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Really cute picture of Calum mycolumn hoodie pie

Really cute picture of Calum mycolumn hoodie pie


It's not. I've check and re-checked. This hoodie is a real thing. Completely serious. Earnest beyond belief. And it is terrifying.

Dispatch Ben Headshot

Polo rain jacket - PRICELESS (well actually $10.00)


All that was left to find the views and opinions of a real Lichtie, view the club through the eyes of the only thing that really matters.


Mason Petrosky

Mostly, they talked endlessly and giggled incessantly.

I watch my twin sister ...

Insecure cowards are leading the most powerful nations on the planet. — Matthew Dicks


The further skinheads move from their original ...

I was hesitant to tuck my shirt in because I don't have a good skinny belt, but I kinda like the way it looks without one. What do you think???



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(5.30/53), 24



Best compliments of my life, including an addition to the list. You, too, should keep a list. — Matthew Dicks

Ministers from Australia and New Zealand have joined hundreds of people at the site of the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey to remember those who were killed ...

nola.com That 'Jayden K. Smith' Facebook 'hacker' message is the latest social media hoax

The Local Food Report: live cod


When I wear them, I am often asked if I am a firefighter. I make it clear I am not — I am merely a buff.


Coming across Bruce Springsteen on a broken-down motorcycle on the side of the road could probably be a lyric from one of his songs, but it really happened ...


despicable me gru

Finding common ground with a reasonable, albeit bigoted, pastor

Meet Yan-Tao

Darwin Lom is a junior mathematics major who has recently transferred to NSU from Shorter University in Georgia. Though the Sharks on the soccer team ...

Place ...


And the cat, by the way, is amazing. See for yourself:

Java? Nah, I do JavaScript, man. Wise up, hipster, to the money • The Register

Behold: The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie

Jess Cartner-Morley sitting on window seat with clothes hanging round her

He never asks Elysha where I am.

As we stumble along on out exhausting but fun trip.

Writing a novel is hard enough already. I don't need these additional challenges.

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Swimming in a chlorinated pool is just like taking a bath — Matthew Dicks

Complimenting an item of clothing is the lowest form of compliment, which is why it's so easily applied to strangers.

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by the awesome Nathaniel Russell Sleep Problems, Artist Quotes, Pie Hole, Illustration Art

David Fraser

A question I don't want my wife to be asked

Noir Magazine

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The only way the director got Fake Tiger to hold stay in place during the emotional scene where the boys were bidding him a tearful farewell was to nail his ...

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I'm pretty sure that this is exactly what they are saying, and it never makes me feel very good.

That person determined I was a mixed breed ... very lucky! (Photo: Joe Truskot/The Salinas Californian)

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This sale was well organized - I really liked the pink and blue balloons they used to indicate the boys' and girls' sections (although I didn't see them ...


I was outraged. I remain outraged. Yes, I can still see his tweets via an alternate account or a variety of browser settings, but I am no longer able access ...

#TBT - My first! Also, I finally understand what the hashtag means. — Matthew Dicks



Shakespeare's words seem rather appropriate even today

I may learn to bake if it's always this cute

Inside Kareena Kapoor's Midnight Birthday Bash With Karisma, Saif And Other Kapoors

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My mom passed away 11 years ago, and I don't really know my father, and Elysha's parents live more than two hours away, so having someone like Kathy (or the ...

thenewstribune.com Luis Severino delivers even more good news for Yankees

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Clay Wendler [2:42 PM]:

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Just last week, ALL THIS happened.

FMIA Week 12: Seattle Steps Up As Path To Playoffs Begins To Take Shape – ProFootballTalk

"Only when we move through life in the spirit of love for all beings can

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He only managed a couple drops before a bug walked by and frightened him (an entirely different problem), but the moment felt like a right of passage of ...