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Cretoxyrhina tooth embedded in a pterosaur bone Evidence of

Cretoxyrhina tooth embedded in a pterosaur bone Evidence of


Two close up views of the Cretoxyrhina mantelli tooth with tracings.

Shark tooth found in association with pterosaur cervical vertebrae. Evidence of ...

A USC scientist has documented the prehistoric occurrence of a shark species battling a pterosaur, a flying reptile. Credit: Illustration/Mark Witton

New paper: pterosaur palaeoecology, as told by the fossil record

Cretoxyrhina mantelli anterior teeth. Tracing of Cretoxyrhina mantelli anterior teeth from Bourdon & Everhart (

Prosthennops serus lower jaw.

Cretoxyrhina mantelli tooth from New Jersey, USA; Naturhistorisches Museum (Vienna)

Tooth of C. mantelli in labial and lingual views. Scale bars in mm. Photographs by the author. Figure 5 (right). Tooth of S. falcatus in labial and lingual ...

Pterosaurs and their last meals (shaded grey). A, torso of Eudimorphodon; B-D, various Rhamphorhynchus with gut content and coprolite (C), E, Scaphognathus; ...

Two Squalicorax and a Cretoxyrhina circling around a dead Claosaurus

Specimen of Xiphactinus audax (ESU 1047) with embedded tooth of Cretoxyrhina mantelli (two

Prehistoric shark leapt out of the water to take down 18foot pterosaur - Big World Tale

Mounted replica of an adult male P. longiceps skeleton, AMNH

Scale bar in cm. Photograph by the author. Figure 3 (right). Drawing of vertebrae D2-D4. The arrow shows the location of the broken Cretoxyrhina ...

Cretoxyrhina Skeletal by Carnoferox

The very nearly complete skul of Zuul crurivastator.

Attempting to make sense of the pterosaur palaeoecological record in a holistic way mainly shows how paltry this record remains.

A selection of pterosaur foraging traces - beak tip impressions and scrape marks - from Jurassic and Cretaceous sites. The black-filled elements are the ...

Anurognathus ammoni was an insect-hawking pterosaur that lived over the Solnhofen lagoon. Has it left feeding traces on fossil insect wings after a failed ...

[Image: cretoxyrhina1.jpg]

[Image: nicholls_cretaceous_jaws.jpg]

Lingual view of broken tooth of Cretoxyrhina mantelli embedded in specimen of Xiphactinus audax (ESU

Azhdarchid Pterosaur wrist bone (Hateg Formation).

Fossil elements used to identify Saltriovenator as a Ceratosaur.

Cretoxyrhina had teeth that had a greater than usual covering of enamel, something that would have made them extremely resilient to wear, hence the ...

KUVP 1094 by Carnoferox

Syntypes of C. mantelli (Fig. 1-9) and other species in the third volume of Recherches sur les poissons fossiles. Cretoxyrhina ...

A reconstruction of the skeleton of Saltriovenator. Saltriovenator skeletal reconstruction.

Cretoxyrhina by Ivantheraptor Cretoxyrhina mantelli by AcroSauroTaurus ...

Shark Caudal Fin Types by Carnoferox

Spinosaur attacks a Pterosaur.

A life reconstruction of a "feathered" anurognathid ...

The fossilised remains of a seed fern.

Size comparison of Cretoxyrhina mantelli by macrophyseter

[Image: fickcret.jpg]

The skull of "little foot" with Professor ...

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8 Meter TL for Cretoxyrhina

Fossil evidence of prehistoric shark catching flying lizard MID-FLIGHT | Science | News | Express.co.uk

Mistralazhdarcho maggii fossil material.

Life reconstruction of the pterosaur Mistralazhdarcho maggii.

Cifelliodon wahkarmoosuch utah fossil discovery

Download figure ...

Armed to the Teeth: Bites from Forgotten Sharks

Dinosaur footprints revealed after storms destroy Sussex cliffs

Peloneustes illustrated.

Predator and prey; the final meal of a Rhamphorhynchus is still sticking in the pharynx

Examples of pterosaurs from the Museum Nacional collection.

Prehistoric shark size of a great white leapt out of water to take down an eighteen foot pterosaur | Daily Mail Online

Carcharocles angustidens being feasted upon by several Sixgill Sharks in the seas around Australia about 25 million years ago during the Oligocene by Peter ...

European azhdarchid pterosaur comparison.

Timeline of mosasaur research

The subtropical regions of the Late Cretaceous that Cretoxyrhina inhabited were dominated by sharks and turtles like the Cretodus and Protosphargis in this ...

So many different horned dinosaurs.

Cretoxyrhina Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Cretoxyrhina At Popflock.com

Preserved elements of Eurazhdarcho langendorfensis re-assembled as found in partial articulation. EME VP

Anterior tooth of Cretoxyrhina mantelli from the Menuha Formation of southern Israel

Sharks still use the same technique as their ancestors to catch birds (Image: GETTY)

Changyuraptor yangi is considered the biggest of the four-winged dinosaurs. (Illustration by S. Abramowicz/courtesy of the Dinosaur Institute, ...

Identifying potential bite marks in a bone from a juvenile Centosaurus.

Reconstruction of C. mantelli.

FHSM VP-2187 II by Carnoferox

Sue has new digs, more bones and a new pose in its new exhibit opening


Cretoxyrhina may have faced competition with mosasaurs like Tylosaurus

The Field Museum began the de-installation of SUE the Tyrannosaurus rex from Stanley Field

Modern shark jaws displaying functional teeth with feeding-related damage of the following types:

Squalicorax sp.

Terrestrial locomotion[edit]

Illustration of what the Chinlestegophis jenkinsi could have looked like

Holotype specimen of Cartorhynchus lenticarpus. Note the enormous forelimbs with their expansive unossified wrists, indicated by the distal phalanges being ...

Feeding related damage in Squalicorax pristodontus teeth from the lowermost Navesink Formation, Monmouth County,

George F. Sternberg found many rare Cretoxyrhina skeletons including KUVP 247 and FHSM VP-2187.

Looking for pterosaur fossils (south-eastern France).

Photographs of lion tooth scores and furrows on modern prey bones. Lion tooth scores on

Fossilized hunting scene; A) specimen WDC CSG 255: an Aspidorhynchus and a Rhamphorhynchus

Swim At Your Own Risk by dustdevil on DeviantArt Prehistoric Animals, Extinct Animals, Swimming

Armed to the Teeth: Bites from Forgotten Sharks | Shit You Didn't Know About Biology

Feathers and Fur Fly Over Pterosaur Fossil Finding

As a regional endotherm, Cretoxyrhina may have possessed red muscles closer to its body axis

The hunting strategy of Allosaurus is explored.

The holotype specimen of Oxalaia.

Will there be new types of tyrannosaurid described in 2019.

Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkin's (1858?) sketch of amphibious marine reptiles, including a large shambling ichthyosaur. Image borrowed from Frank T. Zumbach's ...

Eurazhdarcho langendorfensis (EME VP 312) in situ bone map. Numbered labels are as

Oceans of Kansas Paleontology !

At the age of four, my shark ID skills were solid. However, my artistic skills were still…er….buffering.

Note the branching neurovascular impressions and deep grooves that mark the position of keratinous sheaths - we would predict a compound beak from these ...

A shark that lived 300 million years ago, known to paleontologists as Edestus, is a controversial species in paleontology circles for its theoretically ...


Chile wants UK to return of giant sloth fossils

SUE can't wait to eat, er, meet you at their new suite starting 12.21.18

... CRETOXYRHINA by sawnikheoghehg · Niobrara Marine Fauna (prototype, sort of) by Braindroppings1 ...

A partial left femur of rauisuchid with embedded phytosaur tooth; scale bar next to complete

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Will a new dinosaur taxon be discovered in Indian in 2019?