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HM is struggling to keep up with its sister stores Cos and Other

HM is struggling to keep up with its sister stores Cos and Other


The first store we went to was H&M.

Business Insider/Jessica Tyler

After visiting H&M and its sister stores Cos and & Other Stories, its clear why H&M isn't doing as well.

The store was very trendy. Even though there were a lot of nice styles, the price and quality issues were clear as we shopped through the store.

It seemed more high-end than H&M…

There were sale signs everywhere. H&M has struggled with having too much inventory, so there are almost constantly sales to get rid of old inventory.

…and accessories for under $10.

…and there was a small mens section in the back of the store.

Other Stories had a much bigger emphasis on beauty products and accessories compared to its sister stores.

The front of the store held a lot of business casual clothes.

Cos 6619

but a lot of the clothes were wrinkled and cluttered together.

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My sister once gave me a copy of this poem. I still have it. I love her for being there that day.

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... we write about types of grief, grief theory, personal reflections, creative expression for coping with grief, practical ideas for managing grief, and on ...

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I had an autoimmune disease. Then the disease had me.

Emma Dawson, right, with her sister Lucy.

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You are the creator of your life

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Still, the more wives contributed to the family income, the less an issue spending appears to be. That's what Lisa Dieter, 33, a certified financial planner ...

But that last figure is likely to be higher as not all pupils are registered, and only 86 out of 152 councils responded to our Freedom of Information ...

(At a rough estimate, I would say about .0000001% of us are in that situation. And whoever this lucky person is, I envy her.)

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Raise your hand if David Bowie's death hit you harder than you expected. Okay, I can't see you; you can't see me, but I assure you, my hand is raised.

Let's parent our kids to be capable adults! I love this Ann Landers quote!

For all these reasons and others, it is common for people to have to reassess their support system in the wake of loss and to seek out additional help while ...

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