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Chapel Hill Snippets Feast for 10 with printable icons

Chapel Hill Snippets Feast for 10 with printable icons


Feast for 10--- with printable icons!

Chapel Hill Snippets

Download icons in pdf

Here's another nice counting book by the same author as Feast for 10---this one is entitled Christmas for 10 by Cathryn Falwell. It has simple text, ...

Christmas for 10--printable icons for a nice book

I've made some simple icons paired with numbers to go with each page of the book. I use this type of format in language groups, especially in EC classrooms.

Chapel Hill Snippets: Feast for 10--- with printable icons!

My favorite page!

[Source: Chapel Hill Snippets]. feast for 10

The pictures are busy, so these icons provide the 'main idea' for the child to access it.

There's minimal commercialism, and I reflect on how lucky I am that I can purchase food and prepare such a feast.

Feast for 10---great book, printable icons

Click here to download the icons in pdf

The Children of Ephesus

Chapel Hill Snippets

Chapel Hill Snippets: Fish and Friends---printable book and icons

In North Carolina, our kindergarten through third-grade teachers will administer reading assessments, one-on-one, using the state mandated system known as ...

13 free Thanksgiving printables

Step 1---go to Google Drive (you must have a Gmail account). Under 'create new', select 'form'. It will take you to a new form which you will name in the ...

All students have someone who loves them--this may be two parents, one parent, guardians, grandparents, mentors. They come from all walks of life.

Once you click on "Email this form", you will get a screen like this. You want to email to yourself, and any other person who will be using the form.

Chapel Hill Snippets

screenshot of PediaStaff board

Seventh Place, and what an honor!

Chapel Hill Snippets - This is a cute booklet (*free*) Targets in language therapy are to elicit a simple patterned sentence, comprehend and elicit ...

CrockPot Turkey Breast Recipe

Take a kid to a Festival!

Chapel Hill Snippets blog. Free book printouts that use boardmaker pictures. good resource Preschool

Chapel Hill Snippets: Getting ready for Thanksgiving--Small Collection of Free Materials and Ideas

With this model in mind, when I find a new app, I now look for ways to augment it to enhance the communication between the child and adult.

Step 3 Now you are ready for the fun part. You get to create questions for your form. These questions, in my case, are taken directly from specific IEPs or ...

I'm not a health food fanatic, and did feed my own children poorly from time to time. That being said, this was an actual snack a child brought into school ...

Chapel Hill Snippets: Getting Ready for Turkey Day! Turkeys Everywhere!

Biking in the Quiet Atmosphere of the Night--Peace Corps news

Here was my day. The kids listened to, and interacted around a book downloaded from Tarheel Reader. For those of you who are interested in adapted books, ...

Once you click on "Email this form", you will get a screen like this. You want to email to yourself, and any other person who will be using the form.

Draw a Stickman App

sample page

Go HERE to watch this short film on Vimeo (10 minutes).

Preschool Food, Fall Preschool Activities, Book Activities, Food Themes, Math

Chapel Hill Snippets: "Hatching from Eggs" --free printable to enrich your Egg Dying Experience

Chapel Hill Snippets: "Leaves Everywhere" ---printable book with icons

pictures/icons for matching

Alas! It's being auctioned off!!!

Crock Pot Black Eyed Pea Soup

Hurricane Florence devastated the eastern part of North Carolina. My community, Chapel Hill, was relatively unscathed, but I worry about ...

Chapel Hill Snippets: New Shoes, Old Shoes, Red shoes, Blue shoes--Free Comparing/Contrasting Printable Activity

Chapel Hill Snippets: Class Project---Making an adapted Fall Leaf Counting Book

I write the grants for teachers in my school and have included requests for sets of magnetic letters, audiobook libraries, a CD/tape recorder, ...

orig pinner- Chapel Hill Snippets: Dress your Pets! Do Dogs Like Scarves? Free printable book and icons

Chapel Hill Snippets: "What Can Open?"--Free Printable Book with

Uncommon Sense: Ponderings on Icons, Text, and AAC, via a mini experiment

Chapel Hill Snippets: Nothing Like a Puffin--Compare and Contrast Litera.

feast for 10 story retelling bag #earlyliteracy #homeliteracy #preschool #thanksgiving MamaVonTeacher

7. After you push the home button three times, this popup will come up---touch the top button "Guided Access".

Chapel Hill Snippets: Big Pumpkin----Great book, printable icons Biggest

If you need ideas for Thanksgiving activities, and you are on Pinterest, I suggest you check out the Thanksgiving PediaStaff board.

She glowed, all the time ---always smiling and pleasant. You could almost see the sunshine radiating from her office. (Our rooms have no windows and ...

When you have opened the link, it should be your form that you created. You are still on your iPad. You will want to touch the icon in the upper left that ...

Guess the mystery school lunch fruit

Grandparents home in Steelton

Friday, October 7, 2011

Chapel Hill Snippets: books: I Spy with My Little Eye

Almond Crusted Chicken Breasts

More sculpture

Gluten Free Postings

Confederate Memorial

peeking in through the window--if walls could talk!

The bleached hair styling!

Indian Shrimp Curry

Chapel Hill Snippets: Orange Pumpkin Book--get ready for Halloween!

Chapel Hill Snippets: Springtime Collection!

Mentoring fun---Cookie Fine Art

Hand-sculpted phase

Weddings by charlie

Chapel Hill Snippets: Fall Leaves--printable book with icons

This is a wonderful YouTube video! It's actually only the trailer of a longer "Including Samuel" documentary, but the full length version is 25 dollars.

Chapel Hill Snippets: Data Collection with Google Forms on the iPad-- Part 2

Chapel Hill Snippets: Let's Make a Boat---Simple craft with printable directions, communication board, and questions. It floats too!

In our school system, I'm blessed to have both a strong Professional Learning Community (composed of all the speech pathologists in the district) to help ...

The Chef

Printable icons

I hope they enjoy reading them as much as I've helped the children make them! My wonderful co-worker and speech pathologist, TJ, also had one of her ...

Chapel Hill Snippets: Crabs Everywhere! An 'on' and 'under' printable book


Last year, I wrote about making turkeys with the kids. The idea originally came from No Time for Flashcards, and I had all the kids make turkeys with ...

Earlier in the day, after a couple of seminars, we took a hike up Stone Mountain. Atlanta is in the distance. Great exercise, by the way.

Big on my weekend pre-ASHA list is to learn more about Twitter. Why? --you may ask. Because I'll be volunteering at the PediaStaff Social Media Booth!!!

The Lonely Reindeer Flying Over & Between.printable book and cards to work on positions thanks to Chapel Hill Snippets! Love this-PECS commenting!

Chapel Hill Snippets: Valentine's Day Packet--Perfect for Speech/Special.

Das Boot via Pictello

Rudolph---the Smartboard, and a very cool printable book

Confederate Memorial

These next few pictures are screenshots from Pictello. There is a nice text to speech feature, so the directions are read to the children. They love this!

Earlier in the day, after a couple of seminars, we took a hike up Stone Mountain. Atlanta is in the distance. Great exercise, by the way.

Chapel Hill Snippets: Crabs Everywhere! An 'on' and 'under' printable book

Chapel Hill Snippets