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Fitz Jake Scott Foley t

Fitz Jake Scott Foley t


'Scandal' Season 5: Will Jake and Olivia Reunite After Fitz Breakup? | TVLine

'Scandal' Spoilers: Jake & Olivia's Future — Scott Foley Season 6 Interview | TVLine

Scott Foley, Scandal

'Scandal': Have Jake and Fitz Met Before? Scott Foley Weighs in

Scott Foley, Kerry Washington, Norm Lewis

Jake Ballard, Olivia Pope, President Fitz Grant - Scandal Season 3

Jake Ballard

'Scandal's' Scott Foley Defends B613, Warns of 'Explosive,' 'Deadly' Season Finale

Kerry Washington and Scott Foley Scandal

Kerry Washingont, Scott Foley, Tony Goldwyn

"Scandal" Podcast (feat: Scott Foley) "Jake vs Fitz"

Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) in Scandal 6x13 "The Box"

Scandal, Kerry Washington, Scott Foley

'Scandal' Recap: Season 5 Finale — Jake, Olivia & Fitz Spoilers | TVLine

Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley, Scandal

Olivia ...

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Scott Foley's Marriage Proposal

Obviously, we start this “Scandal” article off with a spoiler warning: Don't read on if you haven't finished last night's finale yet!

'Scandal's' Scott Foley on Jake's Deadly Turn -- Plus, Who Got Shot? | Hollywood Reporter

Men of Scandal / Previous Seasons of Scandal : ) - Fitz, Harrison, Huck, and Jake. who is going 2 replace HARRSION ?

'Scandal' Case Study: Scott Foley on Operation Remington, Bringing B613 Down

Scott Foley Scandal

scott foley on Twitter: "“@callmelovelyy: New edit ! Fitz and Jake go waaay back lol http://t.co/RKdtjikLC9”cool!"

Olivia and Fitz have the White Hats and B613 on their team. With people like Rosen (Joshua Malina) , Jake (Scott Foley), Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) and ...

'Scandal' Star Scott Foley On The Season 4 Finale & Why He's Not Sorry He Let Twitter Think Jake Was Dead. '

Scott Foley - Jake Ballard Scandal-can't get enough of him Scott Foley

scott foley on Twitter: "Our reaction after reading the season finale. @tonygoldwyn #scandal http://t.co/lkDZpvSxdB"

'Scandal's' Scott Foley: "It's All Hands on Deck" to Find Olivia

I don't care how much folks want Olivia Pope to be with President Fitz. I'm all about Jake Ballard. #ScottFoley #scandal

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Scandal Recasts Jake's Wife. Scandal Recasts Jake's Wife Scott Foley ...

Scandal's Scott Foley reveals Jake's plan to save Olivia before Fitz – SheKnows

Though Scandal fans might be divided about whether they're Team Fitz or Team Jake, it's pretty safe to say everyone is team Scott Foley.

View photos. Scott Foley's ...

Scott Foley Admits to Cheating, and You'll Never Think of Him the Same Way Again

Scott foley · Who-is-your-Scandal Soul Mate Jake-or- Fitz - Team

Scott Foley Goes Shirtless on 'Scandal' - See the Stills Here!

Fitz with Jake | SCANDALous | Scandal, In This Moment, Scott foley

Scott Foley is Team Fitz? | The Meredith Vieira Show

Jake Says Farewell to Olivia Videos | Scandal TV - ABC.com.

Mellie, Fitz, Liv, Jake (aka Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn, Kerry Washington, Scott Foley)

Scandal 100th Episode Sneak Peek: Jake Is All About Rigging Elections

Scandal. I hope Olivia saves him! Jake Ballard, Abc Photo, Scandal Season

I honestly think that Jake and Fitz should not be in the same room.

Unfortunately, that involves Jake (Scott Foley). Don't worry, he won't meet the same ...

Scandal Jake Dead

Watch you can't afford me GIF on Gfycat. Discover more fitz grant,

Scandal selfie 1214 Olivia And Fitz, Scandal Abc, Scandal Season 4, Scott Foley

SCANDAL - "Watch Me" - One hundred days into Mellie's presidency, Olivia Pope

Scott Foley Scandal Spoilers

Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.), Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Jake (Scott Foley) come up with a plan to find Huck. (Scott Everett White/ABC)

Scott Foley for Da Man

Tony Goldwyn Scott Foley oooooooooooooooooooooooonly on SCANDAL

Jake Ballard quotes. I cannot get enough of this guy. Scott Foley

The minute Vargas is shot, Fitz and his Chief of the NSA, Jake (Scott Foley) start trying to find answers. (But Jake mysteriously disappears minutes before ...

Scott Foley Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn Reveal BrandNew Scandal Secrets

Kerry Washington and Scott Foley on 'Scandal'

A new man enters the picture Jake Ballard, Scandal Season 4, Scott Foley,

'Scandal' star Scott Foley on who kidnapped Olivia, Jake's true love | EW.com. '

Team Fitz or Team Jake?!? The SCANDAL debate! ~ Vlog | Moments of Love - YouTube

scott foley as jake ballard on Scandal. Sorry but i like him a lot more than Fitz.

Our TV boyfriend #3 - Jake Ballard. @Casey Dalene Hendricks Scott Foley Scandal

I guess Jake didn't get to him SCOTT FOLEY, TONY GOLDWYN

scandalcast 703 is directed by Scott Foley and it's a Fitz centric episode based on his post-presidency life in Vermont. Excuse me while I cry tears of Joy ...

Olivia a longtemps hésité entre Fitz et Jake mais aurait-elle enfin vraiment fait son choix dans Scandal ? Scott Foley se confie !

Scott Foley. Jake Ballard Jake Ballard, Scandal Tv Series, Scott Foley, Great

Judalina Neira on Twitter: "Scott Foley shirtless. Nuff said. "@VH1: http:// t.co/w1HREAPcBH | http://t.co/eKjxHsKbNg”"


Olivia and Fitz Head Up a 'Fantasy Hour' for the 100th Episode of '

Season 5B Promo ~ Olivia jumps all in to Jake!

Did Olivia and Fitz get their Vermont


Scott Foley Height: 6'1" Most Famous For: Playing Jake Ballard in “Scandal,” Sean Kelly in “Scrubs,” and Noel Crane in “Felicity”

It's Captain Ballard to you Fitz! You tell'em Jake.

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Scott Foley .....rh Scott Foley Scandal, Jake Ballard, Good

Whiskey Cavalier (ABC) Trailer HD - Lauren Cohan, Scott Foley action series

"Within the next two episodes, huge secrets will be revealed," the actor. ABC. "Scandal's" Scott Foley. "

Scott Foley-Jake Ballard from Scandal

11 Reasons Why Olivia Pope Needs to Go Stand in the Sun With Jake Ballard Right Now

'Scandal': Olivia Kidnapped On Winter Finale — Season 4 Episode Recap – Hollywood Life

Watch you can't afford me GIF on Gfycat. Discover more fitz grant,

Jake On 'Scandal' Season 5 Is Focusing On Huck Instead Of Olivia Scott Foley

'Scandal': Scott Foley Reveals How He Feels About Jake Ballard Ending Up In Prison | Access

scott foley has definitely gotten better with age. I loved him I'm felicity

In Defense Of 'Scandal's' Jake Ballard: 15 Reasons To Give Scott Foley's Character

"I don't play second fiddle to anyone."~Jake #Scandal #ScandalQuotes #MissLoriTV. "

Jake and Olivia.

"Anything that comes in between Olivia and Fitz" disturbs fans, Scott Foley says of Pope's (Kerry Washington) relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant ...

Celebrity Love Triangles We Forgot About Scott Foley and Kerry Washington Scandal

Captain Jake (Scott Foley) of Scandal Speaks on Season Premier

When Scott Foley joined "Scandal" in Season his character Jake Ballard threw the 'shippers for a loop by threatening the love between Olivia Pope and Fitz.

Jake tells Olivia like it is. I still have no idea why she picked Fitz over him – he obviously knows her better. Olivia takes his advice and tells the press ...

Scott Foley Ponders What Felicity Fans Would've Been Like on Twitter! Plus, Scandal Love Triangle Scoop | E! News

Scandal Season 5 Finale Photos. Jake BallardScott FoleyOlivia And FitzGreys ...

Jake & Scandal. Twice. ✌ He needs to be the main guy for once. I'm in love with him,and can't bear to see him keep getting heartb…

Scott Foley on the Drama of 'Scandal'

Why Kerry Washington Isn't Team Jake or Team Fitz for Scandal's Final Season. "

Scott Foley aka Jake Ballard from Scandal! Love this guy- handsome and comforting :)