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Figure Compression ratio and threshold Audio Engineering in 2018

Figure Compression ratio and threshold Audio Engineering in 2018


As an engineer/producer, one of my biggest early challenges was getting my mixes to sound as polished and balanced as the mixes of songs on my favorite ...

What Is Compression In Music Production

8 Tips for Compression in Mastering

A compressor is a device that reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal. It does this by attenuating the volume of loud sounds (downwards compression), ...

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Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X

Mix Buss Compression Made Easy

6 Tips for Limiting during Mastering

Logic Tutorial: The Compressor

Compression Release Time

AN image to show a hard knee in the Pro Tools stock compression plugin

When Compression Is Not The Answer

Today, many DAW users tend to operate compressors without enough background knowledge – without knowing what compressors “actually” do. Compression can be a ...

In Figure 1B, we see that compression has been applied only to the portion of the signal that exceeds the threshold. This example uses a 2:1 compression ...

Now I have a confession to make, compression is one of those things that I put off learning about for a long time. You may also be one of those people, ...

A picture of transients being compressed above the threshold level of a compressor, creating more

Compression Explained®

These three compressors (Digital Fishphones' Blockfish and Tin Brooke Tales' TLS 2095 LA

This time out, we're conquering a trio of common confusions about compression. Even the term can be troublesome. In the context of live sound, compression ...

A picture of a compressor's threshold level.

Threshold. Compression and loudness

Parallel compression (some engineers refer to it as “New York compression,” because it was audio engineers in New York City that first popularized this ...

Multiband Compressor, shown here with the settings used to achieve the final bass guitar sound

Compression: Fashion The Drum Sound You Want ...

The human voice is one of the most dynamic and expressive sound sources you'll ever record — and not just from opera singers and heavy metal vocalists.

Keeley Electronics Bassist Limiting Amplifier Pedal Front

The diagram and plug-in settings demonstrate how you might use compression to reduce level

Figure 2. Hypothetical gain reduction vs SNR curves of three hearing aids.

EQs are used to control the gain level of different frequency ranges, known as bands; applying boosts/cuts to these bands allows you to shape the frequency ...

Abbreviations B measure of bias effect CR frequency-compression ratio DR dead region Ef high

7 Tips to Avoid Over-Compressing your Mix. Compression is perhaps one of the most misunderstood process in recording ...

This ...

Shape and enhance tracks quickly

Sidechain Compression: Part 1 - Concepts and History

Parallel compression is a technique you're all most likely very familiar with by now: blending compressed and un-processed signals together to create a ...

Waves' Renaissance Compressor takes the approach of SSL's popular bus compressor, where you get

audio compression

The preamp itself is a fully Class-A design and instead of using potentiometers, Elysia have instead opted to use single resistors controlled by a relays ...

Figure 3. A short time constant reduces output envelope.

Focusrite 2i2 Audio Interface

Compression 101: The Essentials

“Streamed audio” means data compression. To reduce the vast amounts of data music streaming services deliver (more than 1 billion streams a day), ...


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The Ultimate Guide to Multiband Compression: Tips, Techniques & Plugins

03: Processing Types | Part3 | Un meilleur son pour les installations commerciales | Formation et Support Technique | Yamaha

Compressors drop the volume of your audio when it gets louder than a predetermined threshold, which helps you tame ...

How audio compression works Figure 1.

Figure 2: Above the compression ...

Figure 1: Real-time codec listening tests can be conducted with NUGEN Audio MasterCheck Pro.

Figure 5. Effect of compressor speed on average Speech Reception Thresholds (SRTs) at

6 Tips to Maximize Loudness AND Dynamic Range in Mastering

Real vs. Hyperreal vs. Surreal

In this first installment in a two-part series, we'll take a look at compression as it applies specifically to us guitarists. For starters, we'll talk about ...

One of the secrets behind the vocal sounds of world‑famous mix engineer Michael Brauer

Level Meter and Gain Reduction Meter

Design Flow of Wavelet Based Speech Coder Global Thresholding process retains the largest absolute value

Subtle distortion, particularly from analogue circuitry employing valves or audio transformers, can both add

Setting a compression threshold above the majority of the note peaks allows you to compress just

Average compression ratio over average compression error rate for each codec and bit-rate.

A picture of a compressed audio signal with it's gain increased and pushing into the ceiling

Figure 8. Gain provided by the SAC, FAC, and the overall gain (

This diagram and screenshot show how you can reshape a drum sound's sustain envelope by causing


How audio compression works Figure 8.

The “De-esser” preset in Live 10's Compressor – notice the EQ portion of the sidechain section.

Using a slow attack time and a little make-up gain, as in this

A lot of people have trouble getting their kick and bass to sit together just right. I'm going to show you how to achieve a clean low-end using sample ...

Comparison of total distortion levels for buss-compression and sourcecompression techniques (fixed ratio cr

10 Best Compressor Pedals in 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Much of a drum's snap and punch is found in the initial few milliseconds when the sound first hits. This is called the “attack” portion of the sound.

A depiction of the threshold T , ratio R and knee width W parameters. The

Becoming a Full-Time Podcast Producer: Career Advice from Carissa Weiser

When you're first dating a compressor, it's important to take things slow.

A picture of an audio signal peak hitting digital maximum.

Figure 1. CONNEXX screen shot of FCo settings. In this example, shown in shaded pink, Fmin has been set at 1700 Hz (starting point of compression) and Fmax ...

The Bluffer's Guide To Compression