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Southern Jewels by Amit Kamble A very rich part of the southern

Southern Jewels by Amit Kamble A very rich part of the southern


Southern Jewels | by Amit Kamble - A very rich part of the southern sky,

Will our Milky Way Galaxy collide one day with its larger neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy

The Southern Cross - http://www.globalculture.co.nz/

The Cone Nebula lies in the southern part of NGC the Christmas Tree cluster, with which is shares the NGC designation. This is a rich region with much ...

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The Pirate of the Southern Skies

Wayne Pinkston

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Hubble Goes Deep

An explosive phoenix

Meteor shower over Pikes Peak, Colorado

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Astrophotographer Amit Kamble caught the Eta Carina Nebula on Feb. Kamble is based in Auckland, NZ.

Visualize looking from our Milky Way galaxy's flat star-rich disk, into intergalactic space.


APOD: 2015 September 1 - Distant Neutrinos Detected Below Antarctic Ice

Comet PanSTARRS, Moon, and Venus Image Credit & Copyright: Amit Kamble (Auckland Astronomical Society);

This ice-filled crater on Mars is a winter wonderland


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Moon is located approximately over Loveland Valley Ski Area, with 13,240' Mt. Sniktau at right. Image is a composite stitched from 12 vertical frames ...

NGC 253 is one of the brightest spiral galaxies visible, and also one of the

The moon on the night of November 10 shines to the north (right) of the constellation Orion, yet to the south (right) of the Gemini stars, Castor and Pollux

The smoke on the water on the left edge of the picture is illuminated by the headlights of some night fishermen.

Astronaut Koichi Wakata tweeted this photo of the Aurora Australis seen over southern Africa from the

APOD: 2017 July 5 - Aphelion Sunrise

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And God flung the stars across the galaxy and then Glaxy's across the universe till we find Starscape, across the the arch of time!

Surroundings of the young star HD 163296

The region lies near the southern end of Taurus located on the border of the constellations

Astrophotographer Amit Ashok Kamble sent in a photo of the Milky Way and its reflection in

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This luminous star, AG Carinae, is losing mass at a phenomenal rate. Its

Milky Way shot from Pakiri Beach, New Zealand on February Photo credit: Amit Kamble

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NASA Image of the day: Titan: Moon over Saturn. Like Earth's moon Saturn's

Its a culture here in South India to go to temples on fridays. Fridays are considered to be auspicious where most of the people especially the orthodox ...

speed of light travel times. We definitely need to fold space/time to create wormholes to get to where we want to

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APOD: 2016 December 17 - Southern Jupiter from Perijove 3

Galaxy NYC 5949 Distance: 44 million light years from Earth. With a mass of about a hundredth that of the Milky Way, NGC 5949 is a relatively bulky example ...

Andrew Rader on

Penguins Ice Cropped By ASOC (Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition) Pictures…

APOD: 2018 February 17 - Manhattan Skylines

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16 helped to dissolve class strife, and its creation of a strong civic life that

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A southern stingray gliding effortlessly over the sand in the Bahamas. Harbour Island Bahamas,

Glowing brightly about 160 000 light-years away, the Tarantula Nebula is the most

A solid gold ring in the form of a seated Nandi, the vehicle of the

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2016 June 04 IC The Prawn Nebula South of Antares, in the tail of the nebula-rich constellation Scorpius, lies emission ...

Astronomers have detected the signatures of hundreds of comets disintegrating in a distant, chaotic solar

Touching the Magic of breathless Milky-Way, by A. Hajras... #sky #mountains…

An Iranian commercial plane has crashed in a foggy, mountainous region of southern Iran, killing all 66 people on board, state media reported.

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One of two meteors that lit up the Southern sky Thursday night burned up over Tennessee

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A Partial Solar Eclipse over Buenos Aires Love Astronomy Picture of the Day follow @CutePhoneCases

The bacon cheeseburger is leaving and the TropiChop is on the way. Marathon is getting a Pollo Tropical, and Key West is getting one, too.


All around the World, People are in a State of high expectation that the final Blood has ushered in the Age of Redemption for Israel and the World. the ...

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(10.99/39), 13

University of Warwick institutional repository: A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of PhD at the University of Warwick - PDF

(13.99/80), 20

APOD: 2017 September 2 - Milky Way Voyager

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142 Suspected ISIS member 'had USB stick disguised as a cufflink'

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APOD: 2018 May 2 - Moon Halo over Stone Circle

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Inside Enceladus, Icy Moon of Saturn (Infographic) The geography and interior of Enceladus

Manohar Shetty

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These towers of cosmic dust and gas make up part of the Eagle Nebula. These so-called Pillars of Creation are part of an active star-forming region within ...

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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Stupa mound and Great Bath in Mohenjo daro.


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Day 1 (building)

5 historical fiction reads for fans of U.S. History

The annular solar eclipse of April 29, 2014 will only be total in a small