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Yes All of the above Yes Fandoms All of them Avengers

Yes All of the above Yes Fandoms All of them Avengers


All of the above. Yes.

YES!!! But when they all get there, Nat is already there, pointing a gun at Steve's head, and they are both extremely confused.

Captain America: Civil War

Avenger Five

... All-Different Marvel' event. Free Comic Book Day Vol 2015 Avengers

Yes they did

If you wish to be in the Sherlock fandom, you must take the oath!

I'm not even IN this fandom but I absolutely love this.

Avengers Age Of Ultron

Yes that was probably my favorite part of the movie!!!

Yes, some people have actually been complaining about that. I've witnessed it


Yes Gotg is wayyy better than Suicide squad

Check out the legal definition of kidnapping Team Cap, Madness

Anthony Stark

Yes I need this!!!!!! Omg!!!!<

Android 18 VS Captain Marvel

(Image above via Dorkly.)

June National Percy Jackson Day draw a water drop on your wrist on the date above honor and power. Sorry i dont know when Percy's actual birthday is.

Marvel NOW.jpg

Avengers Infinity War poster

a group hug and a moment of silence for the agents of shield fandom right now for everything that happened and above all for having to wait till march.

James Rhodes


Thor Ragnarok Teaser 54 (crop)


avengers infiity war what the hell happens now that everyone is dead

Thor Ragnarok Textless Character Posters 03

Marvel and DC team-up: An oral history of JLA/Avengers, the most ambitious crossover event ever Marvel and DC team-up: An oral history of JLA/Avengers, ...

They're called Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but some of the are mightier than others. We've broken down all of the official Avengers — minus a few too recent ...

Ten Awesome Characters With Ridiculous Real Names (Yes, Thanos is on this list)

Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos


How Marvel Became a $16 Billion Franchise: Fandom, Cribbing From Comics and Kevin Feige

avengers infinity war final trailer takeaways ebony maw

Image by Marvel Comics

avengers infinity war you don't have to be worthy to use thor's new axe

https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/. "YES!

“Don't waste your life, Stark” — Iron Man | Tor.com

Loki Quote Image (Infinity War)

Comic book fans generally come in two flavors: the old school and the new. The hardcore traditionalist dudes (and they're almost always white cishet men) ...

Doctor Strange/Quote

avengers infinity war marvel cinematic universe infinity stones thanos infinity gauntlet post-credit scene


17 Memes About 'Avengers: Infinity War' Deaths That Will Help You Cope With The Inevitable

Image by Marvel Comics

The Best Avenger To Follow On Instagram Is Robert Downey Jr., Because No One Loves The MCU More Than He Does — PHOTOS

For the fandoms pictured above We are writing imagines, one shots, headcanons and ships, but no smut!

Avengers Infinity War deaths: Did Loki survive?

Screenshot via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment.

Captain America #8, 1941

Let's Talk About Marvel Comics, the “Diversity Doesn't Sell” Myth, and What Diversity Really Means | Tor.com

"To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty..."

Fans are still buzzing about Marvel's upcoming movie lineup

Massive Update to the All-New, All-Different Marvel Scorecard

Avengers: Infinity War, Vision, Scarlet Witch

For many, the true magic of the Potterverse lies not in its prose, but in the model of internet fandom it helped nurture.


Image by Marvel Comics

Joss Whedon's Avengers sequel was a huge box office hit. But why - when it tries so hard to please fans - don't more love it?

WOC superheroes TV Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel

Image by Marvel Comics


It's Popular, Now It Sucks!

Avengers Time Runs Out

1, Avengers: ...

When you look at the sales figures, the only way to claim diversity doesn't sell is to have a skewed interpretation of “diversity.” Out of Marvel's current ...

2 · Avengers: The Children's Crusade ...

Image by IDW Publishing

'Fortnite' Lets You Play As (or Fight Against) Thanos of 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Credit: DC/Marvel

Image by Marvel Comics

Is Black Panther Good Or Bad In 'Captain America: Civil War'? His Motivations Are All Personal

If longtime fans are drowning in options, think how newbies must feel staring at shelf after shelf after shelf of titles. CBR crunched the numbers and found ...


The Avengers

Important Toy News: (Captain) Marvel at these must-have toys

Captain America Team Iron Man

But yeah, he's really fast…


Do you have to get past the overblown grandiose dialogue that was par for the course when this was written? Yes. Personally, when I read something like this ...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Steve Ditko, Marvel Comics. "

From " ...

The Tesseract is active on Earth, and an alien being known only as the Other—who serves another master—has sent Loki, whom he rescued from the abyss at the ...

From ...

Deadpool kicks off his rampage as the Avengers Unity Squad battles everyone's favorite floating head M.O.D.O.K. While the team engages his A.I.M. goons, ...

Marvel Universe Threat

... it's not just the characters comics fans follow around, but writers and artists, as well. Marvel doesn't seem to think readers care all that much about ...