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The very human problem blocking the path to selfdriving cars

The very human problem blocking the path to selfdriving cars


Why Automakers Are Skipping Semi-Autonomous Cars and Going for Fully Driverless | WIRED

The Very Human Problem Blocking the Path to Self-Driving Cars. Google-Self- Driving-Prototype-TA-1024x768

The Very Human Problem Blocking the Path to Self-Driving Cars

Nissan's Self-Driving Car Solution Relies on Human-Operated Call Centers | WIRED


The Very Human Problem Blocking the Path to Self-Driving Cars

The Unavoidable Folly of Making Humans Train Self-Driving Cars

Alex Davies

Human Design. Alex Davies. Delphi's New Self-Driving Car ...

Can Uber Survive Without Self-Driving Cars? - Adrienne LaFrance Mar 26, 2017

Nissan's Path to Self-Driving Cars? Humans in Call Centers

Google's Self-Driving Car Caused Its First Crash

The Plan to Make Self-Driving Cars Speak Human · Margaret Rhodes

Uber's Self-Driving Crash Proves We Need Self-Driving Cars

Tempe Police Department

Print edition | Special report

Phantom Auto plans to establish call centers where a few humans will keep watch over a fleet of someone else's robocars. If one gets in trouble, a human can ...

Self-driving cars still can't mimic the most natural human behavior

Self-Driving Cars and Humans Face Inevitable Collisions

Self-Driving Cars Have a Bicycle Problem. illustration depicting interpreting pedestrian behavior

Self-Driving Cars Won't Just Watch the World—They'll Watch You

Zuma Press/Alamy

Google's Finally Offering Rides in Its Self-Driving Minivans

If a car gets in trouble, a human can use the car's cameras and microphone to grok what's going on.

After Probing Tesla's Deadly Crash, Feds Say Yay to Self-Driving

Deep learning from the ground up helps Drive's cars handle the challenges of autonomous driving

photo of driver with hands off the steering wheel

Experiments show that a few self-driving cars can dramatically improve traffic flow

Redefining "Safety" for Self-Driving Cars

Selling rides, not carsSelf-driving cars will require new business models

All the things that still baffle self-driving cars, starting with seagulls

A slashed tire, a pointed gun, bullies on the road: Why do Waymo self- driving vans get so much hate?

Illustration: iStockphoto. Advertisement. Trust in self-driving cars remains a big stumbling block ...

top view self-driving SUV car on road

Safe, efficient self-driving cars could block walkable, livable communities

Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

The question of how self-driving cars will interact and communicate with humans is one that has come up before, but the answer is still up in the air.

Self-Driving Cars Will Teach Themselves to Save Lives—But Also Take Them

Why Self-Driving Cars *Can't Even* With Construction Zones

Robot cars needed to safely and swiftly complete the mission without any human intervention — while ...

A Tesla Model S that crashed while in self driving mode which resulted in the death of Joshua Brown on May 7, 2016.

Taking Control. Aarian Marshall. Eyeing a Self-Driving ...

Cadillac Challenges Tesla With the Super Cruise Self-Driving System | WIRED

Autonomous deliveries could create jobs, too

Alex Davies

Even self-driving leader Waymo is struggling to reach full autonomy | Ars Technica

Aurora self-driving test car.

Google is developing its own self-driving cars. Google lobbyists spoke to the EU commission about its programme, but the commission did not make any records ...

A cyclist approaches a car from behind. The cyclist, car, and a road

Tesla's Autopilot Was Involved in Another Deadly Car Crash


Identifying and avoiding bikes is still a hurdle engineers haven't overcome

The driver of the car on the right judges a safe path through obstacles based on their movements and perceived stopping distances.

The Einride T-pod autonomous concept truck is pictured during the press preview at the

Enlarge / A technician inspects a Waymo vehicle.

Photo of the Freightliner Inspiration Truck by eMercedesMenz

Hands Off. Jack Stewart. As Self-Driving Cars Approach, the ...

The Very Human Problem Blocking the Path to Self-Driving Cars · Jack Stewart. Toyota's Concept-i Envisions an Autonomous Future That's Actually Fun · Alex ...

Uber calls its operations “a way for us to prepare for the unique edge cases that might come up on the road that don't necessarily require someone to ...

self-driving car AI

Autodrive / Fabio De Paola/PA Wire

To drive or to be driven. Is that the question?


2: Falling asleep at the wheel has new meaning in Volvo's concept robocar 360c. Source: Volvo. “

How Pedestrians Will Defeat Autonomous Vehicles

Jack Stewart. Tesla's New 'Autopilot' Is Just the Start of a Critical Reboot. Alex Davies. The Very Human Problem Blocking the Path to Self-Driving Cars

Headlights Use a Million Micro-Mirrors to Project Images On the Road

Self-driving cars can't be perfectly safe – what's good enough? 3 questions answered

The Very Human Problem Blocking the Path to Self-Driving Cars · Jack Stewart

Before hitting the road, self-driving cars should have to pass a driving test

A Photographic History of Self-Driving Cars. 11

Uber self-driving cars back on public roads, but in manual mode

The Guy Disguised as a Car Seat Is Part of a Virginia Study on Autonomous Vehicles | WIRED

Uber Self-Driving Crash in Tempe, Arizona Is a Reminder of Human Terrible-ness | WIRED

Google's self-driving car

Today, we are taking a first step towards bringing our self-driving vehicles back to public roadways in Pittsburgh.

More on the Autonomous Future

Google's Self-Driving Waymo Launches Public Trials in Phoenix, Arizona | WIRED

Serena minivan

Nissan's Self-Driving Car Solution Relies on Human-Operated Call Centers | WIRED

Driving Today

The First Look at How Google's Self-Driving Car Handles City Streets - CityLab

Traffic by Davide D'Amico — Creative Commons Attribution, ShareAlike. I'm utterly fascinated with self-driving cars.

Google self-driving car.

I love everything about self-driving cars to the extent of even taking the Self-Driving Car Engineer Degree at Udacity. That's why this particular video ...