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We can help startups raise capital through one of the best

We can help startups raise capital through one of the best


10 Funding Options To Raise Startup Capital For Your Business

Best raise capital for running business. Over the past decade, we at Angle Paisa have successfully executed transactions across sectors where ...

I often get asked by startup founders, most of them with little to no business background on how to holistically think about capital raising and startup ...

A VC Explains Why It Takes So Long for Startups to Raise Money

What stops most would-be entrepreneurs is the hurdle of financing a new business. If you know your options, however, raising money for your startup ...

Tim Berry


80 Startup Business Ideas

New Dems support the startup ecosystem and making it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital and start businesses. New Dem Members have been leading ...

This article is part of our series on the essentials of starting up in India in which we had earlier compiled the Top 15 Accelerators, Top 20 Incubators, ...

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2 Venture Capitalists Reveal Their Brilliant Advice for Raising Startup Capital | Inc.com

Raising Money for Your Startup? Here Are 6 Things You Absolutely Must Do | Inc.com

See how Original Grain used #Facebook for business and #crowdfunding to raise $600k

Funding from corporates represents a relatively small portion of all food deals, though corporates contribute to the growing pool of investors.

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Once your business plan is in place and you're ready to reach out to investors, the infographic below breaks down different funding methods that can help ...

In later years, founders of other startups began rebelling against getting replaced by professional CEOs and executives. But it was critical that Doerr ...

How To Get VC Funding For Your Business


Historically we have only launched 1 percent of the startups that apply to raise capital, and we invest meaningful time in those startups we select.”

This chart, which was created for first-time entrepreneurs, goes through some general guidelines to follow if you are trying to raise capital.

Why do some startups get funded? What makes for the best pitch?

Investors and accelerators will help you raise capital

AngelList is funding the minor leagues of venture capital (and giving founders $500,000 to start)

First, there was China's growth rate to consider. Even as it slowed down during the late 1990s, it held steady at about 7% or 8%. The US, for reference, ...

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Best startups to watch

A monitor shows various cryptocurrencies' exchange rates against Japanese Yen including NEM coin (middle

How do you find venture funding? I have to start with a major negative: if you have to ask if your startup can get venture capital, then it almost certainly ...

“It's almost always harder to raise capital than you thought it would be, and it always takes longer. So plan for that.


As a startup founder, your financial situation and getting your ideas funded are likely at the forefront of your mind much of the time. In fact, raising ...

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Can you get rich by investing in a startup? How to do it — and the pros and cons of crowdfunding

How To Raise Money For Your Startup Using Provisional Patent Applications

One of the events that we attended last week was hosted by one of the largest and most famous startup accelerators / seed stage investment funds in Europe.

8 Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Money For Your Big Idea

Anyone can be a startup investor. Here are a few platforms to help.

@NYUEntrepreneur A Complex Process 28; 29.

Capital investments are like gasoline on a startup business's metaphorical fire. They allow you to hire more people, purchase new technology, and establish ...

Startups raised more money in Africa than we thought during 2016

The “Best” Startup Pitch Deck & How to Present to Investors By: J ...

The Most Common Fundraising Mistakes; 17.

This week I was invited to participate in a #FiresideChat organized by Alysia Silberg, Co-Founder and COO of Acceleforce. The July 6th chat focused on the ...

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What Types of People Raise Money for Web Startups? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sources: the companies

Why Raising Too Much Money Can Harm Your Startup

Loved By Smart Folks Everywhere. “

As of October 2016, China Tech Insights reported that there were 456M users across all of Meitu, Inc.'s apps. There are significant users bases spanning ...

Startups – Should You Bootstrap or Raise Money?

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Warning Signs: Is It Time To Leave Your Startup? – Jobstart Guides – Medium

“Sweat equity is the best kind of startup capital.”— Mark Cuban This is a huge question for startup founders. If you are a founder, you know what I am ...

Top 15 European Crowdfunding Platforms

There's also a PDF download that contains information, links and resources to over 500 or these organisations that provide capital to African businesses.

This Startup Raised $14 Million for On-Premise Software in a Cloud-Crazed World | Inc.com

You have the choice to do a reward or equity fundraising campaign.

Email to Full Tilt Capital Founders

For small businesses and startups who cannot afford a traditional public offering, here's what to. How Do Startups Raise Capital?

You're More Likely to Get Startup Funding If You Went to One of These Schools

Fundly is one of the best fundraising websites because it's incredibly easy to set up a

On Tokens and Crowdsales: How Startups Are Using Blockchain to Raise Capital

AngelList is funding the minor leagues of venture capital through Angel Funds that gives money for founders to back founders — Quartz

See how Bonfire's crowdfunding platform can help you sell products.

This one came from some Italian guy who wanted to raise funds in China. He started off the email addressing me as “亲爱”, which translates literally to “ ...

To the uninitiated, startup fundraising can be confusing. And even some of the resources designed to be approachable for the newcomer often raise more ...

Ucar filed for a public listing in April 2016 and was suspected to be “very, very cash-strapped after the cutthroat competition with its rival Didi Chuxing ...

Questions we ask of every Matter startup

... micro-financing startups in Southeast Asia, which are becoming among the most funded within the region's fintech space. Next in line to raise capital is ...

The onslaught of direct-to-consumer startups ranges from the mundane (the Sill, which sells potted plants) to the strange (La Ligne, which sells only ...

Let's look at what it takes to meet the milestones that investors will look at as a startup moves through these phases.

Restaurant Startup Loans: What You Need to Know

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Sample Email 7 The Formal; 19.

pitch and get funded

Of course, once you start adding founders and multiple seed round investors, things can get complicated pretty quickly. That's why I suggest first ...