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SERIOUSLY Tattoo Obsession

SERIOUSLY Tattoo Obsession


Joshua Storie

Duafe - want this #seriously

Joshua Storie

roses: seriously have an obsession right now.

Andrey Svetov | A R T N A U Tattoo You, New Tattoos, Body Art Tattoos, Cool Tattoos

Harry's rose tattoo. I seriously love it. Probably my favourite tattoo. Rose Tattoos

Tattoos and art from DotsToLines

Joshua Storie

Paisley leg Tattoo I seriously think i might steal this

Seriously considering a Frida tattoo, as she was such a big influence on me as a young person. ♡ (Also, I just wanna say that I had a …

Nightmare before christmas disney | Disney | Tattoos, Cool tattoos, Disney tattoos

Like seriously though! this is too hot!! Mens Arm Sleeve Tattoo, Sleeve

Joshua Storie

I mean seriously, who would want a mac lipstick on the skin forever! Mads Moore · SLiGhT TaTtoO ObSeSsioN

30 Terrible Tattoos That Will Just Make You Seriously Wonder What Is Going on With People | 22 Words

17 Lisa Frank Tattoos That'll Knock The Socks Off Your Inner '90s Preteen — PHOTOS

Joshua Storie

seriously well done feathers


This is seriously going to be my next tattoo. But it will be more simplified, and lower on my back. | inkling | Pinterest | Tattoos, Ouroboros tat…

New tattoo by Chaim Machlev (dots to lines) done in LTW studio (https

hamsa tattoos are so cool. seriously considering getting one of these!

50 Cool Joker Tattoos for Guys Badass Tattoos, Joker Tattoos, Life Tattoos, Cool

Seriously feels like my life right now. Ugh. But, hey, the bright

Excerpt. “

Slam Bros Surf Gang Tattoo

The Beetle Sleeve Tattoo. This half-sleeve tattoo is our obsession.


Diabetes & Tattoos - What You Need To Know

Once the preserve of the rebellious minority, tattoos are now mainstream. And they leave Caroline Kent cold


Rad Dino Tattoo

This heron tattoo, belonging to Jodie Layne, was done by stick and poke.

Anyway, it's because of this obsession that I absolutely had to have the new temporary tattoos by Chanel! Yes, that's right, the perfume, expensive-make-up, ...

Jay Phelan, a biologist at UCLA, got his DNA tattoo in 1990 while he was in graduate school. “As I got deeper into the study of evolution, genetics, ...

I am more than my highs and lows diabetes tattoo

What We're Obsessed With: This Seven-Cat Sleeve

via: https://www.reddit.com/r/badtattoos/comments/7ban2d/because_who_doesnt_find_their_tattoo_artists_on/

Martha, my small black Oriental baby, is the pirate, because she always reminds me of one when she is napping and suddenly opens only one eye.

Tattoo Artist at Collar City Tattoo Troy, New York

via: https://www.reddit.com/r/badtattoos/comments/74jvh0/a_reason_to_never_wear_shorts/

Meet the Tattooers of How Far is Tattoo Far

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T1 Diabetic tattoo

You'd be hard pressed to find a hip-hop artist out there whose body is a clean slate when it comes to tattoos. Ink has always been an inherent part of ...

There came a point when special irritated the hell out of me with her 'we are different' speech and I really wanted to shake some sense into her.

Shark Attack Shark Tattoo

'Do not resuscitate' tattoo creates medical dilemma: What would Australian doctors do? - Health - ABC News

8:18 AM - 29 Aug 2018

Jesus Surfs Tattoo

Sun – Snake – Winged Surfboard Tattoo

Inked Up Inspo: 25 Meaningful Quotes for Your Next (Or First) Tattoo

Riff Raff's obsession with TV-related tattoos originally came from him making the cast of MTV's reality show From G's to Gents. Before the show started, ...

I guess you can say I really like dungeons and dragons

Quest for more: The troubled pop singer - who turns 29 next month - first

via: https://imgur.com/xbOf2pM

Rebecca Mensch studied squid anatomy in graduate school at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, and got a tattoo so that she'd always remember ...

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David Beckham in a campaign for H&M

Blue circle diabetes tattoo

Now the tattoo is a reminder of the pain I caused myself, a reminder to be obsessed with myself first. I am the original obsession, the legend that I live ...

Preview for the gallery

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olivia tattoos


Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed


Insulin dependent tattoo

via: https://imgur.com/gallery/VSEY7

Medical alert tattoo

They are literally disgusting


But seriously, why would you want a tattoo of the little tag that you rip out of all your shirts because it's annoying as it is?

The Blue Tattoo. This blue beetle tattoo is really mind blowing. The bright blue

Credit: Katie Moritz

Magical Beetle Tattoo Design. This beautiful beetle tattoo design is seriously magical.


In the early nineteenth century astronomers and other scholars began to think seriously about communicating with aliens. At the time, many of them were ...

Artistic diabetes tattoo

Type 1 diabetes tattoo

Water colored Shoulder Tattoo. We are obsessed with this beautifully colored and depicted beetle tattoo

People get bad Chinese tattoos...and this is what some of the worst translate to in English

Shark Attack Tattoo

As I focused all my energy into nurturing and taking care of the kittens, I realized I was beginning to no longer feel empty or emotionally isolated.