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Rich Democrats Dont Care About Income Inequality Any More Than Rich

Rich Democrats Dont Care About Income Inequality Any More Than Rich


Rich Democrats Don't Care About Income Inequality Any More Than Rich Republicans

Rich democrats don't care about income inequality any more than rich republicans

rich americans don't like to share.

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Chart showing distribution of tax bill in 2018, 2025, and 2027

Elizabeth Warren: Making capitalism work for all

A 2015 New York Times poll found 65 percent thought the growing gap between the rich and the poor needed to be addressed ...

The second chart shows the share of income taken by the one per cent over the same period, and the teal line, which includes income of all kinds, ...

Print edition | Finance and economics

Men, women, college graduates, and those of all salary ranges — from those earning less than $30,000 a year to those earning $75,000 or more — were more ...

The Democrats' Preoccupation with Inequality

Oxfam: 85 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world | Business | The Guardian

This is a group that will benefit greatly from the Republican tax bill because it slashes the corporate tax rate, cuts taxes for “pass-through” businesses, ...

When asked about the reasons for inequality, most (78 percent) said the wealthy have greater access to education. Two-thirds cited that the “lack of ...

Saul Loeb/Getty Images. America's rich ...

N.J. Democrats loved the idea of taxing the rich — until they actually could do it

It is not as if the rich are a little more equal. Photograph: Gary Calton for the Observer

An independent, a Democrat, and two Republicans. Win McNamee/Getty Images

A new digital ad from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) breaks with a lot of the conventions of typical political advertising and ...

A 2015 New York Times poll found 65 percent thought the growing gap between the rich and the poor needed to be addressed immediately.

The Hypocrisy of The Rich Liberal

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“On top of all the inequality in our country, we are going overseas and murdering people. Everything was rigged, and while we were all complaining that the ...

I use the top 4 percent because that the granularity that the data allows. A family income of $220,000 puts you in the top 4 percent in 2012.

Was there ever a time when so few people controlled so much wealth? | Eoin Flaherty | Inequality | The Guardian

The life expectancy in parts of North and South Dakota – typically counties with Native American

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If you fast-forward to 2027, the picture is much grimmer. Senate Republicans are allowing many of the individual tax breaks to expire in 2026 to meet the ...

Economic Inequality: It's Far Worse Than You Think

7 ways to narrow the rich-poor gap

US Income Tax Top Bracket


Lets take a long look at the various dimensions of inequality and see if we can find a way out the gaping hole.

Projected economic damage by county between 2080 and 2099 if the United States continues a “business-as-usual” approach to carbon dioxide emissions.

California's rich-poor gap: The reality may surprise you

The clear story of the Republican tax plan is that it takes the wheel of America's already-dramatic income inequality and presses the accelerator.

Punishing the rich is not the answer to inequality, warns top economist | Public Leaders Network | The Guardian

All together!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attends a rally on June 1, 2016, in Newark, New Jersey. Spencer Platt/Getty Images Polyarchy

Women pose for photos near a homeless man during New York Fashion week this month.

CHARTS: Here's How GOP's Tax Breaks Would Shift Money To Rich, Poor Americans : NPR

Donald Trump speaks to Paul Ryan at the White House, May 2017. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)


Thomas Frank on How Democrats Went From Being the 'Party of the People' to the Party of Rich Elites

In Democratic tax plan, the middle class pays while rich find shelters

Income inequality: In Congo, a tale of two cities | Public Radio International

Trump tax plan makes rich pay larger share; why is the left against it?

The Income Gap Began To Narrow Under Obama

Blow up balloon of uncle sam

... Clinton have both said they would support raising taxes on rich but all the Republican tax proposals call for cutting taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

inequality cities

... N.J. Researchers debate whether expanding access to health care will shrink the gap in life expectancy between the rich and the poor.

President Trump talks with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) at the White House on May 4, 2017, after the House pushed through a health-care bill.

Germany: the hidden divide in Europe's richest country

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders delivers opening remarks during Senate Budget Committee hearing on June 17, 2015.

Bernie Sanders And Tucker Carlson Agree On Income Inequality. Why Can't Democrats And Republicans?

According to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities: ...


Obama has successfully pushes for more taxes on higher-earning households. But state taxes have a much larger effect on inequality.


7 Billionaires Worried about Income Inequality

The Rich Get Richer Through the Recovery

Why inequality is the most important economic challenge facing the next president

Political economyGovernment of the rich, by the rich, for the rich

The costs of inequality: Increasingly, it's the rich and the rest – Harvard Gazette

Democrats look to build on sentiment against Trump in elections this year, but slate of rich contenders may be hard for some voters to relate to

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Lib Dems now face an uphill struggle to win key target seat

What Democrats Still Don't Get About George McGovern

Andi Cipta Asmawaty/Oxfam

How music has responded to a decade of economic inequality

Democrats Can Abandon the Center — Because the Center Doesn't Exist

A Cessna Citation private jet in flight

... rich constituents than poor constituents. What egalitarian, oligarchic, and populist representation look like when graphed.

Americans' Views on Income Inequality and Workers' Rights - The New York Times

Nancy Pelosi's Life in the 0.1 Percent

Larry Kudlow

Graphic by Lee Drutman. Source: ANES.

The higher the inequality, the more likely we are to move away from democracy | Inequality | The Guardian

Income inequality: Does wider gap between rich and poor threaten capitalism?

Why the wealth gap is bad for everyone. Protecting the rich ...

Why the poor don't vote to soak the rich

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