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Is the cold of winter damaging your skin Exfoliate your dry arms

Is the cold of winter damaging your skin Exfoliate your dry arms


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Nobody enjoys winter weather, especially your skin. Many people can experience dry skin in the winter that results in flaking, itching, and cracking.

Is the cold of #winter damaging your skin? Exfoliate your dry arms and legs and get rid of bumps or flaky skin with #Glytone Body Retexturize KP Kit.


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We've got great advice to help you survive the tough winter conditions ahead! Cold weather ...

Then we'll tell you exactly how to turn your dry patches into skin that's as soft and moist as that brownie you've been exchanging glances with.

Last Updated: 4th October 2016

Dry Itchy Skin on Body

dry winter skin

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Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema also make it easier for lifeless cells to collect on top of your skin.

The Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Sun Tan in Winter. Quick Bites. Exfoliating is ...

Kick off chemical peels in your early 20s

Most of the time those flakes youre finding in your hair are just dandruff . But

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tight and dry skin from a damaged moisture barrier

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Burt's Bees Complete Nourishment Facial Oil, Winter Skincare Guide

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Switch out your soap

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I love being outdoors, but not in winter. The cold and biting wind turns my face red, tight, and sore. Even my eyes are dry!

Is Cold Cream Good For Skin? I Replaced My Usual Routine With The OG Beauty Must-Have For A Week

Though dry skin is ...

All that dry air is the reason your skin starts feeling itchy and sometimes even flaky. Humidifiers do wonders for both; turn it on when you get home at ...

Protect Your Skin This Winter. January 29, 2016. Young woman standing in snow, arms folded, smiling, portrait

The cold can dry out your skin

If you live in a cold climate, you're probably familiar with the damaging

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The Tiny Skin-Care Tweaks You Should Make When It's Cold AF Outside

Do you have these habits that are potentially destroying your skin? Learn what you can

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Understanding keratosis pilaris

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The end of winter can be a brutal time for our skin after months of freezing and dry weather conditions (Image: age fotostock RM)

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15 Tips you can follow to keep your Skin soft and glowing during winter

The Winter Skin Situation: Chapped Lips. Your ...

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How to Totally Revamp Your Skincare Routine for Winter

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shutterstock_165369074. That's right! Dry winter ...

Nurse Mary also has some excellent advice on how to treat your dry, winter skin. She quickly goes through the cause of dryness while on each of our four ...

Follow all the easy tips we've laid out here and you'll transform your dry, flaky skin into skin that's as smooth and moist as a five-star chocolate mousse.

3 steps for winter skin recovery

Story at-a-glance -. Your diet influences your skin ...

8 Reasons Your Skin Breaks Out in Winter

Your products might also be causing some skin imbalance. If you're attempting to treat the oily areas, you could wind up drying ...

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Botox, Dry Skin Fixes, How to Conceal Sagging Skin and a Miracle Cream

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Avoid Long Hot Showers

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The change of seasons can be very stressful on your skin, especially when going from warmer summer months to cold, windy drier winters.


Skincare products aren't one-size-fits-all magic potions (although, wouldn't that make life soooo much easier?), so it's important to know what type of skin ...

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Microdermabrasion is best for all skin colours and types, as it does not lighten the pigmentation. However, it is not as good on stretch marks, wrinkles and ...

The cold days of winter can be the most challenging weather for our skin. The dry heat inside and the elements outside cause our skin to lose moisture.

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Natural remedies for dry skin

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Is Cold Cream Good For Skin? I Replaced My Usual Routine With The OG Beauty Must-Have For A Week

http://www.idecz.com/category/Humidifier/ great winter

Exfoliating Sensitive Skin

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