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The Austrian ImperialRoyal Army KaiserlicheKnigliche Heer 1805

The Austrian ImperialRoyal Army KaiserlicheKnigliche Heer 1805


The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

Austrian; Hussars L to R 1st Regt. Wachmeister 1805-15, 4th Regt, Hussar, campaign dress 1805, 9h Regt Hussar Full dress 1800 & 11th Regt Trumpet Major ...

By Enrico Acerbi

Austrian; Uhlans

Austrian; Hussars, Trumpeters L to R Trumpeter in Tenue de Route and Trumpet Major in Full Dress Regt No.7(Regt Fürst Liechtenstein) & Trumpeter in Full ...

Lower Austria : (German: Niederösterreich) is currently one of the nine states or Bundesländer in Austria. The capital of Lower Austria was Vienna, ...


Austrian and Hungarian Infantry

By Enrico Acerbi

Hungarian infantry, 1848-1849 Hungary History, Austrian Empire, Military Art, Military

Austrian Infantry Drummers 1811-14. L to R Drummer Regt. Jordis No.59, Drummer Austro-German Legion 1813 & Drummer of the Grenadier Co of Regt Hoch und ...

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

Austrian; Infantry 1809 L To R Hungarian Line Regt Officer & Fusilier & German Line Regt NCO & Officer

Bohemia (Czech: Čechy; German: Böhmen) is a historical region in central Europe, occupying the western two-thirds of the traditional Czech Lands, ...

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

In the Austrian Empire some lands (Tirol, Northern Italy, Netherlands) relied on free recruiting, while Hungary, as for the Insurrectio troops, ...

Austrian Hussars

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

Austrian; Artillery, NCO,1813. Officer, 1814. Gunner, Service Dress, 1814 & Gunner 1814.

AUSTRIA - Volontari di Vienna

Serbisches FreiKorps, Austro-Hungarian Army (Napoleonic Wars).

Austria: Plate 5. Grenzer Regiment, Private, 1812

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

Austro-Hungarian Jager, 1809. Wearing his distinctive iron-grey uniform, and carrying a short rifle and pow… | Austrian Army during the Napoleonic Wars ...

Austrian; Landwehr in 1809. L to R Hauptman and Private Styrian Landwehr, Private Bohemian Landwehr & Jaeger Upper Austrian Landwehr

Austrian; Line Infantry

Austrian Freikorps Войны и воины | ВКонтакте

Austria: Plate 7. Bohemian Legion "Erzherzog Carl", Leib Battalion, Private, 1800

Austrian Empire, Imperial Army, Austro Hungarian, Army Uniform, Waffen, Napoleonic Wars

Austrian Light Infantry, officer and soldier, 1798-1801. There is another version

German; Bavarian Heavy Cavalry Regt, Prinz Karl Von Bayern, Unteroffizier 1876-79

Offizier des Regiments Hoch- und Deutschmeister Nr. 4 | Napoleonic Austria | Napoleonic wars, Army, Military history

Wachtmeister of the 4th Hussars of Hesse-Homburg. Austria, 1805-1815.

Austria; 1st Cuirassiers, Trumpeter, 2nd Cuirassiers, Cuirassier, 6th Cuirassiers, Sous Officer and 8th Cuirassiers, Cuirassier

Austria; Engineers, Miner, Wagram, 1809

11th Hussars - Szekler Defence Force, Waffen, Napoleonic Wars, Austria, Air Force

ÖNB/ANNO AustriaN Newspaper Online 1914 juni

Karl Philipp, Prince of Schwarzenberg Napoleonic Wars, Austria, Soldiers, Royals, Empire

ÖNB/ANNO AustriaN Newspaper Online 1914 dec

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army (Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer) 1805 1809: Introduction

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

Osprey - Men at Arms 329 - The Austrian Army Cavalry

French; Imperial Guard, Gendarmes d'Elite, Eleve Gendarme, Tenue de Campagne, 1814

The last monarch of Austria (and the last king of Hungary, as Karl IV), Emperor Karl I, During a visit to the front

Austrian Wallach infantrymen and sharpshooters

German Infantry 1798-1805, by Rudolf von Ottenfeld. Military Art, Military History


Austria: Plate 29. Cuirassier Regiment "Sommariva" (No. 5), Private, 1812

Austrian Artillery in action at the Battle of Pressburg in 1809.

The surrender of Austrian army at Ulm in 1805

Sebastian Rzonsa from Palikówka, born 1800, entered service in the 10th Infantry Regiment on 28 Apr 1821. Transferred to 40th I.R. 2 August 1821.

ARMÈE of INNERÖSTERREICH (Erzherzog Johann) Inner Austria army arch. John

... Further Austria and for the Tirolean IR 46, which was disbanded in 1807 in order to raise the Jäger regiment, from which came the idea to form the ...

He is best remembered as the commander of the Austrian forces that capitulated to Napoleon's Grande Armée in the Battle of Ulm in 1805.

Actual positions of the contending armies on the evening before Aspern-Essling. Unknown to Napoleon, the Austrian army was not 70 miles north in Moravia, ...

Austrian Infantry

Campagne-Uniform kuk Feldmarschall in deutscher Adjustierung persönlicher Besitz Kaiser Franz Joseph I. Hersteller: Anton Uzel & Sohn KHM Bilddatenbank

Austro-Hungarian Artillery Crew (I'm Already Tired!) Military Art,

Imperial Russian Uniforms: 1885-1905? - Page1 | Macbeth | Military, Army, Army uniform

Prince Schwarzenberg | Napoleonic Austrian Army | Napoleonic wars, Prince e Austrian empire

K.K. Grenadier Battalion Oklopsia grenadierGER1809

Austro-Hungarian soldier in tropical uniform. Austrian Empire, Austro Hungarian, Holy Roman

European strategic situation in 1805 before the War of the Third Coalition

Austrian shako for Infantry Subaltern Officers

The British HMS Sandwich fires to the French flagship Bucentaure (completely dismasted) in the battle of Trafalgar. Bucentaure also fights HMS Victory ...

Lieutenant General R M Scobie, General Officer Commanding Allied Land Forces Greece, at his desk looking at a map with his Brigadier General.

WW2 German Wehrmacht Heer (Army) White Wool GD Waffenrock- Here are some possie

Finally the 24 Officers and 719 men of IR Splényi withdrew to Leitomischl, without taking part at the Znaim battle.

1812 5th hussar captain from l'Emper Vintage Military Uniforms, Military Dresses, Military

The Austrian Imperial-Royal Army Kaiserliche-Königliche Heer): 1805 – 1809

In 1800 Bonaparte took the French Army across the Alps, eventually defeating the Austrians at

Emil Uzelac

British Royal Navy Uniform, 1795 pattern, Reproduction Military Uniforms, Navy Uniforms, Military

Paul von Plehwe

Նապոլեոնյան պատերազմներ - Վիքիպեդիա՝ ազատ հանրագիտարան

Austria, 1756-1760 Jahrhundert, Deutsche Uniformen, Preußen, Ungarn, 18.

Moritz von Auffenberg

Maximilian Njegovan

Horatio Nelson's, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronte, Uniform

History! by Zhukov - The Military History Emporium

Thomas-Lawrence Archduke-Charles-of-Austria.jpg

Austrian infantry in full dress uniform. The soldier on the left is wearing the grey great coat under his accouterments.

Johann Joseph Wenzel Anton Franz Karel Graf Radetzky von Radetz

Nicolò de Miniussi

Prussian Hussar tunic, Austrian style, which was adopted by most cavalry regiments from about 1850 and onwards, until the heavily braided tunics and ...


Vice-Admiral's undress coat worn by Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805 Schwanensee

The roots of the Landwehr can be found in the 16th century as a squad of all able-bodied for national ...

Siege of Belgrade (1688)

Ernst II, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

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The Austrian Army at the Battle of Aspern-Essling, May by Patrice Courcelle & Jack Girbal.

Sigizmund Gerberstein

Szintén eléggé hirtelen felindulásból vettem a Victrixtől egy-egy osztrák gránátos, osztrák gyalogos (1809-) és francia gyalogos (1807-1812) dobozt.

Reichsmarschall des Großdeutschen Reiches

Bavarian military Pickelhaube