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Iron Man 2048x1157 shared by victorgrimaldo via rwallpapers

Iron Man 2048x1157 shared by victorgrimaldo via rwallpapers


Being a Make Mine Marvel type, I am of course very excited to see the Avengers movie, which will feature all of the Marvel heroes together! In one place!

Selfie on the Moon.



... studied architecture and engineering before pursuing his passion for photography. Now living in Los Angeles when not traveling and using his ...

ECLAC Authors


Consider that SUPER HEROES is often used in conjunction with DC COMICS or MARVEL, which are source designators. What do you think?

On close inspection, you can even see the small plaque affixed to the crown of the Las Vegas statue. “This one's for you, mom”–the sculptor's dedication to ...

A visitor to the school in July asks if he can see the Honour Board listing the Duxes of the school. John Wellesley Lee then explains that he is the ...

Source: All Ticket

While the brand extension from construction and earth-moving equipment to boots makes perfect sense, especially the steel-toe variety, ...

Eric Dole Hazen and Sawyer

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Let's just say, the stroll through the shoe department made it all worthwhile, to capture the above image, showing Louboutin's latest fashion sense, ...

My colleague Tom Boyd is reading the information with great interest in the photo above. For those lacking preternatural vision, the first plaque reads in ...


Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne shows off his "Iron Man" inspired mask for the 2018

I'm Gumby Dammit — A Flexible Trademark?

Amazon.com: Edelbrock 7516 Performer RPM Air-Gap Intake Manifold: Automotive


Rapala's 2018 Fishing Opener Billboard Ads

Gallery image of this property

Gallery image of this property

The company using an image of a famous tattooed person is not, however, left defenseless. A “fair use” defense could be raised.

"where the wild things are" author dies Maurice Sendak, Laura Ingalls Wilder,

Trump's promises have been so vague that it will be hard for him to disappoint. Nonetheless, many of his supporters will wake up to the fact that they have ...

As you know, we've spun a lot of fabric over the last few years on the topic of brand and trademark truncation. Marketers seem to love the informality, ...

... we've spilled over the years about singular iconic non-verbal logos that can truly stand alone. Remember Seth Godin's generous insights shared, here?


Well, a new set of North Memorial billboard ads rolled into to the Minneapolis skyway system, just in time for Super Bowl LII, with essentially the same ...

goon meet

Crowded Trademark Parties & Coexisting Store Names


Frequently brand owners find themselves in the position of wanting or needing to explain the thinking behind their name, mark, and/or brand.

Is your brand wearing a meme?

Even as it's getting hotter outside I'm still going to want chili all through

L'Amica Geniale - My Brilliant Friend

Viral Marketing: Building the Lore

Notwithstanding the fact that both companies were using the nearly identical HAPPY APPLE wording, ...

Their logo incorporates what appears to be the <3 heart emoticon. This mark was applied for in connection with various apparel items.



Gallery image of this property Gallery image of this property ...

Lunesta and Stoogesta?

... OF THE NORMAN CONQUEST *** Produced by Marc D'Hooghe at http://www.freeliterature.org (Images generously made available by the Internet Archive.)

1ST & TEN at the Super Bowl: The Brand You Probably Don't Know You Know


Pour over coffee setup! Test tubes holding measured beans, filters held on stand and cones ready to go. :)

Water filters to remove iron, together with tanks

Enjoy Coca-Cola (Advertising and Slogans)

JMM 2018

Last week, I blogged about a federally-registered emoticon trademark, one that I discovered at 30,000 feet, here. Emoticons as trademarks?

Gallery image of this property Gallery image of this property ...


Pepsi, No Coke: Branding Nonsense at Work?

George Hoenig 4-barrel Vierling - Google Search

... share with a friend, family member, colleague, or stranger. After launching this campaign, Coca-Cola says that they received about a 2% bump in sales.

When Silence is False

Four Sisters 1001 S. Main St. facebook.com/foursistersfw. Former Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Café chef Tuan Pham recently opened this stylish Vietnamese spot ...


Archery Trade Association – New Logo Archery Trade Association – Express Pass Signage ...

Here is the last one in the billboard advertisement series that I captured with my iPad within the last month, as you can tell from the snowy background:

'O' Stands for Oklahoma, Ohio, Oprah... | DuetsBlog

Keach shares her experience of living and working in a culture that reinforces the glamour of the fashion model, celebrities and the retouched images seen ...

He's so Rabbit, a ...

... Gallery image of this property ...

... The Potential Folly of Pursuing Only a Hashtag Mark

German-based ...

... appears to rotate two images featuring individual photos of Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, while other billboard ads focus on Aniston alone.


It remained this way until 2014, when Peristyle purchased the land with the intent of renovating the grounds and buildings for a new brand of whiskey.

I'd venture to say that virtually every product sitting on a store shelf is crying out "try me" — some more colorfully than others, some more subtly than ...

Tradition Returns With Minnie and Paul

Well, these aren't ordinary photographs, they are trademark specimens of use; Six Continents Hotels, owner of the Holiday Inn brand, claims that they depict ...


Open ...

Open ...

Rainier I of Grimaldi, victor of the naval battle at Zierikzee and first sovereign Grimaldi ruler of Monaco

Marchesa Elena Grimaldi, by Anthonis van Dyck, 1623

Escherichia coli adhesins and harboring/motile structures.

A model for weight regain via adipocyte cell stress.