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I really admire the Enjorlasi plural Enjolrashappy place D

I really admire the Enjorlasi plural Enjolrashappy place D


I really admire the Enjorlas-i (plural Enjolras...happy place :D...no, focus) who keep their eyes open in this bit - I start rapid blinking just thinking ...

Fra as enjolras @Noelle Stransky Stransky Stransky Christine

Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras in Les Mis

Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras in Les Mis 25th Anniversary! So darn excited to see him in NYC in May!!

Matt Shingledecker as Enjolras in the Les Miserables US tour.

Ramin Karimloo - my favorite Enjolras.

Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras

Day7- fave Enjolras: no one does it better then Mr. Ramin Karimloo

Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser as Enjolrus and Grantaire in Les Miserables. Wow!

Fra Fee as Enjolras!!! (courfeyrac in the movie) ^_^ <3

Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras in Les Miserables - OMG this is adorable compared to him now as jean valjean

Enjolras (Bradley Jaden). Les Miserables 2015/2016 London cast at the Queens Theatre. Photo by Johan Persson: www.


Les Mis | "Do You Hear The People Sing? Singing a song of angry

Tony awards 2014: Ramin Karimloo from "Les Miserables" performing

Hadley Fraser as Marius in Les Mis!...Oh my God...it's Hadley. @Maddalena F Spletter ...who does he look like? ;) (I'm sorry..I had to do this to you again)

Jean Valjean, Aaron Tveit, Les Misérables, Eddie Redmayne, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Stupid, Singing, Television

Enjolras I love these kinda paintings

Ramin Karimloo as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables on Broadway! Wow, such great news to hear that he's playing Jean Valjean now. He was awesome as Enjolras ...

Les Mis, Hadley, Musicals, Musical Theatre

Alistair Brammer

les mis valentine's day cards Jean Valjean, Les Miserables, Valentine Day Cards, Musical

Ramin Karimloo...my fave stage Enjolras and Phantom♡ Ramin Karimloo, Music

Ramin Karimloo - Enjolras in Les Miserables Anniversary Concert

Hadley Fraser as Marius #lesmis

Eddie Redmayne, Les Mis, Movie Tv, Musicals, Cinema, Movies, Musical

Hadley Fraser - The Pirate Queen Broadway Les Miserables, Hadley Fraser, Pirate Queen,

He had need of Enjolras

A proud Mandy Karimloo with Ramin on Les Miserables Opening Night. Don't they look adorable?!?

Sad-eyed Enjolras.

Lams Hamilton, Les Misérables, Revolution, Otp, Musicals, Theatre, Death

George Blagden talks about 'Les Miserables' success, Grantaire's relationship with Enjolras

Ramin and his beautiful wife Mandy at the opening for Anastasia Broadway, April 25, 2017.

Enjolras & Grantaire in Les Misérables: Anniversary Concert


Bubbles and Books

Enjolras Graphic. Do You Hear The People Sing. All The Feels, Les Misérables

Hope is the thing with feathers: Photo

Les Amis on

Keep Running


Ramin Karimloo @raminkarimloo Instagram photos | Websta

les miserables memes - Google Search

Javert Theatre Nerds, Musical Theatre, Les Misérables, Beyonce, Russell Crowe, Percy


Ramin Karimloo. Holy crap this guy is amazing. Can't believe he hasn

I met the guy who played this character at the muny and my best friend and

I dreamed a dream Anjolras version

Let others rise to take our place

Killian Donnelly (Combeferre) and Aaron Tveit (Enjolras).

my absolute favorite les mis poster

Day after Christmas... because no one should go to the movies on Christmas

Enjolras Grantaire, Les Misérables, Victor Hugo, Singing, Musicals, Masculine Art,

Ramin with his beautiful wife Mandy at the opening of Anastasia Broadway, April 25, 2017.

Ramin Karimloo. Amazing broadway actor. Ramin Karimloo, Love Never Dies, Broadway Shows

Les Miserables, Hadley, Musicals, Les Miserables Tour, Musical Theatre

Enjolras and Joly!

Enjolras <3

Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras in Les Mis. Most attractive West End star playing the most

Aaron Tveit as Enjolras :) amazing choice for him ;) but they should've cast Ramin Karimloo as something at least :D

Enjolras - Les Misérables Les Mis Characters, Enjolras Grantaire, Jean Valjean, Victor Hugo

I really wish Hooper kept this ending although if he had the cinema would have had

Ramin Karimloo Jean Valjean, Sierra Boggess, Ramin Karimloo, Love Never Dies, Les

angelic beauty, corporal and spiritual, living and dead. Ramin Karimloo as Enjolras | Theatre | Pinterest | Ramin karimloo, Les miserables and Les mis

Fra Free (Courfeyrac), Alsitair Brammer (Prouvaire), Hugh Jackamn (Jean Valjean) and Killian Donnelly (Combeferre) on the set of Les Miserables



Enjolras (been in love with his character since age 10) Aaron Tveit, Les

I was normal and then .george blagden: Photo Ha this comment is so true

Marius (Eddie Radmayne), Enjolras (Aaron Tveit), and Friends of the ABC, Les Miserables movie

Les Miserables Forever Young Queens Theatre, Musical Theatre, Musical Tickets, Broadway Shows,

Stephanie Martin as Éponine Thénardier in the Paris production of LES MISERABLES.

Bread in french is "pain." My french teacher once said to us,

is that a ramin i see?

This was my favorite part of the whole entire novel (which is really saying something) because you know here that even Enjolras knew that the "bad guys" ...

Inauspicious Bossuet

enjolras les miserables fanart dancainmanpain.tumblr.com

((Open w/ Kyle)) I sat on a window sil, thinking

follow ☆ @oiwiththepoodle≀• Enjolras Grantaire, Les Misérables, Musical Theatre, Theatre

Les Miserables challenge - Building the Barricade (Upon These Stones)

Les Miserables - 2010 tour - The Lowry New staging - the fabulous John Owen Jones as Valjean, Gareth Gates as Marcus - dream production!

there's 15 minutes left of valentine's day where i am, which means it's nobody-is-online o'clock on the in most parts of the USA here are some romantic amis ...

For everyone who needs a good cry Theatre Geek, Musical Theatre, Keep Me Safe

Tuck Everlasting, Les Misérables, Wicked, Singing, Musicals, Musical Theatre, Witches

Les Misérables Memes's Photos Les Miserables, Musical Theatre, Musicals, Vivi, French People

Les Misérables Paris 1991 - Le grand jour - One Day More in French :D

When I sing 'One day more' alone

Les Mis 30th anniversary - Google Search Fantine Les Miserables, Madame Thenardier, Queens Theatre

LesMis - Vive la France by ~AL-lamp on deviantART Les Miserables Funny,

Another example of BBB ("blind-book-browsing"). No cover

17 Revolutionary Gifts For The "Les Mis" Fan In Your Life

Enjolras Minimal Vest iPhone Case- now if only I had an iPhone to put it on.

this has literally become a meme and i love it Aaron Tveit, Les Misérables,

first look of ENJOLRAS and MARIUS from the film LES MISERABLES - shot 11th april 2012

Les Miserables Art Print - Logo made of words, phrases and song titles from this

Les Miserables on Broadway 2014 ~ Ramin Karimloo

Anything for you enjolras ;)

I'm married to the mice king

there's 15 minutes left of valentine's day where i am, which means it's nobody-is-online o'clock on the in most parts of the USA here are some romantic amis ...