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Home Average Maker DIY Hacks t Raspberry Hacks diy


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Create your own GameBoy handheld console with a Raspberry Pi 3 and the Retropie emulation software

Since the introduction of the Raspberry Pi Zero, the hacker, maker, and hobbyist

Ambilight für jedes HDMI-Gerät! Die ultimative Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung | PowerPi

Hacking Electronics: Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Second Edition 2nd Edition

I've always been fond of the Raspberry Pi– It has USB, GPIO, and i2c, among other interfaces. An Instructable by [peter_3d] gave me the burst of inspiration ...

Why Didn't I Think Of That Life Hacks You Will Use

Hacking Raspberry Pi 1st Edition

... thoughts on various libraries for programming in C for the Pi's GPIO – TL;DR: whereas WiringPi is probably the most well-known GPIO access library don't ...

Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists 1st Edition

Hack An ATM With Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

Backup pictures and videos from several cameras and sources! Tech Hacks, Diy Tech,

... about everyone's broadband connection, it's that it's slow. Usually slower than it was advertised to be when you got it. But slow isn't as irritating ...

FridgePi : Leftovers Never Sounded So Good. Raspberry Projects, Pi Projects, Diy Tech, Electronics Projects, Hacks ...

Hacking Raspberry Pi: Timothy L. Warner: 9780789751560: Amazon.com: Books

Your kids don't know how good they're about to have it.

Hack My House: Raspberry Pi as Infrastructure

This is the final look of my raspi.

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Raspberry Pi portable game console hack from Ben Heck

How to Build a Hacking Raspberry Pi

I was going to do something like this with a UPS I had harvested at an · Hacks Diy ...

I Run a Machine-Learning-Based Chatbot on a Raspberry Pi, and Here's What Happened

101+ Cool Raspberry Pi Projects For Electronics Students More Cool ...

A smart, PoE capable switch will power this web, and a flask instance providing a RESTful interface will allow pulling the data back to a central controller ...

Hacking Electronics: Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Second Edition: Simon Monk: 9781260012200: Amazon.com: Books

PoisonTap Makes Raspberry Pi Zero Exploit Locked Computers

Step 1Download the ARM Version of Kali

Step 5Start a Cryptcat Listener on Raspberry Pi

Some of the most remarkable parts of the 4G's TOP shield are:

Step 5Start a Cryptcat Listener on Raspberry Pi

Amazon Dash Button 5 Minute Hack (No Coding)

DIY Raspberry Neural Network Sees All, Recognizes Some



Low power arduino hack guide

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My Attempt At Making A Home-made Raspberry Pi Robot

Mad Hacks – Make: Volume 46. final_MadHacks_MB_Make. There's nothing as DIY ...

USB Keyboard Emulation with the Raspberry Pi Zero

phil: Jukebox DIY : Raspberry Pi + Subsonic Pi Computer, Pi A, Raspberry

Raspberry Pi Design Contest

The LEGO collection which I intended to categorize using object recognition.

Run a Raspberry Pi from a LiPo battery – Raspberry Pi Pod Raspberry Pi Projects, · Raspberry Pi ProjectsDiy ...

USB computer

Raspberry Pi Camera Robot

Hacking the Lego Build Your Own Object Sensor “Eyes”

Create a Wireless Spy Camera Using a Raspberry Pi

HackSpace Magazine Issue #3 - February 2018

DIY Clothes-Folding Board

Picture of Raspberry Pi Zero HDMI / WiFi Soldering Microscope ...

Most of the major cities are already turning their cellular networks to the new 4G LTE and at the same time shutting down the old technologies such as GPRS ...


News: These Guys Hacked Together a Raspberry Pi & Car Steering Wheel to Play Mario Kart

Rule #1 of DIY: Never settle for what you're given. You can upgrade and improve just about anything with a little knowledge and elbow grease, especially if ...

Picture of DIY Cat Box Cabinet (IKEA Hack)

The ...

[igorfonseca83] writes in to share with us his modular tank platform that uses the ESP8266 and a handful of software hacks to allow for voice control from ...

By DIY Hacks and How TosDIY Hacks & How Tos on YouTube

News: Samy's MagSpoof Hacking Device Was Just Featured on Mr. Robot

Picture of Raspberry Pi Controlled Irrigation System

iPad as a Raspberry Pi monitor


e-Health Sensor Platform V2.0 for Arduino and Raspberry Pi [Biometric / Medical Applications]

Eventually, he gets recruited by a hacker organization known as fsociety (which looks and acts much like Anonymous) to bring down Evil Corporation.

Picture of Complete DIY Raspberry Pi Weather Station With Software ...

One of my longstanding complaints about the Raspberry Pi is that power instability kills SD cards. Starting with version 3, the Pi supports booting over a ...

Using Intel Galileo with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi shields designed by Cooking Hacks

On Hacking MicroSD Cards « bunnie's blog. «

In this DIY Hacking series, we will actually build a computer based around the Z80 CPU. In the process, we'll learn how it works and how to program it!

Raspberry Pi: Hacking Platform

7.2 Non Line of Sight tests

A new kind of blinky!

DIY BUTTER SLIME Without Clay!!! Easy Butter Slime Recipe (No Borax, No Clay, No Food Colouring) - YouTube

Bridge Switch: Power off it (put it in the opposite side of the Raspberry's GPIOs).

how to hack an amazon dash button to make a $5 home automation remote


Maker and Hacker MBRIDGEV L293d Dual Motor Driver H-Bridge Module or Board V.

This project is great for creating an outdoor security system that will alert you when something happens around the perimeter of your house.


Figure 1: My multiple camera Raspberry Pi setup.

Raspberry Pi board with mount

1. Does the AC unit above drip onto your AC, keeping you up all night?

TubeNetRadio hardware overview

Figure 2: The Raspberry Pi camera module and USB camera are both hooked up to

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And yes! you can also connect it through the USB por to your Raspberry Pi and get the full speed with it too.

Our hacked Sodastream system

littleBits Projects: DIY Smart Thermostat « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Starter Pack - Includes a Raspberry Pi 3