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Lol Kudos to witchcraftlizard Steven Universe t

Lol Kudos to witchcraftlizard Steven Universe t


Lol! Kudos to witchcraft--lizard

Lol! Kudos to witchcraft--lizard | Steven Universe | Steven universe, Steven universe memes, Lapidot

Pin by Ally Blair on Steven Universe | Pinterest | Steven universe, Steven universe diamond and Universe


*spoilers* *Le gesp* A NEW FUSION!!! Who would this

Steven universe · Pt.1

People also love these ideas. Amber Wycoff · Steven universe

Pin by Ash Woods on Steven Universe | Steven universe, Steven universe gem, Universe

“To people who dont watch Steven Universe, please explain what this looks like”

Pink Diamond, if she had started the rebellion by being a diamond. Steven Universe

Things... on Your Pinterest Likes | Steven universe, Universe, Anime

Anushbanush on

Steven Universe Crap · FandomsOverLife

garnet is my life…..thank you crewniverse Steven Universe Gem, Lapidot,

4980 best Steven Universe Crap images on Pinterest in 2019 | Universe, Lapidot and Universe art

List of Pinterest stevens universe memes pictures & Pinterest stevens universe memes ideas

White Diamond

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rainbow quartz by Sora-la on @DeviantArt Steven Universe Funny, Greg Universe,

2w 2

catsune niko


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Omg!! She's so precious and adorable!!😍😍😍💚💚

Amethyst wearing limb enhancers!

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First Trailer For Guardians of The Galaxy Is More Than You Can Hope For - For All Nerds .

Steven Universe Gifs

Behind the Horns

Also, they do a great deal of cooking and the food looks DELICIOUS. Even the characters remark how Nadeshiko makes food look good.

gems always be trippin'




Remember that Ocean Week doesn't stop here, there are plenty of other things you can dive into!



Milwaukee's Sleeping Giant: Cullahsus

Another day, another Roald Dahl movie remake, huh? Robert Zemeckis, director of oh so many films, including a little known franchise called Back to the ...


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97. Being pulled into a sink drain




Monitor Lizard Lump Bang 4-1-17 1 by Paul Sullivan, on Flickr

Fergus the Farting Dragon



I don't care about spoilers. someone please tell me we are told more about him in the future books? while the ending was hopeful, I want to know that we see ...


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Trump seems to have khowledge of this small detail and acts differently than Kennedy. Who khnows, may be he will subdue the monster.


The Bad: The following isn't bad per say but just not what I was expecting; in my opinion, the movie trailer makes this film much more exciting than it is.



The New Adventures of Pinocchio. Witch Switch


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But yeah: BLACK SUMMER is a situation where a member of a "superhero team" has taken the rule of law into his own hands, and the remaining members of the ...

The FMA Listening Party has ended its run on Give The Drummer Radio, leaving behind 70 hour-long episodes for your enjoyment! Everything is archived on the ...


Ready Player One Review by LA Jamison

Brendan O'Neill

NERO ...

This is such b.s., we didn't even eat. “

Kudos to technology! A British surgeon volunteering in the Democratic Republic of Congo performed a complicated shoulder amputation by following text ...


The internet's war on free speech


I guess you can't win them all, but at the very least you expect a game to be made out of it.

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Gary ...

Stephen Hawking: God Could not Create the Universe Because There Was No Time for Him to Do So | Theo-sophical Ruminations

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

Shedding their skin must be annoying


Don't forget to mention that the Reptilian brain (in the triune model) is the "Decider Man". The other cognitive parts merely get to post their thoughts, ...

To celebrate the release, Partridge will once again host a book signing ...

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