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Dystopian Rearview Mirrors Will Remember You With an Iris Scan

Dystopian Rearview Mirrors Will Remember You With an Iris Scan


EV Startup Byton Is Really Doing the Steering Wheel-Mounted Tablet

Slowpoke Image: Miranda Granche. Gentex, a company that creates automotive mirrors, is developing iris-scanning rearview ...

Photo: Alexander Koerner (Getty)


When security systems rely on our unique human characteristics—like our fingerprints and eyeballs—techniques for circumventing those systems can be far more ...

Tech Dystopia Apple WeChat iPhone X Amazon Alexa Echo Aadhaar Snapchat Microship Vocativ employees Apple Pay

$230K Lamborghini Urus Misspells Its Own Name, Displays 'Lanborghini' Instead

What Car Should I Buy? - Stats

'Blade Runner' Is Getting an Anime Series on Adult Swim · '

Would You Pay $500 to Break This 1897 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce Out of Its Barn

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Tesla ...

“What are the best Dystopian books of all-time?” We looked at 42 “Best Dystopian” book lists and found 424 different titles so we could answer that very ...

Tech Dystopia Apple WeChat iPhone X Amazon Alexa Echo Aadhaar Snapchat Microship Vocativ employees Apple Pay

New York City's L Train Shutdown Just Got Worse

This ...

Audi's Giving Backseat VR Entertainment A Try With An Avengers Game

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This image Broke my heart .!! Got this image from reddit. @ManaByte

The Toyota Supra Has Gone Too Far https://t.co/Dp9ZALyjrH

The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Looks to Be Front-Wheel Drive, Defying All Logic and Reason - Stats

New Hope for Aging Eyes

... benefit rather than a detraction — as an introduction to dystopia and an act of imaginative future horror, it can hit a 12-year-old square in the chest.

Two ...

A Hydraulic Press Is Here to Determine the Strongest Jack of Them All - Stats

iPhone X's Facial Recognition

GM will be the second automaker to lose the EV tax credit, while Bolt sales

Is The New Lexus UX Too Plain For You? Here's Modellista's JDM Take – Auto Breaking News

UID (Union of Identicals)

Andrea Riseborough stars in “Crocodile,” the third episode of Black Mirror's fourth season. Netflix

... treated no better than animals, Burdekin drew a blueprint for dystopian literature, while never forgetting that misogyny would be an integral architect.

#19days 273 “–I'm afraid you'll forget about me.

Sometimes the dystopian narrative extrapolates contemporary trends and fears; sometimes it summons up memories of a grim moment from history. — TC

You might think of tumors as amorphous balls of cells growing out of control. But did you know that they can have differentiated tissues inside of them?

Breeze Through the Airport With These Affordable AmazonBasics Hardside Spinners: You won't see

One-Click Online Purchasing Is Encouraging More Car Buyers to Ditch the Dealership | #follownews

... universes in the way that Cline's narrative preserves pop-culture ephemera for all time. Can nostalgia be dystopian in and of itself? It just might.

... and David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, this is the sort of dystopia in which a familiarity with the world as it currently exists will do you no good.

Gender and identity are seldom explored so saliently in dystopian stories, which tend to take a broader view of society, rather than honing in on individual ...

Indeed, you can argue that it's a dystopia about superhero comics and how they've warped our conceptions of justice and power. — AR

... dystopia: “The point of creating futures is to get people to imagine what they want and don't want to happen down the road — and maybe do something ...

Another @Tesla with #Autopilot crashed into a stationary object—the driver is suing

An image from the personal series, The Falcon's Ride

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Film Review: 'Brown Girl Begins' brings ambition, light to sci-fi

EV Startup Byton Is Really Doing the Steering Wheel-Mounted Tablet | Automobile News | Auto news, Automotive news, Cars

Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly

2020 Lamborghini Huracan Teased, Gets New Tech, More Power

Iris Scans

Inside the World's 5 Sleekest Capsule Hotels

10 Songs Inspired by George Orwell's ...

What she's created here is a harrowing, cynical take on what's to come, a corporate dystopia that might be embraced. — TC


To whoever is reading this: Goooooood MORNING!!! Wake up Have a good

... have gotten in position quickly enough to have captured this dystopian photo of the Facebook CEO we all now know and love, but it would've been close.

While Carter's approach to dystopia might seem unconventional, her novel's blend of war and the irrational makes for a new approach to familiar themes. — TC

Rainn Wilson reveals details behind that character twist in his Star Trek short 'The Escape

Some dystopian fiction focuses on the terror that can emerge; Hopkinson leaves room for everyday joys and hope. — TC

The problem is that those who have tried to do this have been historians like Niall Ferguson and Ian Morris who aren't necessarily the most imaginative ...

Using a ring light strobe (you can see the lights reflection) and a macro lens I got as close as possible. The individual photos were then composited ...

Spinrad's dystopian visions are notable for showcasing what activism and resistance can really look like. — TC

LG CLOi SuitBot Exoskeleton

The Things Gateway - 915Mhz Version

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Concerns you might think to be true about biometrics are simply not accurate

It's Perfectly Legal to Tell People How to Remove DRM

The Biggest Sign Yet That Automation Is Taking Over at Amazon

Dystopian Rearview Mirrors Will Remember You With an Iris Scan · Jalopnik - Elizabeth Werth · Growing 4K Blu-ray sales win 13% of total Blu-ray spend

This Amazing Chevy Video from 1935 Uses an Abandoned House to Explain Why Strong Car Frames


Maha Shivaratri. Celebrate the great night of Shiva. Love from Halahala.

Top 15 Cars That Owners Keep for 15 Years or More » AutoGuide.com News

porsche 718 cayman image 830x319

... material — The Yellow Arrow functions more as a dystopian parable for an unexamined life. Perhaps the sparsest dystopia is the bleakest one of all. — SR

The State of California won and lost bigly last July 4th. But what if the state's biggest loss could be salvaged because the primary federal immigration ...

Tests that show if you've got a male or female brain: The answer may surprise you - and explain your personality | Daily Mail Online

Present Co. opens its 2017-18 season with Dusk to Dust, a two-person exhibition featuring site-specific installation and sculptures by Myeongsoo Kim and ...

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The title of Yuval Harari's latest best-seller is a misnomer: it asks many questions, but offers very few answers, and hardly any lessons.

Or getting a free ride because the local government has decided to make transport easier.

The result is a dystopian novel that's acutely aware of place, of class, and of the complex dynamics that both can summon. — TC

Globalization could and should easily encompass “international affairs” with few exceptions, but then it would be too broad and authors would be lumped ...

Open offices have driven Panasonic to make horse blinders for humans | TechCrunch

Pregnant Hayley Martin has known from her 20-week scan that the child she is

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2017 from ...

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