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Le Mans 1967 7 CHAPARRAL 2 F Chevrolet V8 6993 cc p 50 Chaparral

Le Mans 1967 7 CHAPARRAL 2 F Chevrolet V8 6993 cc p 50 Chaparral


John Surtees drives his Chaparral-McLaren M12. While Surtees despised the Chaparral 2H, he found the well prepared M12 "a proper racing car".

Hall's Chaparral 2C in the Oakes Field pits in Nassau, December 1965. Eric della

45, 45 - Alpine A210 Renault #1726 - Société des Automobiles Alpine

(66) Jim Hall - Chaparral 2G Chevrolet - Chaparral Cars - (6)

Jim Hall and the Chaparral 2A Road Racing, Sports Car Racing, Sport Cars,

64 - Abarth 1300 OT #0033 - Ecurie du Maine

Image detail for -Chaparral 2 Chevrolet - High Resolution Image of

L'arrivée des 24 heures du Mans 1967

One of Hall's much modified Chaparral 1 at Sebring, 1963. Both cars dropped out early. Chaparral would return to Sebring in 1965 and win.

Nürburgring ADAC 1000 km, 1967. An MGB yields the racing line to Phil Hill in his Chaparral 2F. della Faille photo, damage repaired.

Chaparral 2F Chevrolet Sports Car Racing, Road Racing, Race Cars, Auto Racing,

7, 7 - Chaparral 2F Chevrolet #2F001 - Chaparral Cars Inc. Chaparral 2F #2F001 - Chevrolet V8 6993 cc ...

41, 41 - Porsche 907 LH #004 - Porsche System Enginnering

Penske in his Chaparral 2 behind the team's rented garage in Nassau, 1964. Hap

Graham Hill and the Triple Crown (3) - other triumphs at Le Mans,

24 - Ferrari 330 P4 #0856 - Equipe Nationale Belge

51 - Austin-Healey Sprite - Donald Healey Motor Co.

2 - Ford Mk IV #J6 - Shelby American Inc.

19, 19 - Ferrari 330 P4 #0860 - SpA Ferrari SEFAC

Chaparral 2D at Daytona, 1967. The 2D was fitted with a 427 Chevy and

Vic Elford – Chaparral 2J – Autographed by Vic Elford and Jim Hall Sports Car Racing

6 - Chaparral 2F Chevrolet #2F001 - Chaparral Cars

1, 1 - Ford Mk IV #J5 - Shelby American Inc.

In the Le Mans paddock, the # 8 2F is clean and shined. During

Programme Cover - Le Mans 24 Hours 1967

1965 Chaparral 2 Image

Additional Photo - Le Mans 24 Hours 1967

1967 Photo of Ferrari 330 P4 S/N 0858 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Ludovico Scarfiotti and Mike Parkes

1966 Chaparral 2D Chevrolet 001 #65 de Phill Hill y Jo Bonnier en las 24

4 - Chaparral 2F Chevrolet #2F002 - Chaparral Cars Inc.

Toyota GT-One - TS020

The leading Chaparral 2F of Phil Hill and Mike Spence catches the Jackson/Crabtree Lotus

Chaparral 2J.-I remember this at Riverside Raceway, qualified on front row, that huge vacuum in the back cleaned the track and blew grit all over the next 3 ...

Chaparral 2D at Sebring 1967: Cars Usa, Old Race Cars, Sport Cars,

Chaparral 2F 2-View Drawing Automobile, Bmw Z4, Indy Cars, Automotive Art

Le Mans 1970 - Porsche 917L Porsche 914, Porsche Cars, Le Mans, Top

Franz Weis - Chaparral Chevrolet V8 - Lime Rock Grand Prix - 1971 SCCA L&

John Cordts - McLaren Chevrolet - Performance Engineering - Labatt Can-Am - Can-Am Mont-Tremblant - 1971 Canadian-American Challenge Cup, round 2

2F Types Of Races, Rennsport, Le Mans, Can Am, Automatic Transmission,

Vintage Auto, Vintage Cars, Can Am, Classic Sports Cars, Auto Racing,

Jo Bonnier/Luigi Baghetti - Alfa Romeo 33 Periscopica - 1967 Targa Florio Sport Cars

The Larrousse/Elford Porsche 908/03, Targa Florio 1971. An accident on

PORSCHE - 917-045 - 1971-6-15 - 24 h Le Mans

Ferrari 275 LM

Chaparral 2F SPA Hill & Spence 1967 Sports Car Racing, Road Racing, Sport Cars

1967 Ferrari 330 looking @ it, my brain is screaming "Le Mans!

Chaparral 2J: en esta transparencia, se aprecian: adelante el motor z1 Chevrolet ( Aluminio), luego el motor bicilíndrico de dos tiempos y al final los tres ...

24 heures du Mans 1967 - Ford MkIV #1 - Pilotes : Dan Gurney / Anthony Joseph Foyt - 1er

Chaparral 2J Formula 1 Car, Le Mans, Sports Car Racing, Race Cars,

#lamborghini Lamborghini Cars, Bugatti, Maserati, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin,

Porsche 917 "Die Sau" (1971) - unter anderem gefahren in Le Mans

Ferrari 246 SP Targa Florio 1961 Gendebien-Von Tri

#18 Jo Bonnier...Joakim Bonnier Racing Team...Cooper T81...Motor Maserati 9/F1 V12 3.0...GP Monaco 1966


1967 Ford GT Stable at Le Mans - Photo Poster -- Awesome products selected by Anna Churchill

1967 LeMans - As Mike Spence buckles up his seatbelt in the Chaparral 2F Chev,

dep thruxton F1 Racing, Formula One, Grand Prix, Race Cars, Competition,

Can-Am Racing; Jim Hall and Lothar Motschenbacher crash, Stardust GP .

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport © peter harholdt 1965 Corvette, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevy,

Le Mans 1967

Vic Elford - Porsche 908 - 1970 Targa Florio

24 heures du Mans 1967 - Chaparral 2F #7 - Pilotes : Phil Hill /

1967 Chaparral 2F: Second Generation of a closed cockpit Chaparral for endurance racing: Group

Spa 1967

1950 Vintage Sports Cars, Vintage Racing, Vintage Cars, Grand Prix, Motorcycle Art

Vintage Original 1967 Grand Prix de France Poster Circuit Bugatti

Chaparral Le Mans 1967 Old Race Cars, Sport Cars, Sports Car Racing, Auto

Foyt - Bucknum GT40 at Sebring 1966

Vintage Original 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans Poster

33 TT3


Chaparral 2J race car Course Automobile, Vintage Racing, Vintage Cars, Vintage Auto,

Classement 1966

24 heures du Mans 1967 - Chaparral 2F #7 - Pilotes : Phil Hill /

Programme Cover - Le Mans 24 Hours 1963


COX 1:24 Scale Slot Car Racing Jim Hall Chaparral Sidewinder Chassis .

24 heures du Mans 1967 - Chaparral 2F #7 - Pilotes : Phil Hill /

Let The Good Times Roll: Photo

Lancia 037, Markku Alén / Ilkka Kivimäki, Rallye Monte Carlo 1983. Martini Racing

2014 Le Maine Libre All 81 Le Mans 24 Hours winners 1923 - 2013 Poster

"High Chaparral", Phil Hill and Hap Sharp driving Jim Hall's innovative Chaparral 2F

Chaparral 2F Sports Car Racing, Sport Cars, Race Cars, Racing Usa, Road

Chaparral Chevrolet High Resolution Image of

Chaparral 2D gets light at Nurburgring. Phil Hill driving. R. W. Schlegelmilch photo. Corrida

Hall, Hill and Spence commiserate at Le Mans, 1967. Their Chaparral 2F was

Chaparral 2F 1967 Sports Car Racing, Racing Team, Race Cars, Cutaway, Automotive

Chaparral 2E photo 44518 Corrida, Le Mans, Ford Gt40, Motores Clássicos, Mazda

Formula 1, Ferrari


Chaparral 2F Chevrolet Corrida Vintage, Carros Antigos, Automobilismo, Carros De Corrida, Carros

1970 Hans Herrmann in a works Porsche 908/03 at Nürburgring.

The 1000km of Monza in 1970.

ISO50 Blog - The Blog of Scott Hansen » Blog Archive » Max Huber Round Two

Chaparral 2D Chevrolet Autorama, Corrida Vintage, Carros Antigos, Chevy, Super Carros,

Entry List - Le Mans Test 1967

Ferrari of Chris Amon / Lorenzo Bandini & the Ferrari of Mike Parkes / Ludovico Scarfiotti , back in Maranello after their outing at the 1967 Daytona 24 ...

Hill in the Chaparral leads the Ferrari 365 of Mairesse and Müller into Tertre Rouge at Le Mans. On almost any straight, the made short work of passing the ...