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Migrants in Paris ordered to move on over scabies fears NEWS

Migrants in Paris ordered to move on over scabies fears NEWS


Almaz Tekeste, a 45-year-old native of Asmara, Eritrea, stands

Migrant tents lined up under a metro bridge near Gare du Nord station in Paris.

Once the migrants reach Calais, they will join others living in camps there, pictured

Mandela Drame, from Ivory Coast, speaks from his tent inside the camp shortly before

Paris migrant camp taken down over scabies fears

Migrants in Paris camp ordered to move on over scabies fears | Daily Mail Online

A French gendarme stands guard near a makeshift shelter for immigrants in Calais, which was

EU tells France to open border to 9,000 migrants

"We try to hide in the toilets, but it's difficult. We'll try again. That's our life for the moment - but we hope it will get better once we reach the UK."

Police remove 2,000 refugees and migrants sleeping rough in Paris | World news | The Guardian

Migrants from the Calais "jungle" have been forced to relocate to other French cities

Dozens of police officers descended on another camp based near La Chapelle metro station in Paris

The tents and rubbish are left strewn across the pavement after the migrants were ordered to

Paris shuts down migrant camp where 350 people slept rough | Daily Mail Online

(Conditions at the migrant camp were horrific. Photo: The Local)

Police remove migrants living in tents beneath the railway bridge

Paris mayor: 'Migrants can't sleep on the street'

The abandoned camp under a subway bridge in Paris after African migrants were evicted

Police have evacuated the largest illegal refugee camp in Paris

Migrant children who had been living under the bridge in central Paris wait to board buses

'Open-air toilet': Police clear out migrant shantytown in Paris after locals. '

Trouble as riot police evict Paris migrants

Police officers stand near migrants being evacuated from a the camp in Paris, this morning

Italy news: WATCH riot police in violent clashes with protesters over migrant ship | World | News | Express.co.uk

Police remove 2,000 refugees and migrants sleeping rough in Paris | World news | The Guardian

French Police Evacuate Nearly 400 Migrants From Biggest Slum in Paris

Many of the migrants were taken by surprise early this morning when police moved in to

Hard-up French take migrants to UK for cash

Mattresses are spread out on the floor of the La Chapelle migrant camp. © AFP / Eric Feferberg

12 things you thought you knew about Europe's 'migration ...

French police officers round up and evict African migrants living in a camp under a subway

A growing number of migrants are carving a new Balkan route through Bosnia to reach the European Union raising fears of a humanitarian and security crisis ...

Paris Shuts Down Slum Migrant Camp

Protesting deportations in the Frankfurt airport (Photo: Hessischer Flüchtlingsrat)

Police remove 2,000 refugees and migrants sleeping rough in Paris | World news | The Guardian

Migrants moving a shelter in the camp

The migrants at the Eole were washing and drinking at stand pipes, and there were

French police pull down Paris migrant camp

Sanitary workers in white suits and face masks move in to clear up the mess left

Migrants wave to local residents who came out to support them. (Image via Matthieu Jublin/VICE News)

French police clear 450 migrants from camp in Nantes

A truck is sent along the street close to Gare du Nord to clear the rubbish

Migrants queue to board one of the buses which will take them out of the city

One migrant is woken up and peaks out of his tent just before police move in

The vessel, chartered by MSF and the SOS Mediterranee charity and currently docked in the

The refugees, most of them from Sudan, were ordered on to waiting buses which

Migrants fold up their tents and gather up their other belongings as riot police moved in

Horrendous conditions at Paris migrant camp revealed as French cops break up shanty town that had become an 'open-air toilet' – The Sun

City employees remove tents and mattresses from the evacuated make-shift tent city under a

The police move in to evacuate migrants living in squalid conditions in the sprawling camp, while others go about their morning commute.

Paris migrants La Chapelle

Migrants with their belongings stand in line as French police evacuate hundreds of migrants living in

The migrants evicted from the city-centre camp were sent to a public hall where officials were examining their cases.


Once the migrants were rounded up, they were forced on to buses to be taken

Detention Centres - Tripoli, Libya

African migrants living in a camp under a bridge gather their belongings before being evicted by

Migrants line up and wait to board buses to take them to temporary accommodation elsewhere in

A migrant looks at burnt dwellings at 'the jungle', a makeshift tent village

Riot police wearing face masks forcibly remove the some of the migrants that had set up

The camp in Paris had been there for several weeks before police moved in today to

War and violence drive 80% of people fleeing to Europe by sea, not economics

Thousands are arriving every day

A woman and her child in their tent shortly before they were evicted from the camp

Migrants walk after being evicted by French police from a camp near the Channel Tunnel in

Reims offers refuge for 'Jungle' refugees

Libya: Nightmarish Detention for Migrants, Asylum Seekers

Desolate: This week alone, Customs and Border Protection officers encountered groups of 257 and

In recent weeks the camp has become much larger and French authorities warned that the migrants

From Calais to Paris to.

Two small children wait to board one of the buses as their temporary home is cleared

Child refugees in Europe 'forced to sell bodies' to pay smugglers

From Calais to Paris to.

(A migrant sleeps in a park after being booted from the La Chapelle campsite. Photo: AFP)

Some of the migrants managed to scoop up some of their belongings and pack them into

Immigrants in tents under a railway line

Migrants wait to disembark from the Frontex ship, 'Protector', at the port

See ...

The camp was ripped up

Nicholas Farrell

From Calais to Paris to.

French CRS anti-riot police officers escort migrants and refugees during the evacuation of the

'Do-gooders' no more: Lampedusans turn against refugee tide as patience wears thin

Girls from Benin City who set out voluntarily, like Blessing, can become caught in a network of forced labor and sex work.

Helping hand: Katie Byrne hands out supplies to migrants on board MSF Aquarius

A worker cleans up the Millenaire migrants makeshift camp along the Canal de Saint-Denis

Immigrants were loaded on to a bus

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@afrilivesmatter is organising a protest this Saturday in London against the treatment of refugees and migrants in Libya. It's planned to go from Europe ...

An estimated 700 displaced people, including scores of unaccompanied children, are sleeping rough in

"They're just going to go somewhere else, to another park, and nothing will have been fixed," he said.

Migrants in the French port of Calais have gone on hunger strike demanding to be let

The brawl resulted in 24 injuries, 14 of which required hospital treatment. According to

Calais migrant brawl leaves several hurt

Police evacuate last refugee camp in Paris