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Solidago Flowers Perennials Garden Fine gardening

Solidago Flowers Perennials Garden Fine gardening


This eye-catching cultivar has flower clusters that radiate out in all directions and resemble streaming yellow fireworks. Its form is truly unique and ...

Rely on colorful, long-stemmed plants to keep your vases filled as the season winds down. By Suzanne McIntire Fine Gardening ...

Choose these resilient workhorses for the driest spots in your garden. By David Salman Fine Gardening ...

Solidago nemoralis (Goldenrod, Gray goldenrod)

More Shade Lovers


Like a kid in a candy store, I once went for instant gratification when it came to selecting plants for my cutting garden. Grabbing nearly every plant at ...

A variety of shapes can be the spice of a planting. In 1986, the author's long border was awash in color, but it lacked definition.

Summer: Queen of the prairie sports “fluffy plumes that fade to chestnut brown.” Photo/Illustration: Virginia Small

The best goldenrods for your garden: Goldenrod is a beautiful native perennial. Some species can be invasive, but we've compiled 9 of the best goldenrods ...

Divide to make healthier plants—and more of them

Trachelium caeruleum (Blue throatwort) - Fine Gardening Plant Guide- heat tolerant- front yard?

Summer: Bee balm spans two seasons with “buttonlike flowers” and “tawny seed heads.” Photo/Illustration: J. Paul Moore

A front yard garden should be welcoming and interesting, but most of all, it should reflect who you are. By Melissa Lafferty Fine Gardening ...

A Wisconsin Jungle | Fine Gardening; Alma Potschke aster and Fireworks goldenrod.

Give it an inch, it will take the whole bed. About the only plant

Rethinking Foundation Plantings - FineGardening

More Sun Lovers. '

3 Myths About Clematis. Fall Blooming FlowersGardening MagazinesBuy PlantsFine ...

Pint-size plants for sun

Nancy's garden in Oregon - FineGardening

Fall wouldn't be fall without the cheery yellow flowers of goldenrod. It's a

http://www.finegardening.com/amongst-blooming-beauties Gardening

A Missouri gardener brings her love of old architecture into the garden. By Fine Gardening editors

Nancy reflects on the past couple years in her garden. By Fine Gardening editors

A well-coordinated palette enhances and unifies your design

Aesculus parviflora (Bottlebrush buckeye) - Fine Gardening Plant Guide

Fireworks Goldenrod Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks' | GA Landscape: Perennials | Perennials, Plants, Flowers perennials

A Colorful Perennial Garden. Shade PerennialsFine GardeningFlowering ...

drought tolerant, golden rod, Solidago | Fine Gardening

Plants that provide structure

Fine Gardening. Spring PlantsFine GardeningFlowers GardenGarden ...

'Goldrush' heralds the coming of fall with masses of tiny, yellow flowers for four weeks in August and September. Its compact size—about a foot tall—makes ...

Joe Pye weed in autumn.

Outsidepride Solidago Goldenrod Herb & Flower Seed - 5000 Seeds

This goldenrod is most prevalent in our area. September 2008

In some gardens, Solidago rugosa (rough-stemmed goldenrod), could be called a thug. After just three seasons, the plant spans five feet.

1. Divide when a plant looks good

Licorice goldenrod (Solidago odora) is a medium-height plant with elegant flowers and

Five Traditional Elements of a Cottage Garden - FineGardening

Conservatory Garden in Central Park Conservatory Garden, Fine Gardening, Garden Photos, Flower Beds

Strands of Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks' intermingle with a fall planting of red dahlias and Salvia elegans 'Golden Delicious'. (Photo by Jessie Keith)


Fall Garden Appreciation. Lake GardenFine GardeningFlowering ShrubsOrnamental ...

A Border Worth Waiting For - FineGardening Worth The Wait, Native Plants, Arkansas,

A drought resistant xeric garden in September, Santa Fe, NM

Every summer I have the privilege of visiting my family in Maine in August. I am always amazed at how many plants are similar in the late summer, ...

Fine Gardening Issue 171

fine gardening colorful combination Bucket Gardening, Fine Gardening, Container Gardening, Plants For Hanging


Goldenrod has a shady side

Country Gardens/Ruth & Don Moorhead/Broadview Heights, OH/CMR#5108735

5000 Bulk Canada Goldenrod"Solidago Canadensis" Seeds Perennial | 99% ...

Elmleaf goldenrod, a species grown at the U.S. Botanic Garden's Regional Garden in Washington. (Adrian Higgins/TWP)

Landscape, multiple plants, colorful, gardening,

Common Goldenrod - 3 Plants


best companion plants for hostas – Longfield Gardens

Cut back tall-growing goldenrods in June to encourage branching.

Shrubs for Sun

Solidago 'Crown of Rays' is a tidier cultivated form for the garden. (

RX_1010 AG Forsythia Sage

Canada Goldenrod is too aggressive for planting in gardens, but if you have a space

Fine Gardening April 2017

Solidago caesia (wreath goldenrod)

Planting your Butterfly Garden

2018-03-05PerennialGarden 3byBarbGorges

The very thin leaves give rise to the name grass-leaved goldenrod September 2008


The cover of the February 2016 issue of Fine Gardening

Mockingbird and beautyberry

Growing Bearded iris in drought resistant western gardens.

Showy goldenrod (Solidago speciosa) is among the latest of New England's flowering plants.

Identifying Wildflowers: Goldenrod

Solidago ...

Rose Garden in the National Garden at the United States Botanic Garden

Goldenrod blooms are a favorite of butterflies. Photo: John Everett / Houston Chronicle

Showy goldenrod (Solidago speciosa) lives up to its name in August and September in

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: The Essential Guide to Planting and Pruning Techniques, Third Edition Third Edition, Revised Edition

New never stops, and the perennials keep getting better

Enjoying Bearded Iris in the Waterwise Garden

Achillea millefolium 'Strawberry Seduction' PP18401

Achillea 'Coronation Gold' yarrow. Herbaceous perennial. My sunny perennial gardens ...

Gattinger's Goldenrod is a great water plant to have in your water garden. A plant

Caryopteris ...

Rose Bushes

Heleniuym (Sneezeweed)

Arrows point to rough-stemmed goldenrod. It has the widest leaves of the common

Symphyotrichum oblongifolium aromatic aster. Herbaceous perennial

The ...