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Bruce looks so freaking confused Netflix Chill Marvel Marvel

Bruce looks so freaking confused Netflix Chill Marvel Marvel


Bruce Wayne, everyone! Batman Beyond was such a good show.

She looks AWESOME. I can't wait for this movie!!!

Ebony Maw looks so freaking terrifying, so why in hell's name do I like him so much already if I haven't seen the film yet?!!

33 Incredibly Funny Tony Stark Vs. Bruce Banner Memes That Will Make Fans Laugh Out Loud | GEEKS ON COFFEE

The First kiss between Bruce & Natasha

what do you mean this didn't happen Batman Escudo, Heros Comics, Marvel

Bruce in the background Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Avengers

Oh poor Bruce, you were away for a while, honey Marvel Memes, Marvel

Marvel: Universes Collide in Epic Mashup Movie Trailer (Video)

Bruce Banner, Wong, Stephen Strange, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Loki || Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers - Infinity War : L'Univers Cinématographique Marvel en couverture de Vanity Fair !

Drawn by pencilHeadno7 Marvel Vision, Marvel Fan

Marvel's Netflix Heroes Stand Strong In First 'Defenders' Key Art

Avengers - Infinity War : L'Univers Cinématographique Marvel en couverture de Vanity Fair !

mcu please give me more Bruce Banner and Sam Wilson please and thank you Original

'Infinity War': Here's Every MCU Hero's Superpower, Explained | Inverse

DCEU Timeline: The DC Cinematic Universe, in Chronological Order | Inverse

'Infinity War': Here's Every MCU Hero's Superpower, Explained | Inverse

I love how in the first photo Damian looks so high and mighty and in the second Jason's just eating popcorn

I swear this is the last Marvel film I see: Captain America reviewed

Avengers go out for Halloween [Banner as Dr. Frankenstein/monster, Tony is from Tron, Cap as Lady Liberty, Loki is Dracula, Thor is … | Marvel avengers ...

'Infinity War': Here's Every MCU Hero's Superpower, Explained | Inverse

'Infinity War': Here's Every MCU Hero's Superpower, Explained | Inverse

Avengers Iron Man

Awww, Bruce,and Selena!😍 Gotham Batman, Batman And Catwoman, Gotham


So that's why they call him a giant thumb lol! He does look like a · Comic Movies · Marvel Movies ...

Marvel family. Stephen tho. Me too.

She-Hulk's All-New Marvel NOW! debut Marvel Comics Art, Marvel Heroes

That team probably includes the leftovers: Thor and Bruce (maybe Loki) Bucky And

'Infinity War': Here's Every MCU Hero's Superpower, Explained | Inverse

Same Bruce. Same <<< But can we appreciate Tony's suit · Avengers ...

Every Netflix Original Movie, Ranked

#wattpad #fanfiction A book of Avengers Preferences. Including: Tony Stark Steve Rogers

Oh man, I can't wait to get sexy with the Avengers and purple Bruce Willis' ballsack chin on Christmas! If you have kids, stick around until the end to see ...

<3 Bruce! Definitely the Remus Lupin of the Avengers. Marvel Cinematic Universe

No one dares throw anything at Bruce, so he's always the last man standing.

misfits-den asked: Feel free to ignore this: Tony, Thor and Bruce for #2 and #3 (or B and C). I know it's two prompts, so do just one if you want, ...

Iron Man is confident from jump. It's not ashamed of its battling cyborgs and radiated neer do wells. It's a world we know, and people we aspire to be.


Gotham Recap Season 3 Finale

Netflix Marvel, Marvel Movies, Marvel Characters, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Avengers,

And it's also my first day without my emotional support dinosaur so… Yeah, I'll be fine. Willow Wilson · Marvel

Just as the title says, this book will be Marvel/Aven

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) 85%

19 Tumblr Posts That Are Way Too Funny For Anyone Who's Watched Netflix's Marvel Shows

Kristen Stewart, avengers, gender swap, hawkeye, loki, black widow, iron

Symbrock venom eddie brock Marvel Fan Art, Marvel Vs, Marvel Comics, Avengers Memes

For playing a very complicated character, Jon Bernthal really did a great job playing Frank

Thor Avengers

No one can say Bruce doesn't have guts. He has more courage than

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne tumblr #gotham #fox #selinakyle #brucewayne #batman

maybe we'll come across each other at the turning of the century, racing

How Does The Hulk Turn Back Into Bruce Banner? Yoga. Not to self.... I need to do yoga again.

Excerpt from "The Avengers" script. Joss Whedon is such a poet. // Am I the only one who thinks Loki looks so freaking sexy like this.with cuts, ...

Punisher Comics, Marvel Comics, Daredevil Punisher, Marvel Vs, Comics Universe, Batman

Captain America: Civil War Tony: Who put coffee grounds in the sink? Am


Matt & Karen daredevil season 2 Netflix Marvel, Marvel Dc Movies, Marvel Characters,

Ash Vs Evil Dead Cancelled Starz

The avengers as coffee machines. Sad to say looking at the avengers as coffee machines is my new way of avoiding my responsibilities

Bucky looks SO FUCKING DONE with the the stupid ass kid he has to tell to wear a fucking condom. Kelsey Kumpula · Marvel

Ash Vs Evil Dead ends its second season with a few bangs, a whimper, and a really epic chainsaw duel.

haha this has happened to me before.. you know what you are doing and you get confident, then you get to that one thing that you don't know.. :p

No, honey, you're not too old to · Marvel ...

(Photo by Marvel Studios)

Tony hasnt ever fully understood Steve especially as hes always been jaded to different ...

I miss you" - Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle #Gotham. "

Old Lace - Runaways 014 (2018) Runaways Comic, Runaways Marvel, Marvel Comic

Frank Castle looking Bruce Wayne, which is a great representation... by *nebezial on deviantART

Bruce is me when I stand next to my friends who are all dressed and I. The Avengers ...

the queen rp. Marvel ...

Bucky looks about ready to cut a ho, then there's Steve and Tony..... *sigh*

Sabrina Netflix Trailer — Watch Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Video | TVLine

Mark Ruffalo About Taking His Daughter To Preschool

Arrowverse Crossover Recap


2157 best Avengers images on Pinterest in 2018 | Marvel avengers, Marvel comics and Marvel helte

Lmao what a mood Hulk Avengers, Avengers Memes, Spiderman, Mcu Marvel, Marvel


Luke Cage, Power Man, marvel, mcu, avengers, the defenders, Matt Murdock, daredevil

(Edit by QuirkyFirst). Alisha Akira Taylor · The Avengers


I have this sweater and I wore it for Halloween. Others were dressed up as Thor and Hulk and when they saw me they yelled "Avengers assemble!

„Rewatchability is a Podcast.“ von Entertainment One auf Apple Podcasts

God Tom Holland look what you've started.

Marvel's Thor: The Dark World continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine.

Did the Russo Brothers Confirm Our MCU/X-Men Theory?

Tony Stark reacts to Steve Roger's Things-To-Learn Notebook in Captain America 2. | Talk Nerdy to Me, Marvel | Marvel, Avengers, Stars

Good point Marvel Actors, Marvel Movies, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Funny, Marvel Avengers

Mcu Marvel, Marvel Fan, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc Comics, Avengers Texts,

How i Met Your Mother Marshall Eriksen, Would You Marry Me, Mothers Friend,

i feel like we need more domestic avengers movies liek pls Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes

Exclusive: Marvel's New Iron Man Will Be Known as … Ironheart!

i'm fucking crying oh my god Disney Marvel, Marvel Movies, Marvel Avengers

Black Canary - Bruce Timm Comic Art Comic Artist, Comic Book Artists, Comic Book

Attack of the Teens Pt. 9. Hawkeye AvengersAvengers ...