire was feared lawman known for participating in more gunfights than most of his contemporaries. Wounded several times in the Civil War, ...

Texas Rangers were unofficially created by Stephen F. Austin in 1823 and formally constituted in

Texas Rangers with dead Mexican rebels, the morning after the Norias Ranch Raid, August 9, 1915.

John R Hughes In 1887 he help Ranger Ira Aten track down escaped murder Judd Roberts. He then joined Texas Rangers and soon rose to rank of sergeant in ...

Marathon-Texas Rangers in 1919 in Marathon, Texas

Texas Ranger, made a name for himself as a member

Winchester Bill Shown before his Ranger days, Bill McDonald stands with his Winchester 1873 lever action rifle in this circa 1880s photo.

IRA ATEN — Ira Aten is definitely armed to the teeth in this 1887 photo.

Lone Star Man: Ira Aten, Last of the Old Texas Rangers

Leon Cabinet Card, circa x A sepia - Available at 2013 September 21 Legends of.

Encounter with the Texas Rangers, 1876

Irate Ira Nails the McClellands! Ira Aten vs. The McClelland Brothers

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Texas Rangers, Ben McCulloch

Group of Texas Rangers somewhere in west Texas. - about 1925- holding 1895 rifles--Traces of Texas

denton texas hisory | ... Denton, Texas. He is later inducted into the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame

Although he looks more like a schoolteacher in this portrait photo, Dave Allison was the

[Texas Rangers]. William "Bigfoot" Wallace and Andrew

Ranger Captain Leander McNelly is sporting two Colt .45 cal 7-1/2 inch Peacemakers and a Model 1873 Winchester carbine in 38 cal.

Aten family following their move from Illinois to Texas. Standing L to R: Austin Ira, Clara Isabell, Thomas Quinn, Margaret Angelina Elizabeth, and Franklin ...

Captured Moonshiners-The Texas Rangers were responsible for enforcing the laws of Prohibition (1920-1933) and captured thousands of moonshiners by ...

In a Texas Ranger's salary was however they were required to supply their own food and rations.

Jimmy Stewart was an excellent cowboy. He always rode the same horse - Pie - in all of his Westerns. His fivewesterns directed by Anthony Mann are ...

A. J. Sowell served as a Ranger beginning in 1870 and wrote several histories of the Texas

DPS Names New Chief Of The Texas Rangers Earl Pearson, a 28-year veteran of the Texas Department of Public Safety, has been named chief of the Texas Ranger ...

Summer Camp 2013 at the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco. Students learn about modern Rangers and 1800s Rangers.

In he was promoted to Texas Ranger and soon became the Chief Pilot of DPS aircraft, which at that time consisted of one single engine ...

This photo of Samuel H. “Sam” Newberry is great because it shows the

Frank Hamer (at left) stands with veteran Texas Ranger Oscar Latta in 1908, the year they investigated the murder of stockman Aaron Johnson near Geneva, ...

Texas Ranger Lem Lamkin in the "Roaring 20s"

One riot, one Ranger. Buy a Ranger Belt and the appropriate silver (sterling if you can afford it) buckle, ...

Américo Paredes (1915-1999) was a folklorist, scholar, and professor at

BENJAMIN F. GHOLSON, (1842–1932) joined the Texas Rangers in 1858

Tommy Lee Jones as Woodrow Call in Lonesome Dove.

Kit Joy: Cowboy Turned Outlaw

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Texas Ranger Phillip Cuney “P.C.” Baird, a legendary lawman known as the “

Wallace joined the Texas Rangers, and would serve under Captain Jack Hays; in the 1850s, he led a Ranger company of his own.

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Stephen Austin, Moses Austen's son, was the one to make it to spain because Moses Austin had died. Also Stephen Austin was Moses's only child.

Nashville Franklyn “Buckskin Frank” Leslie was a man of mystery during his lifetime. His reputation has rested on two gunfights—both in storied Tombstone, ...

Outlaw Jesse James (partly) turned to crime as a means of exacting revenge on all things Yankee"– Time-Life Books' The Wild West. At seventeen, James left ...

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Soldier, Indian Fighter, Texas Ranger, Mayor of San Antonio, City Marshal, Justice of the Peace, Federal Interpreter, Spanish-speaking scholar - P. L..

Image of [Texas Rangers]. Captain Cicero Rufus "Rufe" Perry

The hanging tree gary cooper. movie dallas with gary cooper, havanese cooper gary quogue, gary cooper still, gary cooper film they came to.

Star of Destiny: The Private Life of Sam and Margaret Houston by Madge Thornall Roberts. East Texas Historical Association Ottis Lock Award for the Best ...

A formal portrait of Calvin Grant Aten. Courtesy Sally Walker.

The Best Texas Rangers Photos, Ever

Harry C Wheeler, Arizona, Ranger.

Mrs. Marshall and children, date unknown. Bain News Service LC-DIG-ggbain-34781 www.loc.gov #American #History

Texas ranger frank smith photo company d frontier battalion old west 1888 #20604 | cowboys+outlaws | Old west, Old west outlaws, Texas

Old Riot, New Ranger is a biography of Ranger, Captain Jack Dean, who holds the distinction of being one of only five men to serve in both the Officer's ...

1880's Texas Ranger Lawmen Boudoir Photograph

Assuring the significance of this Colt's historic meaning, Cal placed the note behind the revolver's grips, next to the mainspring.

George W. Baylor, Texas Ranger, Hall of Fame inductee Texas Rangers Law Enforcement

William A. A. Wallace "Big Foot" born April 3, 1817. He was a

Although cowboy Calvin Grant Aten cannot be positively identified in this group of XIT Ranch cowboys, it is a representative image and Cal Aten was on the ...

Texas Rangers-John R. Hughes, right - 1890 John R, South Texas

Paul Newman Denver, 1971 This portrait of Paul Newman in a white cowboy hat was taken on the set of 'Pocket Money,' in which he starred with Lee Marvin.

SCOTT COOLEY - an orphan adopted by rancher Tim Williamson, he later joined Texas Rangers

James "Buck" Barry Cabinet Card Photograph, circa x Buck Barry was an early Texas Ranger who served under Jack Hays during the Mexican War.


Texas Ranger circa 1910-1920s, has possibly a Remington Model 8 semi auto rifle in his saddle scabbard and he wears a scout belt.

Benjamin Franklin Terry, the first commander of the 8 th Texas Cavalry was killed December 17 th 1861 during the Battle of Rowlett's Sta.

Photograph of Cochise County (Ariz.) Sheriff Harry Wheeler :: Arizona Archives Historic

Unofficially formed by Stephen Austin in 1823 and officially organized in the Texas Rangers has a storied history of tracking down fugitives and protecting ...

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Publicity photo of Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger and Silver from a personal appearance booking at Pleasure Island, Wakefield, Massachusetts, 30 July

Ranger L. Bills and his daughter Pauline, The Official Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas

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Jules Baker and Henry Lee Ransom, Texas Rangers, Captain Ransom was shot and killed while investigating a shooting in 1918.

james francis blair sixth-plate daguerreotype circa blair a private in samuel walker's company of texas rangers during the early months of the mexican war ...

John Hart who played the Lone Ranger for one season when Clayton Moore was negotiating a new contract.

Texas Ranger at the Alamo

Texas Ranger Captain Jay Banks (right) and others survey the scene shortly after a

Texas Ranger circa has possibly a Remington Model 8 semi auto rifle in his saddle scabbard and he wears a scout belt.

Although Oscar D. Baker initially fumbles with his Winchester rifle during the shoot-out, he courageously rises to action to save his fellow Ranger.

Known as the "Three Guardsmen of Oklahoma", William 'Bill" Tilghman, Henry "Heck" Thomas, and Chris Madsen (left to right) were instrumental in bringing law ...

Jeff Milton, Texas Ranger-Wells Fargo Messenger-U. Customs & Border Agent - Jefferson Davis Milton was born on November 1861 in Florida, he was the son of ...

Shortly after this photo was taken, Texas Deputy U. Marshal Edward W. Johnson (at left) lost his right arm in an 1888 gunfight.

Bill McDonald's Company camped on the San Saba 1896 ©1999, Texas Ranger

The Lone Ranger's horse "Silver" was a Lipizzaner. < < < < < < Loved The Lone Ranger growing up. I often call my horse Big Fella, just like the Lone Ranger ...

Mysterious Dave Mather - Lawman or Outlaw? Mostly outlaw, it seems.

John Reynolds Hughes (February 1855 - June was a Texas Ranger and cowboy of the Old West, and later an author. Company D, Texas Rangers, at Ysleta in ...

Brother Edwin Aten, seated, visiting with Cal Aten at his 8N Ranch near Lelia Lake, Donley County. Courtesy Shirley Aten Roberts.

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