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Cleaning your iPhone or iPad is easy with these simple tricks Well

Cleaning your iPhone or iPad is easy with these simple tricks Well


Cleaning your iPhone or iPad is easy with these simple ...

The best iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 tips and tricks: Top tips for Touch ID iPhones

The world is a pretty gross place, so it's important to keep as much of it clean as you possibly can, particularly the items you have on you all of the time ...

Security is at perpetual war with convenience. The faster and easier it is for us to get to our stuff, the faster and easier it is for someone else to try ...

How to Clean Up Your iPhone or iPad

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How to Boost iPhone's Memory and Performance By Clearing App Cache and Data

iPhone & iPad: How to clear cache

Delete and reinstall your social apps

11 easy tricks to make your iPhone run faster

The "Other" category on your iPhone and iPad is basically where all of your caches, settings preferences, saved messages, voice memos, and… well, other data ...

Appleinsider takes you through all the steps you need to take to ensure your iPad is safely wiped before passing it on to its next owner.

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How to restart or reset your iPhone or iPad

These days, I edit more video on my iPhone or iPad than I ever did in my years as a film student. Between making reviews on iOS, testing the iPhone's ...

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Keep an eye on podcasts

Record Your iPhone Screen

How to set a timer on iPhone or iPad

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Use this handy trick to clean up your iPhone's messy home screen

When you delete cookies from Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you free up storage space and improve your device's performance speeds. When you clear the cache ...

Last year, Apple switched from prioritizing performance to prioritizing battery health on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE.

The Best Accessories for Your iPhone and iPad

You may notice your older iPhone running slow after a while, but tips for making your slow iPhone 5 of iPhone 6 faster aren't as well known as the ones for ...

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5 quick ways to recover storage space on an overstuffed iPhone or iPad

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How to set up your new iPad the right way

Copy Screen Shots To A PC

(Yes, I'm a messy eater.) I've also put together some creative Snaps, as well as paint using apps like Brushes.

Itunes 12 Tutorial - How To Sync Songs To Your iPhone, iPad or iPod

How to factory reset your iPhone or iPad: A simple guide to wiping your iOS device | Alphr

When you first set up your operating system, you're asked if you want to enable iCloud Drive. If you chose not to, you can manually enable it on iPhone, ...

After the two simple steps above finishes, the performance of your iDevice can be improved and they will run faster. However, you are not advised to use the ...

It's been two years since we first reviewed the landscape of Reddit apps for iPhone and iPad. After extensive testing and far more Redditing than should be ...

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The best email app for iOS and Android

You've got a shiny new iPad, and an old one that's about to start gathering dust. Don't let it languish in a drawer—turn it into the ultimate kid's tablet ...

Apple has launched a new Data and Privacy portal that lets you request changes to the data you've shared with the company. It also lets you delete your ...

Removing iPhone Case

iPad User Guide - The Basics

Fix an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch That Won't Charge Anymore

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The Photos app is a repository for all the pictures and videos you shoot or save with your iPhone or iPad. Not only can you use the Photos app to organize ...

Use a toothpick to clean out your iPhone

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With another new iPhone on the market every year, you may be wondering what to do with your old one. You could give it to a friend or family member, ...

Best Email Apps For iPhone

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iOS 11 Hidden Features

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How to Free Up Space on iPhone (& Never Worry About It Again)

Swiping down quickly saves a draft. Tap on the bottom draft bar to bring them

6 ways to stop Facebook app from draining your iPhone battery

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Our New Pick for the Best Task-Management App on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

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How Dirty Is Your Phone — And How Can You Keep It Clean? Here Are The Filthy Details

The Best iPhone Email App: Outlook. Outlook hero

The revamped iOS Calendar app didn't jettison “list” view. Instead, it's hiding in plain sight.

One simple trick to make your iPhone run faster in no time is to clear its Random Access Memory. To do this, you should follow these simple steps:


Premium Silicone Anti Dust Plugs for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s

News: There's a Simple Solution to Getting Older iPhones Running Fast Again

Tap on the Assistive Touch button and then press and hold on the on-screen Home button until your iPhone returns to the Home screen.

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Five Ways to Make Photos Use Less Space on Your iPhone, iPad

Everything You Need to Disable on Your iPhone for Maximum Security

Cleaning an iPhone Charging Port with SIM Key

Alternately, if ...

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These are the best apps for writers who want to finally complete that novel they've been letting collect dust. I've got recommendations for apps that will ...

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What is iPhone Haptic Feedback? Enable or Disable?

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Get Organized: The Easiest Way to Back Up and Organize iPhone Photos

Tapping on a photo from your library opens it, but, unlike many apps, there's no “Import” step or separate library — Darkroom simply reads the photo in ...

How to auto-answer calls. iOS 11 tips and tricks