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NAT TURNER FREEDOM FIGHTER REBELLION LEADER IN 1800 z's d uring Slavery. Read about him.

Nat Turner

Charles Henry Turner

NAT TURNER FREEDOM FIGHTER REBELLION LEADER IN 1800 z's d uring Slavery. Read about him. | Black History | Nat turner, History, Black history

Nat Turner

NAT TURNER FREEDOM FIGHTER REBELLION LEADER IN 1800 z's d uring Slavery. Read about him. | African and Black History | Nat turner, History, Black history.

Gabriel Prosser Nat Turner, African History, Us History, Black History Facts, Black

A group of slaves, photographed around the outbreak of war.Library of Congress. During ...

Nat Turner Bio

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How Slave Rebellion Leader Nat Turner Spent His Last Night

Nat Turner's Rebellion

Captured: A woodcut purported to show how the rebel was found, months after the

Shays' Rebellion.jpg

Général Toussaint Louverture.jpg

Contemporary depiction: This was how a woodcut of the time depicted the Turner rebellion,

So they made a made a movie about Nat Turner and the rebellion he lead in Virginia 1831 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nat_Turner). It Stars Gabrielle Union ...

The Birth Of a Nation hailed as antidote to the white Oscars | Daily Mail Online

In Nat Turner led the most famous slave uprising in U. history in Southampton County, Virginia. During the uprising 55 white people were killed, ...

Nat Turner, 1800?-1831 The Confessions of Nat Turner, the Leader of the Late Insurrection in Southampton, Va.


Angela Davis: Women Who Have Changed History | Historical black women | Pinterest | History

The Nat Turner Rebellion Explained: US History Review - YouTube

Portrait of an African Man, c. 1525–1530. The insignia on his hat alludes to possible Spanish or Portuguese origins.

Exclusive: See Fifteen Pages of Kyle Baker's Brilliant Comic 'Nat Turner' --

This and three other statues of chained slaves, placed at the base of the Monument of the Four Moors at Livorno, Italy, might have been made with actual ...


With the recent police murders of unarmed Blacks in America resulting in no indictments, it becomes glaringly apparent that the global struggle for the ...

Historiography in the United States[edit]

Ike Turner

Slave revolt. Nat Turner's Revolution

Gaspar Yanga

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Portrait of Nat Turner with the Head of his Master - Kerry James Marshall

Taiping Rebellion

Populist Governor John Hancock refused to crack down on tax delinquencies and accepted devalued paper currency for debts. The economy during ...

James Bevel

How people learned of the rebellion: The second part of the woodcut showed mounted soldiers

Nat Turner (2008)


In today's African American History Week installment, let's remember Nat Turner, the amazing preacher and orator that organised the most important slave ...

BEP engraved portrait of Johnson as President

Religion: Nat Turner was a preacher before he became a rebel and was said to

Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property. America's Spartakus. Nat Turners Rebellion, Will Turner

Born on this day…October 2, 1800. Nat Turner: Leader of the 1831 Virginia Slave Revolt

Nat Turner's rebellion

Memento: Nat Turner's Bible, which he was said to be holding when he was

Fugitive Slave Acts


Richard Loving


Kathleen Turner

In 1996 she became the executive officer of the USS Tortuga and went to the Adriatic ...

Lana Turner

Depiction: The Nat Turner rebellion movie The Birth of a Nation will offer a version

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Ted Turner

18th-century painting of Dirk Valkenburg showing plantation slaves during a Ceremonial dance.

Funeral at slave plantation during Dutch colonial rule, Suriname. Colored lithograph printed circa 1840–1850, digitally restored.

A People's History of the United States (Chapter 9: Slavery Without Submission)


Scene of the rebellion: Jerusalem - now renamed Courtland - is the county seat of

Kanye tweeted that he was the modern day equivalent of Nat Turner

Kanye West has found himself in the midst of yet another controversy after comparing himself to

Source: Historic markers of Black History.

Tina Turner


Nat Turner Image result for Nat Turner (October 2, 1800 – November 11, 1831)


One of the reasons over 90 percent of the African ...

Refusing to accept the lot that had fallen on his people, Vesey was zealous for the liberation of his people. A man of unshakable integrity and deep ...

Boxer Rebellion

... King Jr. (his closest competitor for Black America's heart), would propel thousands of young ...

Source: ...


Boxer Rebellion

Under threat of punishment, enslaved families found small ways to rebel against an oppressive system

Domestic slave trade and forced migration[edit]

Whiskey Rebellion

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Newt Knight

Susan B. Anthony

7 Famous Slave Revolts

... these podcasts, ...

Ocacia African Traditional Clothing

El-Hadji Malick Sy (Wolof: Allaaji Maalig Si, 1855-1922) was a Senegalese religious leader and teacher in the Tijaniyya Sufi brotherhood.

... the federal government almost ALL of the rescuers were eventually not ...

Nat Turner's Bible Gave the Enslaved Rebel the Resolve to Rise Up

John Jay, Chief Justice