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Love it iTeach t Homework Classroom and Love

Love it iTeach t Homework Classroom and Love


Teacher apps

What It's Like Teaching a Genius Student, According to Real Educators | Reader's Digest

This post breaks down how one teacher teaches reading in 5th grade and how her reading block is structured, including the materials needed.

Stop The Morning Chaos: A Strong Morning Routine That Works- Young Teacher Love by

What I Love About Teaching: My Top 5 Reasons For Why I Teach

11 Poetry Prompts for Secondary ELA

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My students aren't afraid to ask questions

english school teacher

When I first started teaching, handwriting was one area that I really struggled to plan lessons for. There just didn't seem to be a way to make sitting up ...

You don't have to spend hours grading and prepping! These 5 practical tips can help you better manage your time so you can do the things you love!

The Secret to Classroom Management in a Title I School

A teacher has come up with a fun new way to mark work (Image: Getty)

Ik herhaal vaak mijn les. Zo vermijd ik tijdsgebrek. Het is belangrijk dat je regelmatig de leerstof herneemt. Zo moet je minder studeren als de examens ...

Love their responses. #iteach #iteachfifth #iteachtoo #teachersofig #teachersfollowteachers #teachershelpingteachers #teachersofinstagram

How I Changed the Way I Teach Long Division....and why I LOVE teaching it now!

Briefly describe a favorite assignment or in-class activity.

9 Really Simple Ways to Impress Your Teacher (That will Make You Look Like a Tech Genius)?? - Powtoon Blog

Good kids make all the difference

11 Teacher Tested Ways to Make Your Classroom Parents Adore You

Request to Retest. Students have to request permission to take a retest on a concept and show what they did to prepare. Love this idea!

Great idea for elementary or self contained classroom, or could do for middle school, with each period instead of subject

Krista Mashburn

LOVE. I will be making in the future

Briefly tell us about your favorite lecture topic or course to teach.

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The biggest challenge with teaching middle school is the race against the clock! Ideas for

'Don't waste this opportunity'

Schools are finally teaching what kids need to be successful in life

1:1 Assignment

Guest Post: 4 Problems With High School Spanish (+ how to fix them) - Lindsay Does Languages

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

I have mixed feelings about holidays in the classroom. I love the season, but do not always enjoy the chaos surrounding the holiday season.


Objective board - LOVE the vocabulary clipboards!

Classroom Management Tricks and Strategies for Teachers

Setting up Google Home in your classroom

Teaching Overseas: Are you Qualified?

Why this Indianapolis teacher assigned less homework after visiting her students' homes

A little over a year ago I wrote a post about the flipped classroom, why I loved it, and how I used it. I have to admit, the flip wasn't the same ...

Emoji Assignments

Secret Teacher: I loved my last class so much, it's hard to let them go

Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class

I've had a tough time these past two years setting up the questions. Since I've moved to middle school, my schedule has a few kids in my Math block as well ...

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Kindness Activities for Every Good Classroom

Smart Classroom Management: How To Handle Six Disrespectful Students In One Class

Our jobs aren't cute

Smart Classroom Management: How Read-Aloud Can Improve Behavior And Instill A Lifelong Love

How large is a 'large class' anyway?

Image titled Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework Step 1

tired teachers .

Guest Post: 4 Problems With High School Spanish (+ how to fix them) - Lindsay Does Languages

4 teaching mistakes that drained my energy (and the solutions that changed everything)

Other popular places to sit include the papasan, on the floor around the coffee tables (often on pillows), and on my small stools.

A Teacher's Defense of Homework

We hate testing too

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I teach intro to law and sometimes I have to teach my students about controversial,

What I've Learned: A PE Teacher Clears Up a Few Misconceptions About "Gym" Class

Hate homework? I did too until I completely switched up my third grade classroom with

Let your kids make mistakes

16 tutors, seven parents and two pupils on the private tutoring boom | Education | The Guardian

If you are on this blog you know how much I love making a sight word game for each theme that I teach and I won't disappoint you... here is another one.

... I teach high school seniors. I would not do this with younger students. This is the culture in my class we've built and because of that, they loved ...

Joanna Teodosio

How I Teach Social Media in My University Classroom | Hootsuite Blog

It wasn't that I minded giving the student the grade; it was that I felt like I was giving them the wrong impression – the impression that they had grasped ...

How we engage students in the classroom needs to be tweaked. I don't lament this. 5 or 10 years from now there will be the next thing I need ...

Smaert Classroom Management: How To Respond To A Disrespectful Student

Classroom Management Strategies

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How to Focus on Homework - Main Pic

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Homework and Study Habits- Tips for Kids and Teenagers

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As I teach these expectations, routines, and procedures to my students, I find it extremely helpful to make visuals, so I can post them in my classroom and ...

A young boy with a backpack is smiling at the camera, while other kids are

The #1 thing I did in my support Math Classes

Portrait of smiling teacher and elementary school children in classroom

Rhonda Jamison: I'm a Member of STP and This is How I Teach

Our Back to School shelf is also in action and my friends love having access to 'free pick' and read-aloud books. Before stamina-building friends are aloud ...

Science Says Parents of the Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things | Inc.com