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Ya see wot I haz ta put up wiv Amateurs I said mum really itll be

Ya see wot I haz ta put up wiv Amateurs I said mum really itll be


Ya see wot I haz ta put up wiv?! Amateurs I said mum really

My face when mum says Johnny is off ta daycare ALL day!! Wot should I do wiv ma day frends? Sleep in all tha best spots? Follow dad around for dropped ...

Guess wot?! Im super excited this morning as mum has me booked in for daycare again today!!! I cant wait ta play wiv ma new buddies!!! and mum said ...

If everything is honey and I am wot I eat I must be made of honey...and life is very sweet Poop Bear who can guess wot mum waz waftin in front of ...


So apparently a year ago I had a flipper flipper ear AND ma eyes pointed in different directions!! Wots up wiv that?!! mum says Im lucky I grew into ma ...

I aint trying ta put ya in a corner Johnny... dont get upset! Now one two cha cha...NO Johnny!!! We never gonna get this if ya cant remember wot tha Swayze ...

hey mum... wiv dad going ta Bali for a week I juss wanna let ya know ya can count on me ta be tha man of tha house i been watchin dad ...


Come ta work wiv me lil Panda Gangsta mum said... youll have fun she said... and then she made me wait outside in tha cold for HER lunch of which I did ...

You mean ta say youre not cooking bacon and eggies this mornin?! wots tha damn deal wiv that?! But ya know I like ma daily ritual of cleaning tha coconut ...

Everything in ya life iz a reflection of a choice ya haz made. If ya

Seriosly mum ya not colouring that bit of ma lippy in wiv ya sharpie magic marker... I do not require ma jowls ta be even... (although I did hear hazzin a ...


Johnny I know this iz less than ideal but its Mothers Day... were not allowed ta act like jerks today... or at least for 2 minits.


Frends... it's most definitely a TiT day! Ma snoot is busy.

bodhi_utah_pointbark. Dear Dawg... I promise I will stop borkin at everything,

Iz tha way to a fellas heart really through his stomach?? Pffft... iz that even a serios question?! Dun waste ma time wiv ya foolish jibber jabber mum... ...

When mum tells ya shes going away for a few days there can really only be one response ta that... a big fat raspberry!!! she going away and leavin us wiv ...

Juss 10 weeks old and I waz already tha best wingman in tha car for mum!! this waz on tha way home from ma first ever trip wiv her ta work... she ...

And tha worst but best bit...we still got @hugosicecreamery Eggsellent iscream ta polish off too!! Mum says ...



So... don't tell the boys but their mum has just taken

After too much fun at @training101_dog daycare yesterday and wiv dad getting up at 4am ta watch tha football this iz exactly how I feel this mornin too!

And this one time, mum plonked me in tha bath when I was juss a

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character Albert Einstein thas wot mum quoted at me today

Dont give up what you want most...for what you want now... PFFFT! WOT THA ACTUAL?! How iz they not tha freakin same thing?! I see @royalbulli3z Duck Pâté ...


When life gives ya Mondays give Mondays tha stank eye teefer oliphant lippy get fluffed face... tha only unfortunate problem wiv that is that I couldnt find ...

Oh it waz mum...?? Yerr pretty sure Im gonna pretend I didnt hear 99.9% of tha time I categorically refoose ta acknowledge when ma name is called.


Boston Terriers Bodhi + Johnny


bodhi_utah_pointbark. Look, this iz ma best teefer grin... take it or

#throw ta that ONE time i used ma little bros hairy butt as a pillow and mum caught it on camera This isnt doing ma rep any good and I mean really ...


Did someone say 'REAL CAKE?!' On ma birfday I really expected more

BostonTerrier Angels Puppies & Pets for Sale- Exceptional ACK puppies

Some weeks ya juss cant find it in ya ta do a #ToT .

... on Instagram: “Treat your face with treats for your face 🤣 #nomnomsface . I ran out of @realdogbox treats yesterday. You should have seen the look on…”

Saturday mornins are most definitely for sleep ins and snuggles.thas wot we say. Mum reckons us fellas iz lazy and should get up and at em and come for a ...


Johnny... how many times haz I told ya not ta drop

When I said lets order pizza for dinner I wasnt actually joking... wheres ma freakin double pupperoni?! mum even waited till I dug ma face right in to tell ...

Boston Terriers Maggie & Orbit on Instagram: “I am nobody Nobody is perfect I am perfect #seewhatIdidthere 😌😆😘 . fambam got the #UFC on and I am #viben”

Hey frends it's a #throw🔙 Thursday ta exactly two years ago when

Wot?! Did you really expect me ta go outside for walks in 9C temps wivout lookin badass?! even Buddha cant handle it... hes had ta turn away!

Olivia, Boston Terrier❤️

bodhi_utah_pointbark. Today iz tha day!!! I can feel it!! We

Wots tha main drama wiv being a December baby...? 🤨 Everyone forgetting


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Globally Offensive: Let's Talk About Abuse in CS:GO

The 50 best strategy games on PC




The new week doesn't start for us until we get to read the new comic list, how about you? Oh, have you locked in Saturday, 14th of July for our next ...

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i am not a fisherman….if you want to catch a fish, do not go fishing with me… i bring almost as much bad luck to fishing as i do to computers…i did ...

Perduda entre canyes, per Vicent Jaume Almela i Mari Carmen Aldás. Cretal Ediciones. Reedició d'aquest meravellós llibre que ens introdueix en el mon de les ...

Influx, 1998-2001

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The second point is very relevant. To what degree do language barriers add fuel to the flames? Honestly, I don't know. I wouldn't even know how to start ...

(interview with Alec Soth , above, coming soon…..stuff you never knew)

Proceeded With Almost Equal Care to Assist Her Mother 074. "

Emily Hill

The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, December 20, 1889, Page 3, Image 3 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress

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Unfortunately, Swedish is intentionally designed to make foreigners say rude words by sliiiiightly mispronouncing certain vowel sounds. Not that it really ...

The father, however insisted on the “Donald” and demanded that it be given priority over whatever appellation the mother ...

Image ...


The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, December 26, 1900, Page 5, Image 5 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress

You wrap a tall man, with a William H. Seward nose, in a flannel robe, cut plain, and then put a plug hat and a sealskin sacque and Arctic overshoes on him, ...

Satoshi Kon's Opus - Satoshi Kon -


Carlos Takam stopped

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The Curiosities of Ale & Beer, By John Bickerdyke.

Twitter user Daniel Mudd openly admits to flaming teammates but still has the humility to evaluate it. “I get so horrendously toxic,” he told me.

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The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, February 07, 1915, SIXTH SECTION, Page 5, Image 61 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress