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Remove light pollution from your astro images astrophotos

Remove light pollution from your astro images astrophotos


Orion Nebula image with red-brown light pollution

Corrected image of Orion Nebula

The light polluted exposure was right at 1/3 histogram...the dark site exposure wasn't even 1/6th histogram. Now, while both images actually contain THE ...

Image 2 - Here the sky background has been neutralized and the light pollution has been subtracted with a black point levels adjustment. Click your mouse ...

Remove light pollution from your astro images

I read this fantastic tutorial explaining how to use to remove uneven field illumination using layers. Basically you create a layer with all the stars and ...

Light pollution Astrophotography Urban Astronomy

Light Polluted vs. Dark Site Exposure

The exposure was 3 min, lens wide open at f2 and ISO 800. And yes, I could use some help in post processing as I'm sure it could use another go.

Image 3 - Here the vignetting has been reduced with a radial gradient soft light layer. Click your mouse cursor in the image to see a comparison between the ...

Remove Light Pollution from Astro Images

The M78 nebula in Orion


[Light Pollution Removal Dramatically Increases Contrast and Brings out the Subject Material]

DSOsMilky ...

Astrophotography from a Light Polluted Backyard!

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Remove Light Pollution from Star Photos

After stacking, it will have a little more detail and less noise depending on your particular subject.

Click your mouse cursor in the image to see a comparison between the image before and after correction.

Deep Sky Astrophotography in Light Pollution

Mind that this was shot at the same white balance (5700 K). The differences are quite clear. There's a significant reduction in light pollution in the sky, ...

Expose to the Right for Astrophotography in Light Pollution – Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, California


Eta Carina Nebula, as captured by modified, astrophotography DSLR camera.

magnificent shot of the night sky littered with starts above a tower - astrophotography filters

ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY 101: How to shoot astrophotos in light-polluted areas?

Buy Astrophotography: Essential Photoshop techniques: Curves, Levels, Light Pollution removal, Layers and Colour Saturation. Book Online at Low Prices in ...

How I shoot the rising Milky Way at Sentosa Singapore Tutorial

1/2 resolution result (3.3 megabytes).

2 sources of unwanted light; a gradient starting at the upper right corner, and

Load your astrophoto captured by your One-Shot-Color camera. Vignetting

Diptych deep sky photo showing the difference in quality when using astrophotography filters

When you decide to photograph night sky, the first problem you'll encounter is most likely to be light pollution. If you live in a city, not only you can't ...

Lightroom's DeHaze Slider Can Dramatically Alter Astrophotography, Eliminates Light Pollution

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How to Remove Light Pollution from Star Photos with Gaussian Blur Layer [Stellar Neophyte Astronomy Blog]

M42 c

Light Pollution Filters for Astrophotography

Here an example taken with a 50mm f/2.5 macro (full aperture), 7 seconds on a steady camera at ISO 6400 (it was three years ago, shortly after I got my 6d, ...

Astronomers have discovered an “iceball Earth” orbiting a star 13,000 light-years away. Multiple eyes on the sky have revealed some of this world's secrets.

light_FILTER_No_filter_BINNING_1_integration_DBE_ColorCal_Hist_MultiScale_NR_Crop_ColorBal copy.jpg

Purple star halos

Landscape Astrophotography shouldn't be too hard an endeavor for anyone to pull off and the editing should be just as easy. I hope that this guide gave you ...

Remove Gradients in Your Astrophotos with Photoshop. astrophotography tutorial

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The Horse head nebula, imaged from London using a H-Alpha filter

Deep-Sky Astrophotography During a Full Moon

Astrophotography Image Processing in Photoshop

Shoot during the wee hours. The amount of light pollution ...

How a DSLR Ha Filter can Improve your Astrophotos

Review: The Astrophotography Filter That 'Deletes' Light Pollution on Full-Frame Cameras

Note the histogram is mid-level indicating stronger than desired light pollution.


My Light Pollution Filters for Astrophotography

Thumbnail Placeholder. Significant light pollution ...

lightpollution-1. ETTR Exposure – 30 Seconds, f/2.8, ISO 6400, Post-Processed ...


Figure 4. 100% comparison of the images in Figures 2 and 3b. The modern processing image (bottom panel) shows less noise and the color managed workflow ...

Orion constellation

Astronomy Programs


How to Remove Light Pollution Using GIMP. Learn Astronomy HQ

Hoya Intensifier: An Affordable Light Pollution Filter

Light Pollution impacts even those places most people consider very rural. Here, at Arunah

The Easy Way to Remove Gradients in Your Astrophotography Images

Orion with a DSLR and Telescope

... light pollution glow is now gone, we can reduce the Tolerance value significantly. This should be set back to its default of 0.500.

IC434Processed copy.jpg

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Astrophotography expert Jerry Lodriguss tells you how to remove light pollution from your astrophotos so you can have dark skies instead of red-brown ones.

These images are illustrative of night sky and deep sky astro photos that are possible with stock modern digital cameras and lenses.

Why I'm Switching to a Mono Astrophotography Camera

Example light pollution subtraction by channel. Compare the histogram in Figure 3 to the one here. By moving the lower left point to the right, ...

Knowing and Understanding Light Pollution

Download the full resolution 8.6MB jpeg here.

deep sky astrophotography

Posted on November 30, 2015 November 12, 2018 by Ian Norman

astrophotography filters

Figure 8. Three methods of raw conversion and dark frame subtraction or not are compared. There is little difference between (a) and (b) because the camera ...

Light Pollution Custom White Balance

Peter has had his images published in BBC Sky at Night, Astronomy Now and Sky & Telescope Magazines. The Heart Nebula (below left) was NASA Astronomy ...

Figure 9. Results from different processing attempts. Note that the 8-bit jpeg histogram (b) has the same basic shape as (a). The main difference is the ...

A complete beginner's guide to night photography

Star Photography for Beginners (Astrophotography)

Thumbnail Placeholder. Moderate light pollution ...

Wide Field Astro-Imaging is the easiest way to get started in capturing portions of the night sky, and if you're traveling, the gear is lighter than you ...

Original Unenhanced Scan

Red Enhancer effect in astrophotography. With-without comparison

Using the healing brush in Photoshop