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Mr Wu on his own Panda Animal and Giant pandas

Mr Wu on his own Panda Animal and Giant pandas


Great recent portrait by Mollie Rivera - Mr. Wu on his own. Giant PandasRed PandasPanda ...

Mr. Wu on his own

Mr. Wu shows off his climbing skills

The amazing Mr. Wu snaking on his favorite bamboo. Photo by Mollie Rivera.

Mr Wu with Pink Boxes | Mr Wu enjoyed his cake but he loved … | Flickr


Mr Wu - tipping the scales at 111 lbs

Mature female giant pandas in the wild usually breed just once every two or three years

Mr. Wu in his hammock

A wild giant panda eats 23 to 36 pounds (12 to 15 kilograms) of

Mr. Wu enjoying the beautiful San Diego "winter"

Mr Wu shows of his little pearlies. Panda Love · Cute Panda · Bear Cubs · Panda Bears · San Diego Zoo · Giant Pandas ...

Free panda. Giant PandasRed ...

Mr Wu on Sunday by Rita Petita, via Flickr

Does Xiao Liwu look more like his mom Bai Yun, or his dad Gao Gao

Bai Yun & Mr. Wu bonding on a Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Wu would like his parents to have matching ears

Mr. Wu coming down from climbing structure. Giant Pandas · Red Pandas · Panda Bears ...

Bai Yun was trying to enjoy her lunch but that pesky Mr. Wu had other

Mr. Wu drops in on Momma | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Giant Panda - Xiao Liwu

Mr Wu plays tether ball. Panda LoveCute PandaAnimals ...

https://flic.kr/p/JzFB8r | Mr. Wu on

Wonderful Wu: Giant Panda Update

Giant pandas are curious and playful, especially when they're young.

Giant pandas are very vocal animals. Young cubs are known to squeal and croak,

Mr Wu plays tether ball

Animal · Mr. Wu takes his ...

Mr Wu shows off his teeth... Panda Love · Panda Bears · Panda Panda · Pet Birds · Giant Pandas ...

Giant pandas are solitary creatures and except for during the short mating season and times when

Mr. Wu drops in on Momma | Bai Yun was trying to enjoy her l… | Flickr

Mr. Wu enjoying a late afternoon snack. Cute Panda, Panda Love, Red

Mr. Wu

Osos Panda, Bandas, Panda Rojo, Roedores, Kung Fu, Mafia, Piedras

Xiao Liwu (aka Mr. Wu) in rare form (photos by Mollie Rivera

Happy Cub at San Diego Zoo - Mr. Wu!!

Mr Wu plays tether ball

Mr. Wu gets a treat from his keeper. Brown Panda · Red Panda · Panda Love · Cute Panda · Animal Photography · Giant Pandas ...

Mr. Wu in a tub series by Mollie Rivera · Panda babiesBaby pandasGiant ...

Animal · Cute panda cub "Mr. Wu" ...

Mr. Wu almost enjoyed his "pinatas" more than his giant carrot cake.

Giant Panda - Mr Wu

what is my favorite animal_Panda Baby Pandas, Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, Cute Baby

I can't resist. pandas are so cute Cutest Animals On Earth, Panda

Mr. Wu on the rocks. Red PandasGiant PandasThe RockPanda ...

Mr Wu survived panda boot camp and is now just about ready to live on his own. You can see from this photo taken February 2013 just how intense his training ...

Animals and Plants – Pandas. Panda Love, Cute Panda, Panda Family, San Diego Zoo, Panda Bears,

Bai Yun & Mr. Wu playing.

Bamboo birthday candles for the one and only Mr. Wu. <3 | The One & Only Mr. Wu in 2018 | Pinterest | Panda, Panda bear and Bear

type of pandas - baby panda images and pictures, the cutest animal in the world

Pandas - The panda, also known as the giant panda to distinguish it from the unrelated red panda, is a bear native to central-western and south western ...

BBC - Earth - Giant pandas don't know their own faces

Mr. Wu



Panda · Mr. Wu off exhibit · PandasPhotos

Mr. Wu New Years Day 2014 | Rita Petita | Flickr

The mellow Mr. Wu on Sunday by Rita Petita, via Flickr Panda Bebe,

Animal · Snow Day for Mr Wu · Giant PandasRed PandasPanda ...

Mr. Wu

Mr Wu, the little show off

com Photo of the Day: Giant Panda Yun Zi | Pinterest | Giant pandas, Panda and Animal

Giant panda Mr. Wu eats carrots in his man cave at the San Diego Zoo

Bai Yun with her silly cub Mr. Wu

Mr Wu plays tether ball

Giant Panda

China's famous Giant Pandas are always black & white, right? Wrong! A rare genetic mutation can result in otherwise normal pandas displaying brown & tan ...

Can Pandas really walk like us? #tibet #travel

Happy Friday! | Mr. Wu wishes everyone a happy Friday and a … |

The beautiful Giant Panda. by Nick Egglington

Mr. Wu with his Beautiful Mom


Giant Panda cub

Xiao Liwu

Even giant pandas stop to smell flowers.

While this baby giant panda is small, newborns are remarkably tiny: they are born · Giant pandas are very vocal animals.

Mr. Wu gives his mom a hug. Save The PandasSan Diego ZooPanda LoveGiant ...

Community Post: 5 Reasons Pandas Wouldn't Make Good Best Friends

Bai Yun with Mr. Wu. Panda LoveCute PandaPandas GéantsGiant ...

Mr Wu waking up

Mr. Wu

This week Bai Yun and Mr Wu had access to each other for the day. Wu and his mom are adapting to being apart for part of the day.

7-9-2013 Mommy Bai Yun & Xiao Liwu aka "Mr. Wu" aka "Cubby" (my nickname for him since birth); Photo by Alana Silvea (a fav photo of mine)

The mellow Mr. Wu on Sunday

Happy Cub at San Diego Zoo

The total number of giant pandas in the world is around 2,000.

Mr. Wu and the ball

Mr.Wu on his own

How did Giant Pandas come to have such unique color markings? One Tibetan myth tells a sad and beautiful story.

Mr. Wu. Panda Dog ...

<3 | Carnivora: Ursidae: Ailuropoda melanoleuca Panda Love, Red Panda,


Happy Thanksgiving from San Diego, California

Panda Love, Red Panda, San Diego Zoo, Animals Images, Wild Animals,

Panda Cam. San Diego Zoo's Giant Pandas Live.


Having fun: Bei Bei, the new star of the Washington zoo, is now capable of crawling and sometimes even walking on his own

Mr. Wu on View San Diego Zoo, Panda Love, Panda Bears, Mammals

Mr. Wu stakes his claim to his exhibit. by Rita Petita Xiao Liwu woke

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