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Utah man VERY shaken as STRANGE light in sky stops above his home

Utah man VERY shaken as STRANGE light in sky stops above his home


Utah man VERY shaken as STRANGE light in sky stops above his home!

Strange Light Formation by ISS before feed Cuts Out

Something BIG spotted traveling through Solar System going behind Jupiter! - YouTube

Disclosure strange lights in the Sky 001



Disclosure strange lights in the Sky 002


Two of the yellow lights appeared to switch positions with one another, after which the formation stopped and remained motionless in position for a short ...

Photos taken from cell phone videos in New Zealand.

Awesomely weird expanding halo of light seen from Hawaii - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

(PST)—A young woman witnessed six distinctly red objects, hovering for approximately 15 minutes, which all appeared to ascend, and fade into the night sky.

Family's terror as UFO 'hovers above their rural home for four hours' | Daily Mail Online

Several light flashes in the distance were recorded from surveillance cameras.

... of orange lights, arranged in a triangular pattern, moving across the night sky. The objects moved to the south, and disappeared over the horizon, ...

Sighting: Morag Ritchie said she saw the UFO hovering over her house in Fraserburgh,

Eyewitness recreation of a luminous event associated with the 1911 Ebingen, Germany earthquake.

Next story in Space

Why Mysterious Green Fireballs Worried the U.S. Government in 1948 - HISTORY

Where I Live Now | Book by Sharon Butala | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

From Fidani, 2010.

UFO sightings in 1561

100+ Alien Abduction Stories That Will Make You Believe

The Top 30 alien invasion movies, ranked

22. I still have no idea what ...

This high-energy light ionizes the gas, creating what is essentially a cosmic neon sign a few trillion kilometers across.


I went into the woods a teenage drug addict and came out sober. Was it worth it? - Vox

New mass Arizona UFO sighting sparks fears of alien invasion. “

UFO sightings in 1975January12

Why Mysterious Green Fireballs Worried the U.S. Government in 1948 - HISTORY

alien abduction stories

Ypsilanti, Michigan, Wednesday, March 08, 2017,—Two observers report having sighted a peculiar cluster of strange lights, allegedly seen hovering in the ...

A pre-1906 view of the house from the south.


beware the slenderman

The most popular photo of EQLs taken over Mt. Kimyo in Japan in 1968 by Mr. Kuribayashi

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Astonishing footage of iridescent rainbow cloud filmed in Brazil goes viral | World | News | Express.co.uk

NOW A WATCH ALERT DANGER AS Chilean astronomers speak out about Planet X

Artist's recreation of the Dallaire observation.


UFO sightings in 1952July

Return of the PHOENIX LIGHTS? Blinking 'alien crafts' in sky shocks Brandon, Canada | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

Southeastern Utah has been in the news, big time, lately. The area that encompasses and surrounds Bears Ears National Monument is a focal point in the ...

Strange: Flashing lights are not usually decorating the skyline at the back of the Ritchie

UFO sightings in 1440BC

12 a.m.Light 'em up, up, up

Source of Light

NOW A WATCH ALERT DANGER AS Chilean astronomers speak out about Planet X | END TIMES | Pinterest | Earth, Planets and Heaven on earth

Loud noise, bright flash lights up Midwest sky, scaring residents | fox13now.com

Donia Jessop, the current mayor of Hildale, Utah, is

Utahns Abducted by Aliens | Cover Story | Salt Lake City | Salt Lake City Weekly

Letters on a chimney read "PRAY AND OBEY" ...


UFO sightings in 776

Science & Innovation

20. Nights are for night walks.

Rome, 2013. Living my best sober life.

Jan. 1, 2018: Spectators watch the first sunrise of the new year at

Aurora Borealis over Reykjavik, Iceland (Photo by Arctic-Images/Corbis)

2005 photo

Could the white ring around this moon be warning of rain or snow?

Book Cover Image (jpg): Going Home

UFO sightings in 1957November2

UFO sightings in 1953May21

Northern Lights

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek - Multimedia Feature - NYTimes.com

David Tamowski hikes near his home in Sandy, Utah.

Breathe While Running

A group of people were united in their disbelief at the strange sounds they heard in

... strobing lights, pass across the night sky, traveling from east to west. He managed to get a very good look at the object through his spotting scope.

A panorama view of the Topaz Internment Camp captured from a water tower / Francis Stewart, National Archives

That was the end of the road for the femur (for now), but not for Brian and me. We had business in Cedar City and St. George, so we hit the road ...

Indian slab lurches downward beneath Afghanistan

London from above, at night

Black Eyed Children

Aaron Traylor's calm walk out with his daughter and the family dog were interrupted by the

On July 9, 1962 — 50 years ago today — the United States detonated a nuclear weapon high above the Pacific Ocean. Designated Starfish Prime, it was part of ...

kyoto japan

New direction ME/CFS

Image via His Holy House by Robert A. Boyd.

Northern Lights over Talkeetna. (Paxson Woelber)

That's Classified: Exposing Silver Bullet Technology

The sun sets behind Water Canyon High School School