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The IRT New Lots Avenue Line where it crosses above the BMT Canarsie

The IRT New Lots Avenue Line where it crosses above the BMT Canarsie


The IRT New Lots Avenue Line where it crosses above the BMT Canarsie Line, at Junius Street, Brooklyn [OC] [4032 × 3024] ...

BMT Canarsie Line

IRT Brooklyn Line

A New Lots Avenue-bound 3 train of R62s passing above Livonia Avenue after leaving Junius Street

New Lots Avenue Station - IRT.jpg

Looking south on Third Avenue from the 59th Street 8d22163v.jpg

Unstaffed entrance on the Canarsie-bound platform

Fourteenth Street-Eastern Line, Street Decking over Excavation, With Openings for Construction Work, Gas By-passes, etc., Meserole Street, Brooklyn.

Fourteenth Street-Eastern Line, Method of Construction at Lorimer Street Stationn. PSC report 1918.

Eastern Parkway Line, Use of Traveling Crane in Construction Work. PSC report 1917.

Fourteenth Street-Eastern Line, Details of Gas By-passes, etc. in Scholes Street at Bushwick Avenue. PSC report 1917.

Interborough Rapid Transit Company

Livonia BMT sta jeh.jpg

Fourteenth Street-Eastern Line, Steel Shell, Manhattan Shaft. Circular Panels Removable to Permit Egress of Tunnel Shields When Caisson Reaches Subgrade.

New Lots Av BMT jeh.JPG

Eastern Parkway Line, Beginning of Elevated Structure of the Livonia Avenue Branch. PSC report 1918.

Junction with New Lots Line

The station entrance beneath the bridge for the tracks.

1939 plan

Eastern Parkway Line. Unfinished Portion of Subway Structure Under Flatbush Avenue. PSC report 1915.

Second Avenue El - demolition.jpg

BwyWalk0505 StationCanal.jpg

This brochure describes the inauguration of special rush-hour through service in 1936 for the BMT between Lefferts Avenue and 8th Avenue.

The Third Avenue El over the Bowery in the 1890s.

Eastern Parkway Line. Temporary Support Columns, Long Island Railroad Station, Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn. PSC report 1916.

Brochure for the opening of the 59th Street express platforms

Eastern Parkway Line. Trench bracing, contractor's plant, etc. Prospect Park Plaza. PSC report 1914.

Staircase connecting two stations at Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street

Atlantic Avenue (BMT Canarsie Line)

Wilson Avenue (BMT Canarsie Line)

Eastern Parkway Line. Steam Shovel Operating in Timbered Cut. PSC report 1916.

Eastern Parkway Line. System of Timbering Near the Plaza Shaft. PSC report 1915.

The IND Concourse Line would have been extended to White Plains Road.

The Utica Ave-Crosstown Line. Undated, circa 1920

Times Square–42nd Street/Port Authority Bus Terminal (New York City Subway) - Wikipedia

IRT Livonia Avenue Line: New Lots Avenue (2, 3

Emergency exit, Furman Street, Brooklyn

14th Street - 6th Avenue Line Platform.jpg

With these and the IRT provisions in place Utica Ave was always so tantalizingly close. But after World War II priority shifted to rehabilitating the ...

Proposed expansion of the New York City Subway

1969 plan


6th Avenue BMT 001.JPG

Disused gap fillers on the original northbound platform's southern extension

The BRT proposal

GM Vintage Fleet BRT Brooklyn Union Elevated Car 1407

Subway collapse in 1915

Eastern Parkway Line. Method of Timbered Cut. PSC report 1916.

Franklin Avenue Shuttle track map. Northbound in open cut. The BMT Franklin Avenue Line ...

Eastern Parkway Line. Completed East Portal. PSC report 1918.

The Samuel J. Tilden Houses, one of many NYCHA public housing developments located in

Graham Avenue (BMT Canarsie Line)

The Staten Island Tunnel, started in 1912, was to be complete as per the 1940 plan.

Jerome Yard[edit]

14th Street-IRT Platform.jpg

Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall/Chambers Street (New York City Subway) - Wikipedia

The Canarsie Line Mosaics

Transfer passageway to the Franklin Avenue Line platform at Fulton Street/Franklin Avenue

Rockaway Avenue (IRT New Lots Line)

Utica Ave Subway has been proposed in various plans from the 1920s until today.

At East Broadway on the IND Sixth Avenue Line (shown), part of a two-track station was built for the IND Worth Street Line under East Broadway, above the ...

Fourteenth Street-Eastern Line, Rock Tunnel Under 14th Street Showing Segmental Timbering. PSC report 1917.

14th Street–Eastern Line[edit]

Station statistics

Broadway–Lafayette Street/Bleecker Street (New York City Subway) - Wikipedia

Third Avenue Car Barn, Third Avenue and 65th Street, 1938, Berenice Abbott. The IRT Third Avenue Line ...

First Manhattan trunk line, 1932[edit]

Borough Hall Station.jpg

84th Street station of the Third Avenue El in September 1942

A 1 train in service at 125th Street along part of the route of the Original Subway.

Mosaic tablet on track wall. Sixth Avenue on the BMT Canarsie Line ...

Pennsylvania Avenue (IRT New Lots Line)

3 train arriving in Borough Hall station.jpg

Brighton Line Station Reconstruction Project[edit]. The platform at Avenue ...

Third Avenue El, looking south from 169th Street shortly before the Bronx portion was demolished.

Ceramic tile with Brooklyn Bridge. Chambers Street on the BMT Nassau Street Line ...

14th Street-Union Square - Broadway Line Platform.jpg. "

Bedford Pk Blvd West 04 - Concourse Yard.jpg

The Canarsie Line Mosaics

Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall platform.JPG

Third Avenue (BMT Canarsie Line)

14 Street-Union Square IRT 003.JPG

145th Street (IRT Lenox Avenue Line)

"63rd Street Connector Contracts Map". ...