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Bootchan is the boot of a probably dead kid I dunno whose boot it

Bootchan is the boot of a probably dead kid I dunno whose boot it


Boot-chan is the boot of a probably dead kid! I dunno whose boot

Maybe he wants Frisk to think about what he did, or maybe he will succumb to the kid's tears… who knows?

Underfell - page 13

Yeah, there you are!! The house is PINK!!! More or less (?) Those stairs are HELL, omg I didn't know how to do those xDD But whatevs, you got a peak of ...

Woah! What's that??? Metal pillars… a cool golden skull… some bone icons… spiky roof…. who could this cool station belong to???

OH NO! Toriel is here!! And she wants to dust Flowey next!!! QAQ And here we end the weekly update, I hope you guys liked it ^^ More next week!!

Poor Flowey, he doesn't know what to do… he doesn't even know who, or what, is following them… But we know, right? ;) Sadly, this is the last page~ more ...

Flowey… shut up. Just shut up XDDD I can't draw hoodies, dang :C sorry, doggies, I do my best! Last page / Page 83 / Next page

Frisk on the fifth panel is so sad because couples should not figth and please let's just get along. But now that they're distracted, they take the chance ...

Underfell - Snowdin - 188 by Kaitogirl

Three minutes sharp!! My Frisky Bits is so smart Sans X Frisk, Arte

There's no spaghetti… because that wouldn't have made any sense ;D There were some cookies, but… Sans ate them all. Everyone's gonna get pissed when they ...

She made that pie with all her love, and Frisk says they won't eat it?? Welp, poor Toriel. And poor Frisk who has to eat the dust xD First ...

Here, Kaito is trying to Comic Sans. Kaito hopes she did good. And

Underfell - Snowdin - 102 by Kaitogirl.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Is Papyrus a kid? Is he an adult? Monster Kid doesn't know

Reminiscence: Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 6 by Smudgeandfrank on DeviantArt

Let's start the update!! Yay~ Sans is angry at Alphys, and it

We start the weekly update! Toby is a hero :O Poor Papyrus, for

Well, it's not that much, but

Aquí voy a traducir algunos cómic que encuentre de Undertale (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ … #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Oh boy, I think I have to explain some things in here…. about


Pierced if you fell asleep. Victim would be awake for days. So forced confession most likely. Members of minority religions suffered greatly.


And then you feel like your heart just wants to get out of your chest and

Sans. You're not helping. Like, at all. Anyway, say

Underfell - page 102

Let's start the update~ Flowey is awake now!! Good thing he realized it

The flower is in the boot!! Success!!! Now they can proceed

I start with the update!! And… well


FLOWEY IS BACK He could not stand the tears and well I left you a sweet

Flowey was spared… for now!! Sorry for the lack of activity, really

We're back!! And yes Frisk only wanted the pie…. what


Le Cygne

I was doing life stuff and I… I dunno why


Frisk, you're so kind ♥ You're right, Flowey would be

Winter is approaching and our feet need to stay warm. And nothing keeps you warmer than the heat itself. Winter shoe thread boys. : Repsneakers

I'm running out of background ideas :P kill me, I'm


Chan explains that they're all the same age and introduces Han Deok-soo and DONG HAE-BUM, whose family became wealthy through redevelopment.



The performances of the principal characters themselves weren't extraordinary, but neither were they up to snuff with Night's past child actor standards.


My Childhood, Detroit, Michigan

RIP Linda Brown African American Studies, History Facts, African American History, Civil Rights


1016 Best there are no gods images in 2019 | Anti religion, Atheist quotes, Dios


And then killing off the children, and NOT satan!! WTG god!

Let's start the weekend's update with a disappointed Papaya and a sad Frisk because they disappointed

Wow! Jeremiah 10: 2-25 Black History Facts, African History, Bible

Truth! Wic Program, Food Program, Interesting History Facts, Civil Rights, Community

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HOWDY! WE START THE SNOWDIN ARC!! This is just a first page where

She strokes Deok-gu's coat and muses that it feels as if everyone she knew disappeared off the face of the earth. Meanwhile, back in his room, ...

Religious Jokes, Religious Text, Religious People, Allah, Bible Verses, Scripture Study

Oh welp, look at that. Sans surrendered so easily~ and saying that,

The History of the Population Control Movement 1798 to 1998

Being a rather tremendous fan of the Track Team's musical score for the cartoon, and believing it to be as integral to the spirit of Avatar as John Williams ...

When Woo-jin arrives at work, he's greeted by a younger man that he doesn't recognize. Woo-jin calls him by the wrong name and breaks into a smile at his ...

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When Woo-jin arrives at work, he's greeted by a younger man that he doesn't recognize. Woo-jin calls him by the wrong name and breaks into a smile at his ...

Sadly ...


It's based on an asinine concept that hurts the people that are least likely to understand

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Whether they be book to film, television to film, or theme park ride to film, even the most talented of directors can stumble on that road. It's ...

As much as I enjoyed the comedy in this hour, I have to admit that I felt as if I was slammed against a brick wall when Woo-jin's house went up for ...

He pulls Woo-jin into a tight hug and claims,”I'm just really happy to live with you again. It reminds me of when we lived together in Germany.”

There are no gods. All religions are man-made. on

Let's not forget burning people alive--witches, heretics, etc. When you believe without evidence, all manner of delusion and atrocity become possible.


Chills to Beat Summer Heat – Giant Shutter (2004) Gallery (Some Spoilers)

An Introduction to Miscegenation

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Seo-ri admits that she didn't recognize Woo-jin earlier, “Who knew Mr. Poop was the same man as Mr. Pervert?” Chan asks his uncle accusingly, ...

Lana ...

Athiest, Anti Religion, Religion Humor, Atheist Quotes, Atheist Humor, Religious People

@the-muse-of-many-more submitted: Heya Grim want some


An atheist can't possibly know a christian's joy at committing murder or rape.

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usps-lena-horne-forever-stamp.jpg 529×780 pixels African

U try ur best to keep everyday holy.if u gon do it, do it right

Guess ...

US Slave: Dr. J. Marion Sims Medical Experiments on Enslaved Women and Children

I just can't look at anything peach without thinking of you anymore, ha!

Anne Frank Chestnut Tree. Edited for brightnes.

The ...