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The Horse January 2019 Issue flu in horses t Horses

The Horse January 2019 Issue flu in horses t Horses


Horses get the flu, too

Seven Things You Need to Know About Equine Influenza

Secondhand Tack and Disease

Flu vaccines for horses haven't been updated in more than 25 years, but University of Rochester researchers have developed a new live equine influenza ...

Is Your Horse at Risk for Infectious Disease?

I'm at the International Conference on Equine Infectious Diseases in Lexington, Kentucky at the moment, and will try to write about some of the highlights.

Jan 25, 2019. horse

Olympic rider becomes Blue Cross ambassador to help horses in need. January 7, 2019 Julie Brown

Is a Respiratory Virus Behind Equine IAD?

Keep horses healthy and safe during summer travel season

Archie da Silva's horse Silent Witness retired to Australia.

The Future of Equine Influenza

Half of UK horses overweight or obese. January 21, 2019 Stephanie Anthony

Equine influenza spreads rapidly among horses.

The pros and cons of routine joint medication in horses *H&H VIP*

The Horse - November 2018 Issue

horse sitting

Queensland authorities on Wedneday confirmed that a horse had died of Hendra virus on a farm south of Brisbane. The virus, which can spread from horses to ...

Six Must-Discuss Horse Health Topics. Talk with your veterinarian about your horse's unique disease risk factors ...

Influenza Challenges

Preventing Disease Spread This Show Season

This post is part of our series on animals that assist individuals with disabilities and will attempt to clarify the status of miniature horses as a service ...

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Is it Too Late to Vaccinate my Horse? The AAEP vaccination guidelines recommend at-risk horses ...

8 Horses at UC Davis Vet School Test Positive for Flu

Getting a Read on Infection in Horses


The Associated Press

3. Vaccinations are effective. Vaccinations against equine influenza ...

The usual suspects. The greatest proportion of horses ...

Become A Walker. Pneumonia in Horses

How nerve transplant technique could help horses with wind problems *H&H VIP*

The Horse - October 2018 Issue

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The horses, one eight-month-old filly and seven adult animals, will remain in the care of the county until there is a ruling regarding the citations by the ...

Benefits of horse-based therapy include improved self-esteem and relaxation.

Sarcoids are the most common skin tumour in horses. If not treated effectively they can grow and/or spread and in extreme cases can end a horse's athletic ...

Some of the most common signs of an allergy are hives, which typically appear as

Pigeon Fever in Horses


Road to Riches

State officials warn of Nevada horses exposed to contagious diseases | KRNV

Photo Gallery 4 Images

African Horse Sickness (AHS) is dubbed the 'Armageddon' of animal diseases

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An illustration of a rider jumping a horse over a hurdle that looks like a syringe

horse Laminitis Vaccine preventing equine laminitis Dr. David Wilson equine musculoskeletal western college of veterinary

What your horse's hair whirls and whorls may mean

13 guidelines to follow when deworming horses

white-horse_zyuB0D_u-crop Vaccinations for horses ...

The Horse - September 2016 Issue

What an ancient horse breed tells us about the 'Chinese dream'

Still counting the cost of equine influenza in Australia

Genetic tests for horses

Equine influenza outbreaks across Europe

The Horse - June 2017 Issue

The Horse - May 2016 Issue

A new study suggests horses have the cognition skills to signal a human caretaker when they

The January issue of Your Horse is here! Inside, don't miss your two free gifts, including a 32-page feed guide and 4 tip cards for improving your horse's ...

In association with FEI Campus, a free e-learning platform full of certified content about horses, we look at 5 things you should know…

EXTRA-Horse.Therapy.28.jpg. Lisa Loewen with Luna one of the horses ...

Trend for extreme breeding is now affecting horses

On Thursday after work, the roads were clear and dry enough that I was able to bring Annie out for a short ride.

The December issue of The Horse is now available! This month's issue includes features on

WSDA Warning Horse Owners About Equine Influenza

Photo Gallery 4 Images

Become A Walker. Anemia in Horses

Four Horses from Rutherford County Sickened by EIA

Illness prompts suspension of racing at WV horse track

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horse show lineup. Horses that travel are particularly susceptible to influenza.

headshaking in horses

Arthritis prevention: A lifetime of joint care for your horse

Darting brumbies requires getting very close, which is impossible in many parts of the Kosciuszko National Park. Author provided

Abby was a resident horse at Hazelwild Farm Equestrian Center. She died Tuesday of equine herpes virus. The farm has quarantined all horses to prevent ...

No One-Track Minds: Study Suggests Horses Can Divide Their Attention

Nose Bleed in Horses

A pony with Cushing's disease

The Horse - July 2017 Issue

The ground will be fast at both Taunton, pictured, and Doncaster, which stage

David Dodwell

Which Vaccinations Do My Horses Need?

The January 2015 issue of #TheHorse is now available! This month's issue includes features

Horse euthanized, barn placed in quarantine at Turfway Park

An illustration that originally appeared in the Nov. 17, 1894, issue of the journal Scientific American showed doctors drawing blood from a horse to produce ...

Two wild Przewalski horses are seen in the Takhin Tal reserve in southwest Mongolia on June

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from house sitting with horses, I just think that questions must be asked before accepting these sits if you don't have ...

Become A Walker. Cellulitis in Horses

Colic is a general term referring to any sort of problem with the horse's gastrointestinal tract. In the majority of cases, horses with signs of colic will ...