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Feeling like myself againYay My weightloss journey

Feeling like myself againYay My weightloss journey


Feeling like myself again...Yay😘💜😍

Weight Loss Wednesday: Feeling Fat at Goal Weight

Fresh N Fit Cuisine's Weight Loss Journeys: Katie Allen

5 Things You Can Do in the Next 24 Hours to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

I'm a Healthy Living Blogger with a Secret... I got fat again | Peace Love and Low Carb

It's time to establish a new routine and stick to it. I've recently signed up at Lifetime fitness where they have babysitting with the goal of ...

Feeling like myself again...Yay😘💜😍 | My weightloss journey❤ | Pinterest | Journey, Weight Loss and Feelings

before and after weight loss THM

Feeling like myself again...Yay😘💜😍 | My weightloss journey❤ | Pinterest | Journey, Weight Loss and Feelings

Weight Loss Journeys_ Katie Allen (1)

Calorad am weight loss. Calorad is a unique weight loss* supplement that comes in a liquid form. It aims to re-develop muscle tissues by promoting fat loss, ...

Want to make fat loss easier? Try the Definitive Guide for Troubleshooting Weight Loss for free here.

After and Before - Starting Over | Peace Love and Low Carb

Weight Loss Journeys_ Farrah Galloway

I think that other people in the room still see that version of me on the left rather than the one on the right.

Day 1 Starting Over 274 lbs

It's been awhile since we've checked in with Connie Harwood, so it made perfect sense to see how she was doing on her 1 year anniversary of starting her ...

Are you ready to stop feeling crazy around food, ditch diets, and lose weight in the most pleasurable way possible? Then download my Emotional Eating SOS ...

After and Before - Starting Over | Peace Love and Low Carb

At Fresh 'N Fit, nothing makes us happier than hearing your success stories, especially when our calorie and portion controlled meals are incorporated into ...

Clean out and organize fridge, pantry, and freezer

... (and do have) loose skin issues, but I would rather have my bat wings than chub filled fat arms. Oh, and my double chin is getting crepey again. YAY?

Here's a photo from last weekend of me and my girlfriends.

How to Get Past Day 1

One reason could be: Your experience with training in the past is influencing how you

I have neglected my blog, it's true.. GAH but I wanted to update you in where I was at in my journey if you have stumbled upon my page.

Miss taking outfit selfies 🤷🏼 ♀ Had my little helper take this quick


Our half marathon

Personally _ Yeah, THAT Side of Me :) _ "She woke up one day and threw away all her excuses. A real life changer. :) Hoping you can do this.

First order of business as soon as I got back from our holiday festivities was to dye my hair black to make me seem slimmer. It's all an illusion. Haha!

Setting a new fitness goal was fun – especially since it's end of year and it's easy to fall pray to laziness.

I start my day in front of the mirror. I feel the effects, I just want to see it with my own eyes. Are you seeing my waist already? hahaha!

I'm talking about that deep-down determination that says, "I'm going to get better at this. Whatever it takes--one day, this run will be a cakewalk for me."

Weight+Loss+Tracker+Bullet+Journal+|+Use+your+bullet+journal+to+track+your +weight+loss,+meal+planning,+health,+exercise+and+more.

At the day, it's not about how anyone views you, it's about how you view yourself. Always rememeber: You can't give what you don't have!!!

I can't believe I'm seeing the result so fast. I'm feeling like ME again. YAY!!!

I have so much more than I did on my last birthday. I was about two months along in my Trim Healthy Mama journey this time last ...

For the majority of my 40 years I've loathed any form of physical exercise — its just not in my DNA to move my body in a way that will create sweat ...

me and j

Over the years, Ashli has graciously introduced me to her girlfriends that she has been close with for years. Ashli has many friends, but there are four of ...

We all know the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting different results.

Bullet Journal: Weight Loss Tracker

Days 2 and 3 done of #dollyrockinabs 💪🏻 . . . . . #healthy #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthyeating #weightloss #weightlossjourney #rwl #rwljourney ...

You've heard me say it a time or two before, but I'll say it again. Yay For Spring! I love being able to get back outside with nature. I feel as though ...


... in part due to Nemo – thanks so much for 30 inches of snow, I was just thinking “Man I miss winter” (said no one ever). BTW this graphic cracked me up:

Accidentally Overweight: The 9 Elements That Will Help You Solve Your Weight-Loss Puzzle: Amazon.de: Dr. Libby Weaver: Fremdsprachige Bücher

Got my half stone today and slimmer of the week again! Yay #slimmingworld #

Before - Day 1 Goal Jeans

Weight Loss Before and After (1)

All the time I have people asking me “How do I lose weight”?

Went over my form for deadlifts and squats 💪🏼 Finally felt a bit of motivation with my training again! Yay! #fitness #lift #gym #wls #vsg #vsgjourney ...

Another Virtue

Around 7 months after I had my 2nd child, Asher. I was 100 lbs.

Week 2 of 52 - My 100 Puund Journey

And I also thank my mom who hangs back to watch the pups!

Health + Freedombell Update!

Face to Face Friday Transformation - Peace Love and Low Carb

First day in Lagree. Lagree is a 45 min workout. It's like pilates and barre on steriods!

You have the option to have it delivered straight to your home OR if you're “kuripot” like me, I just have our driver pick it up. haha!

How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date?

Thankfully, it only took me two days to remember why I was sick of this behavior; the app is now gone again, I'm feeling much more confident in the reasons ...

... of my worries behind me. Yay! On Friday, our hubbies joined us and it was more worry free time. Again, Yay!

So, this morning, I wore my most ninja-like clothes, and prepared myself for the 30 degree temperature outside.

Week 4 of 52 - of my 100 Pound Journey

Another Virtue

As I Lose Weight, I Find Me

Workout Tips : Fitness Motivation Quote. - All Fitness

I soooo love me my coffee every morning.. Now I can start drinking it

Found a window between rain to take Xena on a 3 mile walk. Made it

Along with my vision boards, I used to create these little lists with goals every

... Autoimmune Protocol, & Made Whole with Cristina Curp of The Castaway Kitchen ...


In other words, I have been a wide variety of sizes and shapes since adolescence, and not all of those sizes and shapes were right for me.

Weight Loss Before and After (3)

#facetofacefriday #facetoface #weightlossjourney #weightloss #bariatri

And my weight determines how I feel because it signifies how much or how little I've been taking care of myself and body.

Does she look like me or nah?

Keto recipes

Avoiding Hysterectomy - One Woman's Story of Stress, Nutrition, and Healing Ovarian Cysts

Podcast Episode #367: Keto, Autoimmune Protocol, & Made Whole with Cristina Curp of The Castaway Kitchen

So these pictures was taken earlier today; this is my NSV today, when I

My favorite sparkling water

So if you are feeling like you are in a workout rut, I recommend switching up and trying something new!

Five days after that party, Liz was told she had 90 days to live. I met Ashli and her girlfriends over at Liz's house. We all sat on the couch huddled ...

I'm soooooo excited, because I see new muscles! I can't

Group fitness classes... yay!

I'm sure it feels like everyone you know is starting a new diet or workout regime this month. In the past I'm sure that even YOU have fallen into the ...

Tuesdays are my weigh in days. It gives me one more day after the weekend to get my stuff together.

Trying to get back in that mind set. #hitaslump #weightlossjourney

Gone were the days that I binge one day… then I drop the weight (plus more) as soon as I starve myself for a day. Yes, it used to be THAT easy.

The meals were prepared a packed the day before. You have the option to have it delivered straight to your home OR if you're “kuripot” like me, ...

Another workout done after finally feeling myself again! Yay! Back on it! Xx #rwlfitties #caloriecounting #rwl #resultswithlucy #resultswithcecilia

I knew she wasn't feeling well that night but I was so happy that she came. Her and I did have a discussion about how strange it was for me to ask ...

Week 1 of 52 - My 100 Pound Journey

Protecting Yourself Against New Year's Diet Talk

Ever since I joined Weight Watchers in November 2009 and started my weight loss and fitness journey, I have been constantly trying new things outside of my ...