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Microfilmmaker Magazine Tips Tricks Physical Effects Creating

Microfilmmaker Magazine Tips Tricks Physical Effects Creating


Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Physical Effects: Creating Bullet Hits with Paintball Shots, Pg. 1 of 2

After you have a warp you are satisfied with, you can now begin the glow phase. You can get really creative with the glows as there are many options in ...

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Physical Effects: Creating Bullet Hits with Paintball Shots, Pg. 2 of 2

Special Effects: How to Create a Hollywood Film Look a Home Studio Budget. 1932907262.

Post effects like this blood splatter and exit spark sell a head shot in Alex Ferrari's Broken, both cleverly blurred to match the camera move that ...

... after the fact though it may be, becomes of some use to those new filmmakers who have at their fingertips technology and opportunities I wouldn't have ...

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Articles: Dreams and Money: How Do We Get Them in the Same Room? Part Two

As with most windows programs, there is a menu across the top of the screen. Similarly, there is a toolbar immediately below the menu. Using the toolbar and ...

Special Effects: How to Create a Hollywood Film Look a Home Studio Budget. 1932907262.

Andrew Kramer does it again by creating the most incredible collection of post-production assets for filmmakers wanting to make gun fights and action films ...

Insert the 2nd S_Glow node before the first one. This is going to be the tight glow. Adjust the GlowWidth to be something that is slightly larger than the ...

Glossary of Broken Dreams.jpg. "

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Physical Effects: Creating Bullet Hits with Paintball Shots

Basic masking in AE to prep for Keying.

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Basics of Chromakey Production & Rules to Shoot By, Pg. 3 of 3

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Article: PREVISUALIZATION: the film BEFORE "The Film"

The reality is that you need a program that has more control over images, speed, and plugins than a traditional video editor. While you can certainly edit a ...

Assumption of Risk Poster

The DV Rebel's Guide is arguably the best $50 you can spend if you want to make a low-budget action film. Stu Maschiwitz is the co-founder of the visual FX ...

The most useful feature of xStream is being able to “paint” varied vegetation onto any object in the scene. Adding landscape around custom geometry is fast.

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Load Your Gunny Sack: The Bare Necessities of Low-Budget Gunfight Creation

The Bullet training gives you an amazing amount of information on post- effects!

Product Picture

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Building the $60 Portable Greenscreen, Pg. 1 of 2

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Exploring New Tools. An Interview with Photoshop 3Ds Zorana Gee.

Controlling debris size and placement via the materials and dynamics is a critical part to creating a believable effect.

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Reviews - Software Review: Holomatrix, Pg. 2 of 3

Example of FrameForge 3D Studio Previz picture.

Product Picture

The new PolyFX capabilities mean that adding effectors to objects enables transformations down to the polygon level for very cool special effects ...

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Choose Your Weapons: Recommended Assets, Training, and Software

Another example of using assets from Action Essentials 2 in an early test poster for Depleted, before we had finalized the logo.

An example of rendering a photoreal bullet inside of Cinema 4D.

This tutorial covers the creation of an explosion in a snow field in a completely computer generated (CG) environment. Blood splatters, rocks and snow as ...

Story CC Plus allows for detailed control and awareness for all script related aspects of the production process.

ZG: No, I think that's the problem. There's a lot of people that are interested in seeing how 3D could improve their 2D design workflows, [but many] people ...

xStreams ecosystem painting created automatic plant variations upon creation. Since the plants are proxies and not real geometry, this scene, ...

Green Screen Made Easy: Keying and Compositing Techniques for Indie Filmmakers 2nd Edition

What's also nice is that even when you create very direct movements of weather, wind, and turbulence patterns, the plant or cloud reactions don't show a lot ...

Command D duplicates the layer, and then you can place them.

Software Review:

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Reviews - Software Review: Vue 7 Infinite, Pg. 2 of 3

The ...

Please read the instructions and warnings that come included with your Paintball equipment, and always practice “Safety First”.

If you're wanting to make your footage look impressive, Magic Bullet Looks gives you a huge array of options. (Footage courtesy of AJ Wedding.)

Unable to shoot as many frames as desired on the DVX100B, we turned to Twixtor for a beautiful slow motion shattering bottle sequence in The Guardian.

Conditions in Prerelease Movie Trailers For Stimulating Positive Word of Mouth | the Journal of Advertising Research

Create interactive maps or use this feature to make your next film more interactive.

We've all been captivated by famous gun fights in movies like Face/Off, The Dark Knight, Hard Target, The Expendables, Equilibrium, and The Matrix.

Allow your viewers to interact with conversations happening in real time on the web.

MMBF Trust Info

Noise Reduction 2.0 now consists of a suite of four plugins for audio restoration. "The Noise Reduction" systems, etc. Similar to the "Learn Noise" feature ...

Cinema 4D Studio Edition, Release 13

Final Film Critique:

The first draft took only three sittings.

Script start.

Working with some additional software that functions a s a plug-in to 3DS Max, author Brandon Young demonstrates how to reconnect the provided assets once ...

June 22, 2015 (New York, NY) – After being celebrated at the St. Louis Film Festival, Queer Film Festival, Boston LGBT Film Festival, and Melbourne Queer ...

How Boris FX Affects Effects in Premiere Pro

... in comes to 3D work, as it's arguably the easiest 3D program for new users to pick up and it has an amazingly powerful connectivity with After Effects.

Also not the In, Out, and Preset sections across the top portion of Speakerphone's layout.

One page outline.

Example of SketchUp Previz picture.

Book Review:

It was able to give us good basic shots and most of the common motion shots, like panning and tilting.

The Sample Bay module contains five tables, each of which keeps up to 12 samples at the ready. Use samples installed with Speakerphone in tandem with your ...

The series opens with a wireframe display of the CG characters as the focal character, a 'Hurlock', charges away from the camera.

After Effects CC

Script start.

Note the overall layout and the preset browser containing a categorized list of presets to the right of the main Speakerphone window.

Amazon.com: Green Screen Made Easy: Keying and Compositing Techniques for Indie Filmmakers (9781615932504): Jeremy Hanke, Michele Yamazaki Tepstra: Books

The power of video games isn't quite as cut and dried as we thought

Compositing multiple explosions and the delightfully gruesome blood splatter is revealed in the compositing section.

... and create satisfactory results.) Bokeh lens artifacts allow filmmakers to match their digital lenses to their real lenses.

Realism is much more easily achieved with the Physical Camera and Global Illumination

The Documentary Filmmaker's Handbook

Improved shader and render abilities further enhance realistic renders.

Download figure ...

The Green Screen Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques

Working in NukeX, with FX created in AE and 3D from Maya.

Once again, the Vixia's legendary beer-can rivaling size. Now we have a kickass touchscreen.

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Eye of the Tiger: Getting an Actor's Respect

A debris rendered preview.

Dagron (Nick Cornwall) and his daughter Ren (Sophie Skelton). Photo:

The Hero4 black lacks the rear screen of the other cameras we looked at.

Some nice tricks to pulling out smoke details are shown throughout the FumeFX portion of the series.

This regulator has a very high flow rate; the outlet is 3/8 pipe. We use it to operate various pneumatic effects rigs and lower pressure ratchets.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, people eating and indoor

Results with the new sculpting tools. Copyrights from left to right: Matthias Bober,

Software Review:

My Own War Cover

Once the camera is tracked, it creates little anchor points on your video that you can attach text to. Simply right click and select “add text and camera” ...

The Producer's Guide to Transmedia

trunnion guns and mold

Camera morphing allows for smooth blending from individual still cameras.

be able to do a bullet tracking shot. Well, Andrew Kramer shows you how to do just that in The Bullet. Not only does he show you what you need to do ...

RAM allocation options work even better in CS5.5 than in CS5!

Make your images interactive by allowing your viewers to swipe through a slide show or zoom

Another angle of the hangar for a different shot.