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I wanted to be Amish when I was a kid You just wear black and white

I wanted to be Amish when I was a kid You just wear black and white


“I wanted to be Amish when I was a kid. You just wear black

“You are the joy. You are the loneliness.” -- David Yazbek

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Two sisters in their traditional, everyday, Lancaster County Amish attire. (Photo: Tessa Smucker)

Black & White Amish Carriage Indiana

Emma Gingerich left her Amish community in search of a better life

Amish women cover their hair with caps. The color of the cap is indicative of their marital status. Black means the woman is unmarried, white means they are ...

Dorothea Lange: Member of the congregation of Wheeley's church who is called "Queen." She is wearing the old fashioned type of sunbonnet.

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Amish Dress

Joe Bluhm. Amish Rumspringa Middlefield ...

Amish People Stay Healthy in Old Age. Here's Their Secret

'I was brainwashed by the Amish community' | SBS News


jakob ammann, amish founder


Winter outerwear ...

amish people dressed in black | This is how the Amish women dress, only... when they go out in public .

... where it is ultimately the parents' decision to baptize their baby. Amish people decide on their own whether or not they would like ...

Kids Outfits: Boys and Girls

Plain dress

Amish girls walking on the beach

Deluxe Western/Amish Black Hat

amish, peaceful, conscientious objector, ordnung

Amish Community Map - 11 X 17

3 Reasons For the Peculiar Mennonite Dress Style

Amish mother and child

Emma Gingerich (left) as a child, (centre) as a teenager before


To me Hutterites seem so much more joyful than the Amish. They appear to see the beauty in the earth and smile. The Amish always appear to be somber and ...

William Penn confers with colonists, courtesy: Library of Congress

Amish children playing baseball, Lyndonville, New York.

Torah Bontrager after escaping the Amish at age 15.

Image titled Distinguish Mennonites from Amish Step 1

Jakob Ammann ...

A page of ornate old German text. See description.

An Amish husband and wife plowing with 2 horses ...

Amish man and wagon

A 1909 headline in Utah's Ogden Standard, courtesy: Library of Congress

3 Amish ...

Diddy Says Living With An Amish Family Helped Make Him Who He Is

White Bonnets. In most cases, the only time you see an Amish woman wearing ...

He must have been a charismatic guy. Ammann created their culture though he started as just a ...

Amish girl shooting marbles. Amish Country, Amish Farm, Amish Community, Amish Culture

Now Available! ~

Amish Family~ Photo by Bill Coleman ~ Sarah's Country Kitchen ~

Survivor Speaks Out Against Amish Rape Culture Ahead Of Sentencing | HuffPost

Return to Amish's Kate Stoltz has lashed out at the show that made

Emma after she'd left her Amish community, pictured in the clothes she used to have to wear. Photo: Supplied


Hutterite Children by LaVeta Jude, I see Vivian and Ruby in this picture

Deluxe Western/Amish Black Hat

'All in God's time': The sun rose red on a day to die and, for the Amish, to forgive | National Post

Amish Women Scoop Hats

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amish kapp fitting

flying cloud amish hats

A horse-drawn cart in Morris passes women wearing traditional white bonnets

Amish Man by Ken Sklute

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Inspired by Victorian, Amish, and Hasidic styles, the New York designer's clothing is both subversive and coveted.

This sideways wear you'll see among the Belleville, PA Amish. I'm unsure if their settlement rules dictate the right shoulder but, it'd seem so as all are ...

Child discipline[edit]

Amish girls in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Amish People and Amish Culture

Some of the most typical wearers of the rational dress were neither feminists nor members of

Emma, leading the group, pictured as a young girl. Photo: Supplied

The Amish understand a crucial thing about modern medicine that most Americans don't

Do the Amish ever wear colors? Find out on www.amishwisdom.com


The Amish Outlaws

You and your better half are on your way home after a night on the town. It's late, it's dark, and you pull into the gas station for a pack ...

Amish man

This group of Amish boys is watching a horse and mule auction in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Meet the cast of Breaking Amish LA. From left to right: Devon, Lizzie

Image titled Distinguish Mennonites from Amish Step 3

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12 The Children Work

A Mennonite girl wearing a highnecked dress during gym class at Twin Valley HS which Amish

Pari Dukovic for Rolling Stone

Boy dress

Amish boy on scooter