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Dry January What is it and how beneficial can it be New Year

Dry January What is it and how beneficial can it be New Year


PHOTO: Women are pictured with wine glasses in an undated stock photo.

Some people undertake a "Dry January" after overindulging on holiday drinks. (Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

CBD is the latest wellness trend, but does it work?

Dry January is a term used for ditching alcohol in the first month of the new year. Many people celebrate as an annual tradition and mini-detox from the ...


Dry January: Benefits of going booze-free in first month of New Year

Dry January: What is it and how beneficial can giving up alcohol be? Taking

Dry January: What is it and how beneficial can giving up alcohol be? - ABC News

Move over, New Year's resolutions: Why you need a 'reverse bucket list'

champagne, New Years Eve Dry January ...

Science supports taking a booze break. Here's how to make 'Dry January' a year-long commitment. iStock/BrianAJackson. Dry January ...

First, come up with your why. Before you commit to dry January ...

Should You Quit Drinking for Dry January? Here's What Experts Say

How 'Dry January' Benefits Your Mind and Body

Sign up here: https://alcoholchange.org.uk/get-involved/campaigns/dry- january …pic.twitter.com/0ER1Ch2R77

Dry January is a thing. This is why people are swearing off booze for a month

Dry January is the UK's one-month booze-free challenge that helps millions reset their relationship with alcohol every year.

Published January 3, 2017 at 9:42

Dry January has really taken off over the last few years and the benefits felt by those who take part mean it will continue to grow.

New Year Celebration Take 'Dry January' ...

If starting off the New Year with more sleep, money and less weight is on your goals list, then researchers from the University of Sussex say they may have ...

Dry January in 2019: still in vogue, but still facing questions - Alcohol Policy UK

Welcome to GMA's New Year, Best You. As we ring in 2019, we are sharing everything you need to start the new year strong. From keeping your New Year's ...

Alcohol Change UK: Dry January Campaign

NHS SMPA website Dry January.jpg

New Year, new you – try Dry January in 2018 and take a refreshing break from #booze register and feel the benefits ...

It's that time again – Dry January! If you've been toying with the idea of starting yoga, the new year (and an alcohol free month) can be the perfe…

Dry January benefits could last until August, study claims

Dry January is when individuals swear off drinking for the month, sort of like a mini New Year's resolution. It got its start as a public health campaign ...

Dry January

In the New Year many people commit to Dry January, a month-long tee-total challenge. While an alcohol detox is arguably beneficial for your health in a ...

Image of a wine glass on a table

Anglia Ruskin on Twitter: "New year, new goals! We're supporting Dry January and reaping the benefits of getting healthier. If you're taking part, ...

Dry January

Dry January One of the most common New Year's resolutions that people share is to become healthier. One of the popular ways to do this – besides exercising ...

The benefits of giving up alcohol for a month are pretty obvious but, if like us you might need a little help, you can download the Dry January App here and ...

Beer we go: There are benefits to 'dry January'; Photo: AJ

BRITS taking part in Dry January this year will reap more than just the financial benefits. Health experts at Optical Express have revealed how staying off ...

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The Benefits of “Dry January” to Your Health

group of friends toasting at a bar

According to a YouGov poll, 3.1 million people in the UK planned on doing Dry

... CultureOpinionSportsLuxury World By Shubhra Shalini 12/31/18 AT 5:10 AM The year is almost at its end and the New Year is waiting to ...

How 'Dry January' Benefits Your Mind and Body

'Dry January' may not be the answer – St George News

Alcohol-free months are all the rage – but will a sober October lead to long-term health benefits? | Life and style | The Guardian

ALL NEW HEALTH & WELLBEING BULLETIN January 2018 marks the start of the new quarterly Health ...

... you can view their online resources to speak to them directly, or check the #Dry January on Instagram and Twitter. Their app is also available for ...

We are well aware that year end activities and the Christmas holiday is usually a time of excess in many areas including spending, food and alcohol.

Going sober for Dry January could lead to weight loss, better sleep, better skin

Man refusing beer

Find out more.... http://www.forwardleeds.co.uk/dry-january-2018 … https://www.britishlivertrust.org.uk/a-month-off-drinking-shows-major-health- benefits/ …

Dry January benefits: Is it good to give up alcohol completely or can it harm your health?


Struggling for a New Year's resolution? Why not give a go and raise some money for in the process?

The Christmas and New Year's celebrations may now seem like a distant memory – or if you enjoyed yourself a bit too much, then you may be struggling to ...

How 'Dry January' is the secret to better sleep, saving money and losing weight

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Limited Edition | New Year inspiration

After a Dry January the best reward may be to continue to drink within low-risk guidelines, so safeguarding the hard-won benefits.

PHOTO: A person is pictured pouring red wine.

A British Military Fitness class. '

The Best Advice About Drinking To Follow After Dry January

A stocked bar at The Hotel at the University of Maryland. (Salwan Georges / The Washington Post)

loading 'Dry January' ...

New year, new you. Swap all your alcoholic drinks for something softer this January to experience some amazing benefits.

Image: Close-Up Midsection Of Young Woman Drinking Water At Home

Julia Molony is giving up alcohol for the month ahead

Alcohol Concern's Dry January provides information, support and extra motivation for those taking a break. There is a free app to track our progress and the ...

Victoria Skovran via Getty Images / HuffPost UK

The benefits of going dry

Dry January Has Financial Benefits for 88 Percent of People in Alcohol Study

Steer clear of bars and meet your friends in a café instead. Photo: Getty

Every year more than three million Brits take part in Dry January - but many of

Dry January friends cheersing

Mine's an orange juice: New Scientist staff forswore alcohol for a month and reduced their

Happy New Year from all at The Naked Grape!

University of Leeds on Twitter: "People taking part in #DryJanuary report benefits including better sleep, weight loss, improved self-esteem, and surprise ...

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Check out this infographic created by Waterlogic which gives you some great tips on how to stay hydrated all day long, all year round!

No alcohol for a month for "Dry January" or "Mineral Tour" in February? Here are the consequences for a longer period

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We asked five brave people who all drink over the official limit — most would be

Mindful drinking: brewers have finally cracked low and no-alcohol beer, says Pete Why Dry January ...

Beverage director Bryan Shneider from New York City's Quality Eats shared this recipe for

... है #DryJanuary #Viral #NewYear https://www.ichowk.in/society/dry -january-internet-challenge-can-be-beneficial-in-so-many-ways/story/1/13514.html … ...

Dry January and other New Year's resolutions: Benefits of no alcohol?

Awareness of the benefits of a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle is further boosted by celebrities, like Scotland's own Alan Cumming, a vegan actor, ...

The 10 Most Festive Bars to Ring in the Holidays in New York City