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Vintage car 2New York City USA 1982 My photography t

Vintage car 2New York City USA 1982 My photography t


The cost of a car the year you were born

Life on the streets: A homeless woman stands bear overflowing trash on Fifth Ave in

This was the decade in which Britain got back on its feet. Still recovering from the effects of World War II, the nation's economy began to improve, ...

Training day: A woman stands in the graffiti-covered carriage of the C train

New York state of mind: Two children stare curiously at a homeless man as they

The argument: A man and woman stand on the street exchanging words on Fifth Avenue

Costing significantly more, the Austin A30 of 1952 was – together with its replacement, the A35 – one of the most popular cars of the 1950s.

... ......and one more site: http://www.motorstown.com/imgs/38885-ford-ltd-ii-7.html ..this is a 1979, cant see the grille on your car

A delirious city celebrates after SF's first Super Bowl win

5, 1976: Children play with snowballs in front of a beautiful view

Stealing kisses: A couple are perfectly framed by the subway door's splintered window in this

Murilee Martin in his first car

Tagged: A woman looks up from a subway car so covered in graffiti it's almost

Snapped: A police officer is caught mid-movement by Sandler in this shot called

The streets of Manhattan: A suited man is captured on camera as he walks near

1982 ALFA ROMEO GTV6 2.5L V6

Cigarette break: A woman puffs a cigarette in the days before 'No smoking within


The stare: A woman applies make-up as she sits in the window of


One Times Square

Sheriff's deputies found two cars submerged in Oklahoma's


Hi I have a 1978 LTD iii 351 with 62000 original miles for sale anybody want to buy one 803 7624390

A black film poster, reading in small print at the top "FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA

Call for Price

Atlantic city boardwalk2.jpg

Top to bottom left to right: (1) Boardwalk (2) Night view of city (3) the beachfront (4) Borgata and the Marina District

The optimism of the 1960s was washed away in the 1970s, with the decade remembered for its conflicts, political unrest and unemployment.


Unseen: Unpublished Black History ...


Evel Knievel's epic Cow Palace crash in 1972

The 1960s: a decade of flower power, free love, the first man on the moon, the Beatles, the Mini and miniskirts. Britain was the centre of attention, ...

Soho nannies and their charges: Now full of designer stores and expensive cupcake bakeries,

Salvador Dalí 1939.jpg

After slow start, San Francisco becomes a basketball town



Escape from New York

Amtrak concourse in 1974

Investment banker Michael Yancey uses his cellular phone in a Porsche. Sept. 28,

Untitled (Living Rooms), 1977; Woman on ...

What lay behind Russia's interference in the 2016 election—and what lies ahead?

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Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge connecting the eastern portion of the island to Brooklyn

Tips for Staying Safe in NYC



Cars found in lake may be from cold cases

One of the vehicles found in the lake was a green 1952 Chevrolet -- the

Panorama of Coney Island waterfront as seen from the pier in June 2016

Steely stare: A woman wearing a rain hat peers distrustfully at the camera lens as

Under construction in 1903

People gather around an automobile accident on Parkside Drive in Toronto in 1929, before road lines existed. (John Boyd/Library and Archives Canada)

Oh, Rover, where did it all go wrong? Actually, that's a rhetorical question, because its demise has been well documented. In 1988, the not so small matter ...

Liberty Island and Liberty State Park

Fashion and photography[edit]

Subway subculture: Sandler took this shot, 'Hasid and Hipster,' on a

Richard Feynman

Chronicle captures a joyous first SF Gay Pride Parade in 1972

Investigators work on the older of the two vehicles last year.

Consolidation with New York City[edit]

The remains found in the second car, a blue 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, matched the

Fiat Avventura Urban Cross

1982 Super Bowl parade takes detour into history

Big hair, don't care: In 'The Hopefuls' young party-

Ebay: Rare 'new pence' 2p worth £5,000 – do you have one

Rimmer Bros Advantages