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GI Joe with theKUNG FU GRIP My Barbie was really in love with him

GI Joe with theKUNG FU GRIP My Barbie was really in love with him


GI Joe with the"KUNG FU GRIP". My Barbie was really in love with him. Ken was to undecided

Barbie liked GI Joe's Kung Fu grip and manly beard... he would totally kick Ken's ass

I had an entire "GI JOE" Toybox - To be fair, my Transformers were in there, too =)

GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip. Did they make a bearded GI Joe without kung fu grip? I don't remember if mine had it or not.

g.i. joe adventure team | GI Joe - Club Exclusive Talking Commander

GI Joe with Kung-Fu Grip! Still got this guy... somewhere!


This was like my very first Joe figure back in the 60's.

Hasbro introduced the G.I. Joe Action Soldier on Feb. 2, 1964.

Vintage Kung Fu Grip GI Joe

gi joe with the kung fu grip

Vintage GI Joe

The GI Joe Adventure Team Man of Action (with Kung Fu Grip) I received along with "The Search for The Stolen Idol" playset on Xmas 1974.

gi joe beard

GI Joe with the Kung-Fu grip.

I have a black and white photo of myself as a child with the little guy on the left on my knee. Kung-fu grip! Kids today will never know how awesome G.I.Joe ...

G.I Joe with Kung-Fu Grip!

GI Joe with life like hair and beard! My barbie was so in to him

This G.I. Joe could talk. And he had life-like hair and beard.

Original GI Joe | makes me think of my little brother.

GI Zack - green jacket find green pants - black boots...maybe a helmet from the surplus store...loving this!

GI Joe with Kung Fu grip.

G.I. Joe he rocked before the kung Fu grip

GI Joe 1st Marine Division Korea 12" Figure New MISB #Hasbro

Oh Joe! He was sooooo much better looking than hairless Ken for Barbie. Men must have hair~face, chest & legs!!!

i like this www.findbestsellers.co.uk/retro.html Talking G.I.

12" GI Joe Pearl Harbor Collection WHEELER FIELD PILOT 2000 Hasbro #GIjoePearlHarborCollection

G.I. Joe Action Figure 0188 Classic GI Joe crew cut bearded action figure soldier from 1971 in gorilla warfare gear by Hasbro

Barbie Foxy knit Top and skirt (recycled fabric)

Big Jim " Action Figure. I had one and he also had different sport

Had a GI Joe like this one with different clothing. He was my "Ken

Sea Adventurer with Kung Fu Grip! Chris Alsobrook · Gi joe stuff

GI Joe Adventure Team figure with the Kung Fu grip by Hasbro.

Vintage Hasbro fuzzy-headed 70s GI Joe 12"

9, 1964 The action figure "GI Joe" is introduced.

Super Star Barbie. Oh how I loved her. I recently found her in my mom's attic.

Aged Air Adventurer in honor of GI Joe turning 50 years old. Gray flocking mixed into a vintage blonde flock.


GI Joe Adventure Team - Man of Action (with Kung Fu Grip) 12"

Joe I always tried kidnapping him to play with Barbie, this was before they came out with Ken.

Joe created in

Nude Tango Ken Barbie Doll Raven Hair Articulated Intense Face Paint for OOAK | eBay

Talking GI Joe - with Life-like hair and beard. Despite the lame attempt to de-militarize Joe during the Vietnam War (he's not a US soldier, ...

2008 G.I. jOE Collectors club, Man of Asia in fighting stance

Shot this photo to recreate the image on the cover of the GI Joe Colorforms set.

G.I. Joe had facial hair and better toys than Ken! My Barbie loved his motorhome

G.I. Joe Foreign Soldiers Collection – Japanese Zero Pilot (A)

New sealed Vintage G I Joe accessories by Shillman 1970 44 military pieces #shillman Seal,

G.I. Joe - used to drive my brother crazy when G.I. Joe dated Barbie when I

Hasbro GI Joe Space Capsule with pilot figure and soundtrack recording of the first American orbital space flight.

GI Joe - back then, he was the same height as Barbie. During the

g.i. joe adventure team | Gi Joe Adventure Team Aventurero De Mar Hasbro - $ 1,250.00 en .

Vintage 1970s Adventure Team Commander Talking 12" GI Joe w/Fuzzy Hair & Beard

Vi12" G.I. Joe Adventure Team Atomic Man Mike Power Action Figure Mint!!!

GI Joe - Club Exclusive Adventurer Joe Johnson, Gi Joe, Adventurer, Barbie,

Green Beret, Gi Joe, Vintage Toys, Barbie, Old Fashioned Toys, Retro

gi joe kung fu grip - Google Search

Mattel Barbie Friend Modern Blonde Surfer Ken Doll in Board Shorts Necklace | eBay

GIJoe Collector's Club Man of Asia Kung Fu Fighter

G.I. Joe Eagle Eye Moving Eyes Land Commander, 1970's, early 80's. First G.I.

Loved my Crissy Doll! 70s Toys, Retro Toys, Crissy Doll, Vintage Barbie

Vintage G.I. Joe Value Guide 1964-1978 Dolls, Gear, & Equipment -- #toys #ActionFigures #MilitaryToys

Kung Fu. SARRGE · G.I. JOES ...

12" Gi Joe Adventure Team Undercover Agent Timeless Collection Action Figure With Kung Fu Grip

gi joe 1970's action figure - Google Search

G.I Joe officially stands for "Government Issue Joe". I remember back in the mid 1970,s getting the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip ...

GI Joe 12 Inch Firefighter

My sisters and I each had a Darci doll...We loved them! They were way cooler than Barbies. They were like Amazon Barbies!

Joe (Adventure Team Commander with kung-fu grip). He dated all my Barbies!

Early versions of Barbie and G.I. Joe. I'm actually the one who had and played with G.I. Joe, not my brother. And I had that bathing suit and an older ...

GI JOE- my aunt always played with him as Barbie's BF instead of ken.

Gi joe US ARMY HELICOPTER PILOT G I JANE 12 inch commemorative wwII 50th anniversary brown hair mib moc mip vintage

Sears, 1964 Skipper was the reason that GI Joe got Kung Fu Grip.

This is Sgt Van Gi Joe Green Beret Action Man Tom Stone Dr Isotope Urban adventure

1980 Western Barbie & Ken Dolls - had them both as a kid. Her eye winked when you pressed a button on her back. She looks drunk lol.

Yes, this is a wax statue of Anne Hathaway, but close enough for now to a kid's doll. (Photo: Shivam Saxena/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

G.I. Joe (Courtesy of Flickr)

Not to be confused with Jonny Quest, or James West of its contemporary TV series “Wild, Wild West,” but Johnny West was another of those classic toys of my ...

Classic (1974) GI Joe Adventure Team figure boxes. Introducing KUNG-FU grip

12" vinyl black G.I. Joe Adventurer (no. 7404) action figure, advertised with flocked "life-like hair" and sold in an ethnically-specific box, United States ...

GIJoe The Civil War Gen. Ulysses S. Grant

g.i. joe adventure team | 1974 GI Joe Adventure Team Newsletter I Kung Fu Grip I I .

They each had rubber hair Gi Joe Commander 8

Just a few of original 12inch G.I. Joe figures (52 Photos)

gi joe figure...gotta have that kung fu grip! 70s Toys,

He was Barbie's boyfriend...I never owned a Ken doll....just borrowed my brother's GI Joes

I tried my best to identify this guy. I know he is an authentic Joe, but all of my searches brought up vintage dolls. From what I remember, ...

One big problem I felt with both pieces involved the feet on my sewing machine. None of the feet that came with my machine sew a 1/4″ seam well.

By design, Joe was pretty flexible.

Gi joe ACTION MARINE 12 inch walmart 40th anniversary BLOND hair mib moc mip vintage

50th Action Man British Infantry Gas Mask Toys For Boys, Kids Toys, Gi Joe

Vintage GI Joe 1964 12" Hasbro Accessories Lot and Action Figure

G. I. Joe 1967 Lunch Box. G. I. Joe toys are also produced by Mattel. Lunch

The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie: A Doll's History and Her Impact on Us by Tanya Lee Stone

Hasbro 1975 GI Joe Adventure Team Catalog

Vintage GI Joe 12 Inch Flocked Hair Action Figure 1964 #Hasbro

Bose SoundTouch 130 Home Theater System - Black

The original action figure: Since Hasbro brought it to the world's attention at the annual