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WHERE THE WARP WEFT MEET Indulge in a fun weaving workshop with

WHERE THE WARP WEFT MEET Indulge in a fun weaving workshop with


"WHERE THE WARP & WEFT MEET " Indulge in a fun weaving workshop with Julie

"WHERE THE WARP & WEFT MEET " Indulge in a fun weaving workshop with Julie

"WHERE THE WARP & WEFT MEET " Indulge in a fun weaving workshop with Julie Kagti. She will be teaching the first time learners (16 years and above) basic ...

November/December 2012 Handwoven - Adorn your weaving, home, and wardrobe with this

Must get this before Rhinebeck: I'm taking Daryl Lancaster's inkle-weaving class

This weaving tutorial is perfect for beginners to learn dozens of tricks and tips about loom weaving to help you weave warp rep, rag, and boundweave rugs.

Weave a Good Rug with Tom Knisely: From Fiber to Finish | InterweaveStore.com

Slots and Holes Three Ways to Warp a Rigid-Heddle Loom DVD | InterweaveStore.

Spin to Weave: The Weaver's Guide to Making Yarn

So, I am working with purple, rose, copper, gold and blue. The linked diamond patterns have been fun to weave. I have enough room left on this warp to ...

Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom DVD | InterweaveStore.com Inkle Loom, Weaving Patterns

Scarf from Scratch by The London Loom - crafts in London

Also check out Top Weaving Youtube Channels list for Top videos on Weaving.

Inventive Weaving book cover

Have you wanted to learn how to weave? This pin loom is a fun,

Explore the fun of surface design with wooden block printing and Thermofax screen printing. In addition to basic pattern theory you will learn which paints ...

Indulge in a floral appreciation and learn about new flowers, maintaining and picking the best

My last visit to the Archive in March unearthed a new treasure, carbon copy books. These books are a record of correspondence sent by the mill and my recent ...

Weaving Loom

FibreShare, a really fun way to meet & share with others who love fiber!

FibreShare, a really fun way to meet & share with others who love fiber!

Greater Toronto New Artist Textiles

Are you yearning for some creative expression, but lack the time or inclination for a long, in-depth class? Do you prefer to skip the tedious bits and cut ...

We had a mini version on hand and our team alternate, Rose, taught people of all ages how to weave on this magical little tool.

A Handweaver's Pattern Book, Revised Edition, by Marguerite P. Davison

In this class, students will learn how to dye both fabric and yarn with fiber reactive dyes using a dye bath. We will learn how to create a dye bath, ...

Other solutions to this situation might be to weave a solid color to represent days away from your loom, there are many options.

Following the strands of New Mexico's staunch weaving traditions, from sheep to shop.

Avoid the dog days of summer. On Saturday, August 5 we are looking forward to a fun day of indulging ourselves inside in the air conditioning while ...

We chose to weave our shawl on a triangle pin loom, using the technique known as continuous strand weaving. Continuous strand weaving can be done on a pin ...

Transform your designs by experimenting with fun transitions from peyote to other popular stitches!

No Serial Number Winter Issue 2017, The Yarn Special by No Serial Number e-Magazine - issuu

Warp threads going through the reed, before weaving had begun. On top of the

Have you ever wondered how bands of fabric for belts, guitar straps, purses or wall hangings are made? Come explore the world of Warp-faced Band Weaving .

FibreShare, a really fun way to meet & share with others who love fiber!

This issue focuses on mixing yarns of varied weights for different effects.

The perfect time of year to visit Vermont and to indulge in colorful foliage in a pastoral setting while indulging in fiber arts.

That's the shuttle in my hand there; the weft thread was on a spindle in the middle. The spindle could only hold so much thread, so multiple times I had to ...

Contemporary yarns used an array of modern colors, like fuchsia, but still echo Irish

Runway collections are often so over-the-top that it's fun to take that inspiration and interpret it in beads.

Then they cut the stripes on the second paper, and used them as weft, to weave through the warp.

about the instructros

Then we measured how many threads we'd need: 56, for a 7-inch piece of cloth with 8 threads per inch. We measured out the right length of thread for the ...

Handwoven always includes projects for a variety of loom types and sizes, including rigid heddle looms, like the Schacht Cricket Looms we keep in stock here ...

An Introduction to Hand Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom : Linda Parkhouse

Be prepared for lots of weaving questions when you take this on your next public weaving adventure! warpingreel

The goal for the day was a scarf, about two and a half feet long and seven inches wide, made from woolen yarn. A scarf is about the simplest thing you can ...

It had been nearly 20 years since I last dyed with anything beside indigo and this class was the perfect refresher.

... weave right up until the end, because of the way the warp is tied on. So you just tie off the warp by making little knots. I guess that's why scarves ...

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Then they cut the stripes on the second paper, and used them as weft, to weave through the warp.

My backstrap weaving workshop in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, photo by my weaving teacher Lady.

Open Studio at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn

Molly wove this scarf on a Cricket loom with a variegated fingering weight yarn for warp and a solid lace weight yarn for weft. She used a 10-dent reed, ...

Similar in concept to both batik and tie dye all three are resist dying techniques. Indian ikat is light years ahead in terms of technique complexity.


Working from Betty Linn Davenport's Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving, I paid more careful attention to the tension of the warp, tried hemstitching for the ...

Tapestry, another form of weaving, can be complex and expensive. It can also be simple and exciting. This class will teach you methods that existed in Greek ...

My favorite warp thread | The Weaving Loom

First up, we've got the latest issue of Handwoven magazine, which focuses on weaving with linen.

All new summer classes at WEBS! Read more on the WEBS Blog at blog.

In each case, when crossing a color with one so intensely different, the weave could not maintain the color saturation I desired.

This loom from The Unusual Pear is great for beginners! | The Weaving Loom

INSIDE Learn to see things photographically, digitally and differently with a digital media or photography class, pg 10, 37 Kimchi, Leather Pet Collars, ...

The winning team, the Noddy Ladies made a beautiful shawl and were super sweet as we competed next to each other all day. Congrats, Noddy Ladies!

We chose this type of weaving to demonstrate one of the many possibilities for weaving. Pin looms are a very accessible form of weaving—they are easy and ...

Lorraine and Gill brought in a selection of Landscape dyes, and dyed a handwoven scarf, a 4 metre warp, and some silk ...

Inspired by the book, I immediately put on a warp and have been experimenting with this technique these last few months. Woven shibori is done by weaving ...

Once the competition began, it was card, card, card! As soon as we had a Shetland and alpaca batt ready, team members started right away on spinning.

Stripwoven ' ...

Sew and Stow: 31 Fun Sewing Projects to Carry, Hold, and Organize Your

Using two vacation days for a workshop felt like an indulgence, but I had an incredibly productive experience with a fun group of women, all learning to dye ...

Beautiful color blending combining warp & weft

Bringing our artisan crafts to this group of beauties, at their woodland grotto bridal shower was a particularly magical moment.

Inside you'll find articles on particular techniques and weaving traditions from around the world, ...

It is almost here! Learn more about it here . Passports are available for purchase in the shop and cost just $5. The fun starts August 8 and ends ...

Emily got a Schacht Cricket Loom for Christmas, and immediately set to work learning to weave on a rigid heddle loom. This scarf is only her second, ...

Fiber fest brochure 1

#266 March 2015 by Diocese of Oxford - issuu

Weaving classes for beginners and advanced techniques this summer. Read more on the WEBS Blog

... Dining at Weft & Warp Art Bar + Kitchen

Summer 2013 Guide to Arts + Rec City of Walnut Creek by City of Walnut Creek - issuu

Come by the shop to peruse the latest magazines and books for weavers, knitters, crocheters, and other fiber artists. See you there!

Love all the unique hand dyed yarns and colorful rovings you see at yarn shops and online? In this class, you will learn how to create your own, ...

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One such project is Judy Pagels' “Classic Capelet,” which can be woven on a Schacht Cricket Loom, and calls for one of our favorite yarns, Isager Alpaca 2.


Using a 10-dent reed, I warped with Acadia in asymmetric color blocks, creating vertical stripes. I used one shade of blue-green for the better part of the ...

Learn Something New with Our Fiber Workshops (and Try a Spinning Class for Free!)

Learn how to dye fabric with fiber reactive dyes and ice! You'll be amazed by the results! In this class, students will learn a unique surface design ...


Semi-private Dining

Come by and see us for weaving materials, and let the Triangle Weavers Guild help you learn to weave!

... Rumi and Bappaditya Biswas at the Kolkata ByLoom store. Photographs: Indranil Bhoumik/Mint

Learn 'thread doodling' in this fun free-stitching project using a beautiful hand drawn batik panel by the Indonesian artist Rusli for inspiration.

Keep your eye on the blog for a closer look at the Zoom Loom and the Cricket Loom in the coming weeks. Come by the shop to see our new little weaving ...

Come by the shop to learn more about the Schacht Cricket loom, and explore the rest of our new little weaving section.