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Learn How DxOMark Scores Smartphone Cameras to Find the Best

Learn How DxOMark Scores Smartphone Cameras to Find the Best


In its testing, DxOMark found the iPhone XR to offer "a very similar proposition for image quality as the flagship iPhone XS Max," across key photo ...

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In its review, DxO said the Galaxy S9 Plus camera lacks any "obvious weaknesses" and "performs very well across all photo and video test categories," which ...

scores. Achieving the highest overall DxOMark ...

2017 smartphone cameras

Learn How DxOMark Scores Smartphone Cameras to Find the Best | Digital Trends

Another record has been broken on DxO when it comes to smartphone cameras, and the new title-holder is the iPhone 8 Plus. The camera of Apple's new ...

DxO Labs has declared the iPhone 8 Plus has the best smartphone camera it has ever tested in a new in-depth review.

Google Pixel 3

Huawei P20 Pro camera review: Innovative technologies, outstanding results - DxOMark

Is the New iPhone X Camera As Good As They Say? DxO Test Results Are in…

This is the New King of Smartphone Cameras, According to DxO Mark

Google Pixel: A great DXOMARK score doesn't mean “The best smartphone camera ”

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Apple iPhone 8 Plus reviewed: The best smartphone camera we've ever tested - DxOMark


Apple's flagship smartphone achieved an overall score of 105 points, trailing only the Huawei P20 Pro at 109 in the site's all-time rankings.

Google Pixel 2 trumps iPhone as 'best smartphone camera' with highest DxOMark score ever: Digital Photography Review

iPhone XS camera ranked #2 by DxOMark: 'one of the best mobile cameras'

Among all the exciting innovations, two technical innovations did more than any others to push the Galaxy S9+ to the top of the DxOMark rankings: the Dual ...

Ben Geskin on Twitter: "iPhone XS Max DxOMark score: 105. 'One of the Best Smartphone Cameras Ever'… "

Photo score

DxOMark reports that the Xperia Z5 posted top ratings in both photo and video sub-categories. The 23MP camera, which produces 8MP stills by default, ...

Its top scores in most of our traditional photo and video categories put it ahead of our previous (tied) leaders, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung ...

The Google Pixel 3 has the edge in terms of focus system, but the Note 9 achieves better results for exposure and color. Images captured with the Google ...

DxOMark has been testing smartphone camera quality for years, and it just gave the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the highest score it's ever given to an Android ...

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The new HUAWEI P20 Series smartphone get the highest DxOMark scores in mobile camera

Huawei P20 Pro triple-camera receives DxOMark score of 109, smashing the competition: Digital Photography Review

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Galaxy S9+ DxOMark Mobile score

Samsung Galaxy S9+

DxOMark ranks iPhone 8 Plus as 'the best smartphone camera we've ever tested

How DxOMark Mobile scores smartphone cameras

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus top DxOMark smartphone camera rankings

Meet DxOMark, the Kingmaker of Smartphone Cameras

DxOMark Mobile test protocol and scores

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has the best mobile camera according to image and video quality testing firm DxO Labs, with an overall score of 88 points out of 100.

Google Pixel 3 gets score of 101 on DxOMark, ties with iPhone XR as highest rated single lens phone

Galaxy S9+ camera got the highest DxOMark score ever, which still means absolutely nothing – BGR

DxOMark has launched the new feature with a dozen or so of the first Selfie scores from some of the current most popular smartphones including the Google ...

Huawei Mate 20 Pro could have the best camera of any smartphone

Ben Geskin on Twitter: "iPhone XS Max DxOMark score: 105. 'One of the Best Smartphone Cameras Ever'… "

Apple iPhone XR DxOMark Score

Who didn't see this coming? Huawei's top-dog, the Mate 20 Pro, has just been evaluated by the well-known camera testing website DxOMark.

Overall results

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Camera DxOMark

Samsung Galaxy S9+ dethrones Pixel 2 camera with the highest DxOMark score yet

Samsung Galaxy S9+ tops Google Pixel 2's camera score on DxOMark w/ record 99

Courtesy of DxOMark

A more detailed analysis of the photo and video sub-scores that feed into the overall DxOMark Mobile score shows that the Nexus 6P is stronger for stills ...

Apple iPhone 8 - colors

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has got the top spot with a rating of 99 on the

Should You Buy Your Next Smartphone Based On DxOMark Ratings? | Fstoppers

Is DxOMark Scores Worthless ? (89 vs 88 vs 87 vs 74). Nokia + Zeiss means Best Smartphone Camera ?

We have been tipped by some of our readers about DxOMark rating Nokia 8 camera poorly and I just had this feeling of Déjà vu. Not the first time that they ...

Each time a manufacturer releases a new flagship we all wait on the DxOMark score to see just how good the camera on it is. While DxOMark is not the be all ...

Two years ago, DxO — the company best known for issuing scores for the best (and worst) smartphone cameras on the market — released a curious little camera ...

The results are not directly comparable to the new protocol but this article will still give you a very good idea of the test device's camera performance.

HTC U12 Plus beats Pixel 2 to score second highest DxOMark rating in a smartphone camera

Last week, DxOMark released its final score for the Google Pixel 3's camera. It received a total of 101, tying it with the Apple iPhone XR as the best ...

Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 camera, Google Pixel 2 price in India, Pixel


The score given by DxOMark puts the Nokia 8 Sirocco camera quality between iPhone 7 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Well above Nokia 8, which shows progress HMD ...

Sony Xperia XZ Premium: First Sony tested with our new protocols - DxOMark

For the camera, the OnePlus 5 sports a dual rear camera setup with a 16-megapixel primary sensor and a secondary 20-megapixel telephoto lens equipped sensor ...

DxOMark Believes the Smartphone Industry Will See Quadruple Camera Systems in a Very Short Time

The ...

... iPhone X is taking the world by storm and I haven't seen people this excited about something with X in the name since the X-Men. It's not hard to see ...

This week's top stories: Pixel 3 DxO score, dark mode, Google Home Hub tips, Ticwatch C2, more

Pixel 2 is still score highest in in the top subcategories of 'Exposure & Contrast,' 'Color,' 'Autofocus,' and 'Texture.' The Galaxy S9+ instead gains ...

The latest flagship from HTC scores a whopping 103 points on the DxOMark, that is just six points behind the first positioned Huawei P20 Pro which was ...

DxO marking has given the Huawei P20 Pro the highest overall score of 109, which is way above the second in the list, which, also is interestingly Huawei ...

learn how dxomark scores smartphone cameras fugem 4. “

Galaxy S9+ Camera Beats Pixel 2 & iPhone X with Highest DxOMark Score Ever

The new Selfie scores sit alongside the regular Mobile scores we know and love. And just like the regular rear camera, they're tested on roughly the same ...

OnePlus 5, LG G6

Google Pixel 2 camera samples prove why it got the highest DxOMark score | BGR India

The S9+ is a smartphone "without any real weaknesses in the camera department," performing well in both photo and video regardless of the tested situation, ...

It is worth noting that the Mate 20 Pro essentially features the same triple camera setup as the P20 Pro. It means you will get a 40-megapixel wide camera ...

The iPhone XS Max. (Source: ZDNET)

Courtesy of DxOMark

OnePlus 6 revealed in new render, could be getting its DxOMark rating - Neowin

So, the iPhone X has an impressive Camera without a doubt. It's really nice to see Smartphone Cameras getting this good day by day.

what does dxomark score mean for digital phone cameras

Everything You Need To Know About Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Camera Features