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The Coma Cluster of Galaxies May 2 2010 Credit Copyright Dean

The Coma Cluster of Galaxies May 2 2010 Credit Copyright Dean


2010 May 2. See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available. The Coma Cluster of Galaxies

2010 May 2. See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available. The Coma Cluster of Galaxies

Markarian's Chain with M87

Abell 2218 a rich galaxy cluster composed of thousands of individual galaxies. [4739 x 4504]

New Map Shows the Motion of all the Galaxies in Our Supercluster

32 отметок «Нравится», 1 комментариев — Linda's Favourite (@lindasfavourites) в Instagram: «The Perseus Cluster of Galaxies #perseus # cluster #galaxies ...

Scientists Finally Propose a Theory about the Formation of Dark Stars - Absolute Knowledge

Pleiades Cluster - M45

Galaxy's rapid growth spurt may have spawned 3000 suns per year

The Hercules Cluster of Galaxies. [img6="Credit & Copyright: Tony Hallas"]http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/0907/Ab . ...

Galaxy cluster MACS J0416.1–2403

Long After Einstein, Cosmic Lensing Reaches Its Full Potential How Hubble is taking advantage of

The Hercules Cluster of Galaxies. Credit & Copyright: Jim Misti (Misti Mountain Observatory)

Galaxy Cluster in the Capodimonte Deep Field Image Archive, Cosmos, Outer Space, Universe

Credit & Copyright: Jean-Charles Cuillandre (CFHT), Hawaiian Starlight, ...

NGC 891 Edge-on --- Oct. 11 --- Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block, Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, U. Arizona

El Gordo: a massive distant merging galaxy cluster Credit: ESO/SOAR/NASA

Cluster of galaxies CL0053-37 in NGC 300 field Image Archive, Cosmos, Galaxies

[Click to enclusternate, or grab ...

APOD Collection: Clusters of Galaxies

Virgo Cluster Galaxies. Click to view full size image 1 or image 2

Pin by Jeannie Cartier 💜 on Essences Dreamz | Pinterest | Galaxies, Hubble space telescope and Astronomy

[Click to galactinate, or get the 4000 x 4000 pixel version, or, if you're feeling frisky, cram this onto your hard drive: ...

Cosmic Collisions in a Galaxy Cluster. Credit: P. van Dokkum, M. Franx (U. Groningen/ U. Leiden), ESA, ...

That's actually the distorted image of a more distant galaxy, and it's a common enough sight near foreground clusters. But the thing is, ...

Still, the small size of the cluster means a lot of its members are interacting, and if you look closely you see lots of them tugging at the others:

The Triangulum Galaxy, writ large

Revealing the Universe: the Hubble Extreme Deep Field

... image 2

ACO 3627 near the center of the Great Attractor. Previously, this cluster of galaxies

[Click to galactinate and get access to a zoomable version — and you want to. I shrank the image considerably to get it to fit here.

Image Archive: Galaxy Clusters

In the center of this Hubble image is the immense galaxy cluster Abell located 4 billion light-years away, and surrounded by magnified images of galaxies ...

Abell 520 is a galaxy cluster about 2.4 billion light years away, and a mass of several trillion times our Sun's — it's made of galaxies, each with billions ...

Hubble Finds Distant Galaxy Through Cosmic Magnifying Glass

ESO: Panoramica intorno a NGC 1999 in Orione | The wide-field area around

Hand of God Nebula

But sometimes it gets a little snack, and when it does it can let out a cosmic-sized belch. A very, very, very hot belch. Like it did in July 2012:

The truth about extraterrestrials: Will we ever discover intelligent life in the universe? It's a question that's hounded scientists and sci.

Photographer Russ Brown used a single exposure, set at an ISO of paired with a 14 mm lens set to to capture this mind-blowing picture of the Milky Way ...

Bright gas and dark dust permeate the space between stars in the center of a nebula

... from the MPG/ESO 2.2 meter telescope in Chile, and it definitely shows why NGC 2442 is a weird one. The one arm at the bottom is long and stretched out, ...

The cold arms and hot, hot heart of the fuzzy maiden

Hold on tight: in 4 billion years, we're due for a galactic collision!

I've seen it many times through a telescope, but not quite like the way NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) saw it: glowing fiercely in colors ...

But then we get pictures like this one from Hubble of the galaxy NGC 4452:

[Click to galactinate to the 3500 x 3100 pixel version.]

This past February, a team of astronomers discovered the most distant cluster of red galaxies ever observed using FourStar, a new and powerful near-infrared ...

The Milquetoasty Way



Here's an image showing the central part of the cluster:

Stars that big explode as supernovae, and a new mosaic by the orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory indicate they've been popping off in the nebula for quite ...

Comet LoveJoy, C/2014 Q2, on Dec. 23, 2014. Learn

Look for the Blue Moon to pair up with Mars on the sky's dome on May The green line depicts the ecliptic - Earth's orbital plane projected onto the dome of ...



Remember, this is a model, and not an actual map. It does show concentrations of dark matter along galaxies and clusters of galaxies, but also shows how ...

When you observe Cen A using a radio telescope it gets weirder: two huge jets of material are being shot out of the core.

[Note: this image is rotated 180° from the one above.] Again, we see lots of red gas clouds glowing, fired up by massive stars forming in them.

This can really mess with what we see… which I can prove! Check this out: a Hubble image of the galaxy RCSGA 032727-13260.


First, shown here is Robert Gendler's magnificent visible-light image of the galaxy. You can see it's tilted almost edge-on to us, but you can see the ...

Visible light, that is; the dust glow in the infrared, so if you look at it with a telescope that sees IR like the Spitzer Space Telescope, ...

Comet Lovejoy and the Pleiades, Jan. 15, 2015. Learn where to see

It didn't see a star exploding as a supernova, it saw a star literally getting torn apart as it fell too close to a black hole!

Another Experiment Fails to Find a Signal | Utter Buzz!

If you're a comet.

I lowered my gaze and saw the street lamps below glowing brightly, each casting a pool of light but surrounded by darkness before the next lamp.

Fermi at 2: still rocking the high-energy sky




Followup on the star torn apart by a black hole: Hubble picture




It stares at the Sun all the time, monitoring its activity. This image, from May 3, ...

The Sun fries a comet and we got to watch

May 2, 2010 - New Orleans, Louisiana; USA - Singer ALISON MOSSHART and

Credit: Jeffrey P. Morgenthaler, Walter M. Harris, Michael R. Combi, Paul D. Feldman, Harold A. Weaver


Rings Around the Ring Nebula --- Aug. 13 --- Image Credit

This may seem a bit odd if you're not used to the physics of orbital motion, but you can think of the Earth as moving around the Sun with two velocities: ...

Spiral-like Coma Structure around 596 Scheila Copyright: J. Licandro. Reduction: D. Padron, M. Serra-Ricart [attachment=2 ]scheila_serra.jpg[/attachment][/i]

Artist's concept of a planet forming around a cool star

Newborn Stars in the Orion Nebula Prevent Other Stars from Forming

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Some of the most breathtaking views in the Universe are created by nebulae — hot,