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Destined to See daylily daylilies for sale t Seasons

Destined to See daylily daylilies for sale t Seasons




Destined to See daylily

Enchanted April Daylily



Darlington County $10. Stamile 1999 Fragrant Rebloom Dormant 6" bloom, 24" height Early Season Tetraploid

I think 'Ashton's Giggles' (Phelps 06)pictured above, should do well here, as it originated in adjacent Region 10, Ky. The parentage is ((Destined to See ...

Daylilies (Hemerocalis)

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Daylily Blueberry Candy

Blue Eyed Bandit (Hansen, D., 2006)-Daylily;Day Lily

Destined To See $

Daylily DESTINED TO SEE Day Lilies, Water Lilies, Beautiful Flowers, Exotic Flowers,

Kropf 1994, Double Dormant 4" bloom 24" height Mid Season Diploid

Daylilies absolutely live up to their name! The Greek word hemero means “beautiful,” and the Greek word callis means “day,” so the scientific name for ...

All Fired Up (Stamile, 1996)-CLICK PICTURE;All Fired Up Daylily

Destined To See Daylily | Gurney's Seed & Nursery Co.

Barcode (Stamile, 2007)-Daylily;Daylilies;CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

(Destined to see × Meet Joe Black) -×- SPACECOAST IRISH ILLUMINATION 1217

Truly, I liked the early morning color best, but this later day color wasn't bad either. You can see why SOME who sell daylilies use several images taken at ...

Daylily White Tie Affair - Mid Late Season 6" Cream Blooms - Photo

"Destined To See" Very Beautiful Flowers, Lilies Of The Field, Daylily Garden

Daylily Baja

Red daylily - daylilies flowers last for only one day each, but they are worth

Reblooming Daylilies, Everblooming Daylilies, Reblooming Daylily, Everblooming Daylily, Early Season Daylilies, ...

Dixie Land Band Reblooming Daylilies, Very Beautiful Flowers, Lilies Of The Field, Daylily

Hemerocallis 'Hush Little Baby' Daylily 5" Rose-pink, elegantly ruffled blooms

"Hemerocallis 'Calico Jack'" Daylily: hardy perennial, partial shade/full sun, was suppose to have this, was just yellow :(

SOLD OUT 4/6/15 height 28", bloom 5.5", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, Lavender purple self with green throat. Quirky twisty blooms, sunfast too.

Only one D in my garden and again added last season, Destined to See. It did ok, a lot of people here liked it so ...... The rest is history......so let's ...

Bama Bound (Webster, 1986) height 24in (61cm), bloom 5in (12.5cm), season M, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, Bright red self with green throat.

Like a lot of my daylilies it isn't grown in an ideal spot so it's difficult to comment on its performance.

Daylily Autumn Red

Dallas Divine (Hansen, D., 2014)-Daylily;Daylillies;Daylilies

*San Ignacio.

pale yellow and purple daylilies

Daylily Catherine Woodbury

Destined To See (Grace, L., 1998)-CLICK PICTURE;Daylily

The Virtues of Heirloom Daylilies

Daylily Blueberry Candy Reblooming Daylilies, Agapanthus, Sun Perennials, Day Lilies, Blueberry,

Daylily Gentle Shepherd

Daylily Stella D'oro

Patterned Daylilies from 2017.

A Wild and Crazy bloom season!

Fall Planting for Summer Blooms: Daylilies + Giveaway


Hemerocallis Ruby Spider

Discarded Beauty (Trimmer, J. 2009)-Daylily;Daylilies;Day Lily

Baltimore Oriole $7. Klehm 1979 Dormant 6" bloom, 26" height. Mid Late Season Tetraploid. Bama Bound $6

Christmas Tidings (Stamile, 1999)-Daylily;Day Lily;Daylillies;CLICK


*Season Finale. Hensley. 2006. Dormant. Tetraploid. 36"-6". 3 branches. 25 buds. M. Bright red self above yellow to green throat. (Special Allure × sdlg)

Rapture Ready

Daylily Black Eyed Susan

Hybridization has produced double blooms with ruffles.

SOLDOUT Beacon at Dusk $15. Petit 2004 Rebloom SemiEvergreen 5.5" bloom, 24" height. Mid Season Tetraploid

daylilies blooming in the blue and yellow border (photo credit: Jean Potuchek)

(13 cm), season M, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, 25 buds, 6 branches, Caramel orange edge and throat

*Sarcastic Intentions. Bremer. 2007. Dormant. 28"-5". EM. Red with fine form and flat opening. Throat is yellow then green. Scapes are very straight and ...

Daylilies decoded: Deciphering the codes to choose the perfect daylily | Raleigh News & Observer

Beaded Light (Gossard, 2003)-Daylily;Daylilies;Day Lily;Daylillies

Hemerocallis Day Lily Perennials x 3 Bareroot Plants Longfields Anwar


*Seminole Wind.

*Scortched Earth. Bremer. 2011. Dormant. 36"-6.5". 3 branches. 24 buds. M. Large rusty earth tone flowers with a darker eyezone.

Hemerocallis Stella de Oro ...

*Scarlet Blessings.

Sold Out. Hemerocallis Desert Flame

Daylily 'Sir Francis Drake'

*Saigon Summer. 1986. Woodhall. Dormant. Tetraploid. 28"-5.5". 3 branches. 18 buds. M. Excellent warm golden-orange-peach blend that really stands out in ...


Hemerocallis Earlybird Cardinal™ PP16515 ...

*Second Horizon. Holmes. 2008. Dormant. Tetraploid. 32"-6". M. Cream with violet eye above a green throat. ((seedling x Moonlit Masquerade) x Vertical ...

Frans Hals Daylily: 10 Bareroot Hemerocallis 1-2 Fans Tennessee Grown

Tootsie Rose is another of my small daylilies, a great pink.

I'd never seen 'Gilded Butterfly'(Petit 08) until viewing it in a Pittsburgh garden last year. Probably won't grow it here, as it has short 22" scapes, ...

Cranberry Baby Daylily: 10 Bareroot Hemerocallis 1-2 Fans Tennessee Grown

Frilly Bliss (Joiner, J., 1998)-CLICK PICTURE;Daylily Frilly

Hemerocallis (Daylily)


Ozark Trail

FIRE DRILL - BRUCE 2017   ...

Hemerocallis Always Afternoon, Daylily Always Afternoon, Day Lily Always Afternoon, Always Afternoon Daylily ...

Sold Out. Hemerocallis South Seas

'Spoken For' (Houston 92) was one of the first daylilies I bought after joining AHS. It also stayed here for a long time, is probably not well known by many ...