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This happens all summer in the Arctic It is a lifted reflection of

This happens all summer in the Arctic It is a lifted reflection of


This happens all summer in the Arctic. It is a lifted reflection of the real

Sea ice is seen from NASA's Operation IceBridge research aircraft off the northwest coast above Greenland

The Thwaites Glacier is collapsing into the sea. Now scientists are scrambling to answer two questions: When will it take the plunge?

North Pole

Figure 5 - Average ice thickness in the Arctic in summer has dropped in half,

Sea ice in the Chukchi Sea. A small difference in global warming could help determine

Figure 1 - Ice in the Arctic is increasingly melting, exposing dark waters below.

Steve Boyes/Wild Bird Trust A vision of the arctic ...

Arctic Sea Ice Just Set Another Record Low—In Winter

Meltwater flowing into a moulin.

The Larsen C Ice Shelf Collapse Is Just the Beginning—Antarctica Is Melting

Researchers from NASA's shipborne ICESCAPE mission collect information atop sea ice in the Beaufort Sea. Photo by Kathryn Hansen/NASA

Satellite image of the 2012 Arctic cyclone This ...

Witnessing Change and Searching for Wilderness: Circumnavigating the Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic Circle – National Geographic Society Newsroom

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... Mike Mills/Birding Africa Beautiful sun flash over the Arctic ...

Shell's Polar Pioneer in Port Angeles, Wash., on May 12.

Falling in love – with mountains and fjords

Bipolar: The High Arctic and Antarctica

Image Source: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/University of Idaho


The ill-fated North Pole expedition

Crazy decrease in sea ice

Arctic Yearbook 2018. Akureyri, Iceland: Northern Research Forum. Available from https://arcticyearbook.com ISSN 2298–2418

THE ARCTIC LIFEST YLE MAGAZINE. SwedishLapland s u m m e r ...

Landscape shaped by glaciers (c) Kristian Nashoug/www.lofoten.info

Narwhal in the Arctic Ocean

Massive iceberg breaks away from Antarctica

California is currently ablaze, after a record hot summer and a dry fall set the stage for the most destructive fires in the state's history.

Tromsø guide Official tourist information of Tromsø city centre and region

Does Mount Everest's record wet summer point to a 'profound change' in the Earth's climate?

the destinations of

The entire area outside of the heavy solid line may be called the “Zone of Approach by Ship”; the area within the “Zone of Man-and-Dog Travel.


They were sent to me and I thought to display them in the Arctic environment on a drying line with glaciers in the back, to bring it one step further.

Arctic dilemma: Scientists came to explore Canadian Arctic but their work could also change its future

NASA scientists modeled Earth's CO2 as it shifts through the seasons using data from the Orbiting

Erosion along the Arctic coast in Alaska's Teshekpuk Lake Special Area lays bare pale permafrost just beneath the ground's surface.

Figure 8 - Arctic sea ice volume in June tells a much worse story than coverage

Bipolar: The High Arctic and Antarctica

The midnight sun shines across sea ice along the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Saturday, July 22, 2017. AP Photo/David Goldman

Photo: Asaf Kliger

When is the best time to visit Iceland? For midnight sun, summertime!

... The Okstindan chain, still a glacier landscape (c) Fabrice Milochau/Hemnes kommune

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054 | Vol_VII-0489

Stratospheric aerosol injection

An artist's impression of the 'lost world', ...

(Steve Hilary) Steve Boyes/Wild Bird Trust


Artifacts of a. Doomed Expedition

SUP i isvak vid Icehotel i väntan på sommar


A major federal report finds that the speed of Arctic warming is unprecedented in 2,000 years

Steve Boyes/Wild Bird Trust Polar ...

Median number size distributions in three sub-population of hourly averages of the 1991,

Tracking Seasonal Sea Ice in Real Time

TORNE RIVER – the mother of ICEHOTEL

At the front of the glacier, the water is coloured red due to the glacier river entering the fjord. The fresh water forms a top layer on the salt fjord ...

7 Day Summer Package | Customise Your Trip

Arjen Drost has written a proper account of taken in the tourist industry to reduce the chances for an accident on his website natureview.blog.

The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy dip their feet in a melt pond during Ice Liberty — a few hours during the ICESCAPE mission when scientists and ...

After 100 Years, Roald Amundsen's Polar Ship Returns to Norway | Smart News | Smithsonian


The northernmost statue of Lenin. (Photo: Rachel Nuwer)


Let the Battle of the Ski Resort Conglomerates Begin

... with walruses sleeping on the sea-ice - we haven't seen walruses yet this year, but we DID see a polar bear swimming by on our way out of the fjord this ...

... Steve Boyes/Wild bird Trust Polar ...

An image showing sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.

Exxon Valdez recovery

(Credit: vvvita/Shutterstock)

Figure 11 - Once frozen solid, permafrost near the Arctic is melting, creating conditions

Lake Catalina, the lake-surface measures around 20 sq. kilometer. The Danish scientists want to study the lake in detail – e.g. chart it's depths.

After shrinking to a shocking record low at end of winter, Arctic sea ice staged a modest comeback this summer

Permafrost in coldest Arctic areas will melt faster than thought, releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases

EA-I. Stefansson: Uses of Ice.

Figure 12 - Arctic sea ice has receded dramatically faster than the mean of IPCC models