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J J Abrams I think when youre 10 Trust Destiny t

J J Abrams I think when youre 10 Trust Destiny t


Lucasfilms/Ringer illustration

Solo A Star Wars Story BTS

9 Questions We Have About The New Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek TV Series

Mark L. Smith To Write Script For Quentin Tarantino Star Trek Film


The Force Awakens - Chewbacca, Han, and Finn on Starkiller Base

New images released at Cinemacon for J.J. Abram's new movie.

London Toy Fair 2019: Exclusive J.J. Abrams Funko Pop

'I think it will feel like the right time to round it out'

When ...

JJ Abrams'Westworld' TV show premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA -

Picking up “Star Wars” where J.J. Abrams left off, Mr. Johnson got to write Luke Skywalker's next lines.CreditAmy Harrity for The New York Times

Daisy Ridley talks J.J Abrams drafts for Episodes VIII and IX

The most interesting new feature on it is J.J. Abrams' audio commentary that I just finished watching, and I wanted to share with you some of the things he ...

10 games we want turned into movies header

What Star Wars: The Force Awakens Producer Kathleen Kennedy Learned From Working With a Teenage J.J. Abrams

Klingon ...

Carrie Fisher as General Leia in 'The Last Jedi.' (Screenshot/Courtesy

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Daisy Ridley as Rey with droid BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Daisy Ridley cried when J.J. Abrams returned for Episode 9

The last installment in the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: Episode IX, is now in production with director and writer J.J. Abrams back at the helm.

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Evangeline Lilly standing in front of a curtain

It's not going to end well

Star Wars director JJ Abrams to defy bosses over shift to London

George Lucas white slavers

'Game of Thrones' Recap: Season 6 Finale, Episode 10: Jon Snow Is Targaryen | TVLine

Tethan Battle Adventure (10) #3 / Star Wars The Clone Wars: Decide

Herring as a Resistance soldier in The Last Jedi.

Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto

Yoda v Spock

That's the STAR TREK that JJ Abrams sprung on me tonight and for that, I say for a third time, “God Bless JJ ABRAMS!!!”

As I approach the models I catch sight of Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman (who I've met before) and Damon Lindelof (whom if you mind melded with you would know ...

By the way - I have a Twitter now! Though I update it less than my Facebook.

Rian Johnson Star Wars Episode IX Episode 9 The Last Jedi

Where would I be without you? is your sixth novel, and your success is ever growing. Tell us about your state of mind as this newest work is about to be ...


The Force Belongs To Us: THE LAST JEDI's Beautiful Refocusing of Star Wars

ÃÂ'Will You Take My Hand?Ó -- Episode 115 --

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world_building_tablet2. FSB_World_Building_DropCap_K

"Star Wars Rebels"

Why did JJ Abrams change the opening font in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

But we didn't do it. You're welcome. Didn't stick.” (He adds that this was before a blind Force-using character showed up in 2016's side film Rogue One.)

Some studios have reliable franchises, some don't. How do you turn this studio into a “have” with what you've got?

God Bless JJ Abrams. Seriously. For the last decade or so I've thrown screenings in Austin and beyond. I've worked so hard to give people the sort of ...

Prepare for a huge hug with one of the galaxy's most legendary warriors, Chewie. Can you roar loud and proud like a Wookie?

Kevin Smith on Episode IX: “J.J. Abrams is doing the Lord's work”

'Lost' No More

Film Clip: 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Screenshot from Battlestar Galactica

Relive the Star Wars saga's most galactic moments in this spectacular nighttime show – now with new scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Feel the Force as ...

Fan-made Picard poster by FlyNebula on Deviant Art

Robert Maxwell for Variety


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Full transcript: 'Powerhouse' author James Andrew Miller on Recode Media - Recode


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'Star Wars' turns 40 on May 25. '

J.D. Dillard Is Not Here to Make Slave Dramas

J.J. Abrams on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with BB-8



William Shatner talking about "Star Trek" uring his "Shatner's World" stage show – Bill is also offering JJ Abrams some Trek advise

... I think, is actually lovely and the idea that these two women who'd never met knew of each other, and they're both Force-strong and they're both bound ...

You know, to get ourselves inspired, with the whole awareness that, you know, Han could very easily not happen or not happen with us.

TM: You mentioned Star Trek: Discovery ...

Photo: Martin Schoeller

Rey fights angry!

Star Wars 8: Daisy Ridley asks followers to stop attacking her 'body-image troll'. 10 March

Gaming News Roundup - July 10

Kevin Smith on Episode IX: "J.J. Abrams is doing the Lord's work" - Fantha Tracks

Star Wars Is Luke the Chosen One not Anakin?

Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek Project Could Set Up Separate Movie Series

'Star Wars': Every Single Active Storyline Before 'Solo' Comes Out | IndieWire

Interviews // MARCH 15, 2018. “

But in other ways, Rey has given her confidence. On her current film, she says, she was offered a stunt double for a scene where a door would